Yellow Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Yellow Color.

Yellow Dream Definition

If you dream of the color yellow this portrays intelligence, light, and generosity coming up ahead.

Yellow is the color of a few things, such as movement, communication, and more physical entities like the sun and sunlight. There are many ways to interpret seeing the yellow color in a dream, for some, it’s a positive color, one that symbolizes energy and the fullness of life.

However, the color yellow can also have negative associations. For example, to see yellow foreshadows annoyance and envy of other people – or other people’s envy of you; this may be because of your special skills and properties.

As always, consider your thought process when you think of what dreams about yellow may represent. It’s always critical that you notice what the yellow object is, your own personal feelings towards the color, and what the yellow color is doing. Only then can you accurately understand its deeper meaning.

Most Frequent Examples of Yellow Dreams

Did You Dream About… Wearing Yellow Clothes?

To dream about yellow clothes could hold a number of meanings.

In this instance, you want to pay attention to the type of outfit in your dream. For example, a yellow dress is incredibly feminine and this dream means that you’ll find happiness in your fellow female.

However, this dream meaning may depend on whether you’re wearing the clothing item or not. If in the dream, you were wearing yellow clothes and accessories then this may be a sign of you needing to get rid of past resentment and anger. We all have trauma that we’ve experienced in our life, no person is immune from that. But it’s important that we take this trauma and address it, only then will we see positive changes.

Your future happiness is attainable to you, you just need to reach out and grab it. Embrace the new path in your life, who knows what may happen?

Did You Dream About… Wearing Yellow Clothes

Did You Dream About… Turning Yellow?

If you have dreams about having yellow skin, then this may be representative of ill health.

Perhaps you’re dreaming of a condition like jaundice disease? With this illness, a person’s skin can turn yellow. While a dream isn’t concrete proof of you suffering from this ailment, if you’re spiritual or religious, you may be able to see it as a sign warning you of impending illness.

Consider going to the doctor for a check-up or keep an eye out for any other symptoms.

Did You Dream About… a Yellow Flower?

There are many yellow flowers that you might see in a dream – yellow daffodils, yellow roses, and yellow lilies just to name a few.

However, each of these flowers has its own meaning.

Where a yellow daffodil means a person becoming reborn and the entrance of spring, something like a yellow rose may hold the meaning of friendship.

In a more general sense, dreaming of yellow flowers might indicate that someone is deceiving you. It might be that there is a secret going around that you aren’t privy to or that you’re being lied to, but don’t feel afraid of this.

However, if you’re dreaming of holding yellow flowers then this can also be a good sign of a supportive network. You might have friends, family, or a special person around you that helps you through life troubles. In that case, this dream is symbolising your strong connection to them.

Pay attention to those that have major importance in your life and the way in which they make you feel.

Did You Dream About… a Yellow Bird?

Dreams about yellow birds are typically a symbol of freedom.

The yellow color of the bird means that it is a bright representation of your thoughts and dreams. If you’re someone who struggles with staying in the same place for too long, then you’ll be happy to know that dreaming of this bird means that you’ll be escaping in your real life soon; you just need to find a way to break free from that what holds you back.

Did You Dream About… a Yellow Bird

Did You Dream About… Yellow Teeth?

Dreaming about yellow teeth typically has negative connotations.

While the experience isn’t pleasant in waking life, in dream life dreaming of your teeth turning yellow is often a symbol of someone you trust betrays you. These negative feelings are never easy to cope with, so it’s important that you gain a better understanding of the situation before you take any further action.

Other Examples of Yellow Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Yellow Tree?

The dream meanings behind seeing a yellow tree means that you should be experiencing some radical changes in your life.

Depending on your perspective of the dream will depend on whether it will evoke negative emotions from you or positive.

Did You Dream About… Yellow Cars?

The yellow color meaning when it is associated with cars tends to indicate that you may experience mood swings coming up.

A yellow car is often indicative of someone who yearns for high visibility.

They might be a bright person who typically has a lot of good luck, however, they can also be easily swayed by the troubles of life.

When analysing what the dream means consider if the car is passing you by or if it is parked. If the yellow car is only passing, then these dreams mean that the lack of emotional stability is only a fleeting occurrence. However, if the car is parked then it could be a symbol that these mood swings are here to stay for a while.

Did You Dream About… Yellow Food?

If you’re a person dreaming of yellow foods then feel relieved as this dream is closely associated with health.

In the instance that you’re eating the yellow foods, then one of the common meanings of these dreams is that you’ll be or become healthy and strong. However, this can’t happen without a bit of action on your part. Make sure that you’re replicating this behaviour in your real life to see authentic results.

Did You Dream About… a Yellow House?

To dream of the color yellow in association with a house is connected to your creativity.

If you live in a yellow home in your dream, then you’re likely to be a bright person who will attract great success in life. As the color meanings of yellow are tightly wrapped in success, this dream indicates that you’re able to make anything a reality – resulting in huge profits.

Keep an eye on your dreams and any action that it might be calling attention to. Now is a perfect time to diversify your skillset.

Did You Dream About… a Yellow House

Did You Dream About… Yellow Lights?

To have a dream about a bright yellow light may tie to safety.

Often yellow lights are linked to traffic lights, this may indicate that it’s time you stop and take a look at things – as opposed to just staying standstill or driving straight ahead.

