House Dreams

The dream interpretation about a house

House Dream Definition

To have a house dream could represent a vast number of things. Think about what a house represents – a home, a place where you feel safe, or comforted. A place for family and friends to gather. A house is a very personal space and can be an extension of you and how you see your inner self.

A new house represents a fresh start and something you can build on and represents where you are with your subconscious self and your own self-awareness. Building a house and making a house a home doesn’t happen overnight, but by habits we build and things we do consistently. So, house dreams can suggest you need to build reliable habits in your waking life to get the life you want and experience personal growth.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Houses

Did You Dream About… a Broken Window in a House

A window of a house is how you see out into the outside world from the inside. How a window appears represents your view and outlook on life. A house dream with a broken window suggests that something is wrong with your outlook and it’s affecting the state of your home. If the broken window is in an old house, it could suggest that your outlook is old and needs refreshing and if it’s in a new house this could represent that your new way of doing things isn’t working. It’s a good chance to reflect on your waking life and see if you could fix how you look at things.

Did You Dream About… a Broken Window in a House

Did You Dream About… Your Childhood House

A house dream about your childhood home is a great opportunity to look inwardly at your personal identity and where it was shaped. Think about what values, habits and patterns you picked up as a child about what a life and a home look like to you and explore the meaning of family. Think about what you want to take forward and what you want to leave behind.

Did You Dream About… House Construction

This dream represents how you’re building your new life. To dream about house construction shows you’re doing some work on your life for personal growth, creating your own space to exists and making your own desires come true.

Did You Dream About… Finding Hidden Rooms in a House

To dream about hidden rooms in a house dream, it could symbolise that there are some of your own emotions you’re unaware of and have to go looking for to understand. If these rooms are in a past house, there could be some unexplored feelings about that time in your real life and looking inside could be a good sign about your personal development.

Did You Dream About… Someone Else’s House

To dream about someone else’s house could be a sign of rivalry or jealousy. A house represents where someone is in their life and it’s easy to compare where they are with your own life. If you’re not where you want to be in your waking life, someone else’s home might be a big house in comparison to your own house or a new house leading to feelings of inadequacy.

The Different Types of Houses You Might Dream of

A Haunted House

A haunted house dream reflects things in your real life that you could be scared of. To see a haunted house in your dream, it could symbolise deception. To be inside the house in your dream, there could be some things in your waking life that worry you or you’re uncertain of.

A Haunted House

A New House

A new house symbolizes a new beginning and something exciting. This dream means that you’re ready for a fresh start or things are about to turn around in your favour. Often, this dream implies that you need something calming or reassuring to get you through.

Your Dream House

To see your dream house in your dream suggests loneliness and a feeling of abandonment.

An Empty House

To dream of a house that’s empty signifies that you are feeling some kind of emotional storm and emptiness inside you that needs to be filled.

An Unfinished House

An unfinished house suggests that you have some work to do in your waking life. There’s something in your waking life that you haven’t finished yet and it needs some attention and work

An Abandoned House

An abandoned house dream signifies that there are lots of feelings of loss and sadness represented in your real life.

A Glass House

To dream of a house made of glass suggests that you are an open book in your real life and people find it easy to know who you are.

A Glass House

A Big House

To dream of a big luxurious house suggests a grand psyche and many rooms to explore shows that you’ve got a lot about yourself left undiscovered. It could also be indicative of your own self-confidence.

Dreams About Houses Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Hope: to dream of a new house or moving house suggests that new beginnings are on their way and you should be hopeful. A new house dream is a good sign and that your unconscious mind is opening you up to new things in your real life.

Happiness: To dream about a new house, your old house or moving house can make you feel happy and comforted. While this is a positive dream interpretation, and the state of the house reveals things about your personal identity, the dream denotes that you need to explore more of yourself.

Negative Dreams

Scared: Different aspects of a house signifies different things. A dark basement, an unknown house or hidden rooms can make you feel scared about things in your waking life and suggest uncertainty.

Overwhelmed: To dream of hidden rooms foretells of a hallway filled with clutter or to see a haunted house in a dream, even moving house, can leave you feeling overwhelmed with things to look for. This dream reveals that you have much to explore on the inner workings of yourself.

House Negative Dreams

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Houses

The Spiritual Meaning

A new house signifies new beginnings in your waking life and the same house in a recurring dream symbolises that you’re content with where you are or that there’s something about that house which you need to tend to. Hidden rooms suggest there is something in your waking life you need to explore, or that you need to look deeper within yourself for answers.

The Religious Meaning

A house suggests a place where family members gather to be together and the living room represents the heart of the home. If this dream symbol appears, it could be God’s way of telling you that family members should be more important to you.

The Psychological Meaning

In dream psychology, a house is where you feel safe in your waking life. Your own house in your dream is an extension of your emotional state and self confidence and house dreams are an indicator of how you feel and how you see yourself.

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