In this instance, yellow means that you need a new perspective and that you need to try seeing things on the bright side. You may be incredibly observant, so explore what else is in your dream.

What Dreams About Other Colours May Mean…

The Color Purple

To many, purple is seen as a royal and luxurious color.

Born out of the combination of blue and red, in a broad sense, this color evokes a lot of creativity and inspiration for people. While it isn’t bold, to dream of this color means that there is a lot of passion and personality to the person.

The Color Orange

Like the impact yellow leaves, orange is also a color that evokes hope and optimism in peoples’ dreams.

There’s a lot of vigor in orange and if you have dreams of this color, then it may symbolise your hunger for creativity and expression. It may be a color to wear more of in your clothes or day-to-day life as it may help you feel alive.

The Color Brown

If you have dreams of brown, then this is a symbol for nature an the earth.

It might be that you have dreams of this color so that you find a way to ground yourself. Perhaps you’re leaning too much towards the bright colors and the fun that they evoke.

Brown is also natural and trustworthy, while it can be predictable at times there’s not reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds. Take these brown dreams and mix something wild – like yellow stripes with the brown to create a new sense of renewed stable hope.

The Color Black

Black is sensible, classy, elegant, and serious.

To have black (and white) dreams often is symbolic of someone getting ready to settle down. Perhaps you’re levelling up in your career? Or you’re taking your relationships more seriously? Either way, to have dreams about means that you’re walking into the unknown – which is exciting, just be careful of what lurks in the darkness.

The Color Red

If you have a dream about the color red, then you’ll need to consider where you’re at in your current life to understand the way in which you want to connect with it.

Do you think that your red dream might be linked in to love, lust, and relationships? Or are you someone who is thirsty for power and dominance?

Ensure that you’re in a safe space in your life before pursuing the red of your desire. Red can also indicate anger and danger, so it’s important to be aware of all considerations before follow the path to your dream.

Embody the message of the color that you want to portray in your waking life. It might be lust, power, or fear, but whichever you choose, will seep through into your reality.

The Color Blue

Blue is often closely seen to represent the calm aspects of our own lives.

For many, blue is symbolic of still waters, the sky, and a heavenly place. However, with the positive also comes the negative.

Depression and logic can also be tightly wound up in the meaning of blue. It’s critical that you take what resonates in your dreams, but leave what doesn’t. If you don’t, it’s pretty likely that you’ll lead your life with an unclear mind.

The Color White

Technically white is thought of to be the opposite of black.

Where black is mysterious and dark, white is open and understanding.

Without the association to black, dreams about white also has rich meaning. For example, it can signify love, purity, peace, and knowledge. It often comes with a sense of calm and for many is symbolic of a safer place.

Whether your feelings towards the color white are wrapped up in religious meaning or in color theory, it’s important to remember to keep any dream unbias and as close to the authentic truth as possible.

If You’ve Had Dreams about the Color Yellow, You May Feel…


Amazed: the bright yellow color can often leave people in a state of amazement when they awake from their dreams about yellow. If this was how you felt when you awoke, it may be because that radiant yellow is often linked to the sun which golden rays wake us up, keep us warm, and can make anyone smile.

Curious: to be curious by the color yellow is not a rarity. To have these dreams are unique to the dreamer, however, waking up curious about the yellow color may link directly to their thirst for knowledge and life.

Content: if you wake up from your dreams feeling content, then relish this moment. It isn’t often that we feel content in our lives and to receive that from bathing in a yellow color is even more euphoric and deserves to be recognised.


Bored: on the other hand, all positive dreams have negative meanings too. If you’re bored when you wake up from your dreams, then perhaps this is a reflection of how you’re bored with your life. The yellow color is many people’s favorite color during to the happiness evokes, but perhaps you’re bored with the same things as everyone else?

Sick: as mentioned previously, to have dreams about yellow skin can indicate sickness. If you wake up from your dreams feeling ill, it might be something to do with your stomach. In the case that the illness persists, consider going to see what the doctor says.

Warned: yellow is always the warning sign on traffic lights. It advises you to stop for a moment and consider whether or not you should proceed in the way you are. Only you control your own actions, but consider why you may be having these dreams and what it might be saving you from.

A Bit of Context into… Yellow Dreams

The Religious Meaning

In many religions, the yellow color is seen as a spiritual color as it can be associated with religious deities.

In Hinduism, Manipura is linked to the solar plexus chakra which is symbolised by yellow. Yellow also is symbolic of the sun, energy, and enlightenment with one’s true self.

The Spiritual Meaning

If you’re someone who wants to explore a sense of high spirituality, then you may be aware of the chakras.

Chakras are essentially balls of light and energy around the main focal point of the body. When we unblock these chakras and open them up, we’re able to stop feeling afraid and instead understand our own power and feelings.

In spirituality, yellow is represented by the solar plexus chakra.

If your solar plexus chakra is blocked then you may have issues with your confidence or self-esteem. However, there are a few ways you can unblock it. If you meditate on it or visualise a yellow light around you then you’ll be able to unlock your optimism and create a new destiny.

The Psychological Meaning

In psychologically, color theory is a dominating concept that explains many of the reasons as to why we approach color in the way we do.

For many, where red is passionate and blue is calm that means that yellow leaves us feeling a complex range of emotions. Some may report happiness from yellow, while others find it difficult to look at for too long.

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