Fire Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Fire.

The dream interpretation of fires

Fire Dream Definition

If you see a fire in a dream, then this dream represents a myriad of things: passion, carnage, transformation, sex, rage.

When interpreting your dreams, you always need to ensure that you’re taking into consideration your own personal experiences, fears, and wants. These will deeply impact the way in which you interpret your dreams. For example, someone with pyromania will manifest common dreams about fire simply because that’s what they fear, as opposed to someone who is not afraid of fire and manages to keep it from getting out of control.

Most Frequent Examples of Fire in a Dream

Did You Dream About… Being Set on Fire?

If you dream of being set on fire, then your subconscious mind is reminding you of the true path you need to follow in life.

While being on fire in your dream may at first startle you, the true dream meaning is a positive one. Typically, it represents the higher self setting you up for a period of transformation. While the concept of (metaphorically) burning may cause pain and bring up many emotions, it does encourage you to rise from the ashes and walk towards your new life.

Ultimately, the power falls on you. But if you have this dream about fire, then it’s your time to burn brightly – and that shouldn’t be something to fear, but embrace.

Did You Dream About… Putting Out a Fire?

If you’re extinguishing the fire in your dream, then this is a good dream.

This dream symbolizes that the tough patch in your life is coming to an end, you have all the tools to end it and you’re taking the action to do that. Regardless of the situation.

It may be something as serious as a family disruption or frivolous mistreatment from a friend, either way, this dream means that the negative feelings or traumatic situation that follows you in life will soon be over.

Did You Dream About… Your House on Fire?

If your dreams about fire include watching a house burning, then this represents a sense of anger and uncontrollable emotions.

This may seem like one of the more obvious dreams. But as fire signifies a loss of something, intense anger, or a huge transformation, and houses often indicate intimacy, comfort, and closeness, the general interpretation of this dream is that change is coming; especially, if the house is your own.

If you witness someone else burning your house down, then this symbolizes sinister feelings upcoming in your life. Perhaps you feel as though you don’t belong? Or that a person is planning to ostracise you from your circle?

Did You Dream About… Your House on Fire

Did You Dream About… Starting a Fire?

Pay attention to the emotions that arise during and once you wake from this dream.

Depending on what you set alight could impact what the dream symbolizes. If you’re starting a small fire, this indicates that you’re a person who has kept yourself open to situations and relationships.

If you set something larger on fire, like a house or car, then seeing this fire burning could suggest there is something in your life that you have an unmistakable passion for. One that can’t be put out easily.

The impact of life dreaming could change someone’s life; if paid attention to.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Others on Fire?

Having dreams about fire often has close connections to real life.

In the instance of seeing a person on fire, the dream meaning changes depending on whether or not you know the person intimately.

If you know the person, you need to ask yourself are they your friend? Are you happy to watch the fire burning? – or do you put the fire out for them? If you’re simply watching and seeing a fire, then it may represent anger you’re holding against this person. Did they do something to anger you and now you’re holding this grudge in response?

What about if you don’t know the people on fire? Either way, the burning represents internal anger or struggle. There’s something you’re holding onto and maybe it’s time to let it go?

Did You Dream About… A Candle Starting a Fire?

This is a common dream and anxiety for many people. We’ve all worried about if we turned our curlers off or left the candles burning, but the meaning changes into something less sinister when you’re dreaming.

Fire may have connotations of anger, but dreaming of a candle flame actually suggests hope and that there are bright things ahead.

If the burning candle falls over and catches alight, then the fire dreams turn into one about anxiety, worry, and second-guessing yourself. Dreaming about fire in this way may present fear that hope isn’t enough and that those things you’re dreaming of in your waking life may burn.

Did You Dream About… A Candle Starting a Fire

Did You Dream About… Rescuing Someone From a Fire?

If you’re a firefighter in your waking life, then you want to dismiss this dream as being a representation of your life, your life near future, or your memories.

However, if you’re not. What does rescuing someone from a fire mean?

Typically these dreams mean that you possess a lot of kindness and bravery in your waking life. However, your dreams are warning you to not begin burning yourself. Sometimes you also need to put yourself first. And it is only once you put yourself first in your waking life that you can truly save the people that need it. You’ll never be able to save someone if you need to save yourself first – and remember, always put out a fire before being a hero; metaphorically and literally.

Did You Dream About… Escaping a Fire?

If someone dreams of fire, and they’re escaping it, then there are a few things they’ll need to take into consideration.

For example, in their dream fire is there a fire alarm going off? This alarm indicates the desire for safety and concern for their own self-preservation. This need for survival is typically animalistic in nature, however, it allows the dreamer to express gratitude for their life as it is.

If there is no fire alarm present, and the dreamer needed to escape without a warning then this indicates a need to pay more attention to your surroundings. This dream indicates the trickery of modern people, and although you sometimes need a warning, you should remember not to trust everyone.

Other Dreams About Fire

Did You Dream of… A Forest Fire?

What does a forest fire mean? Well, often, forest fires spread quickly and are hard to control. This may manifest itself in your waking life as a problem you’re struggling to get a hold of.

As forests typically represent growth, connection, and family, your dreams may be in reference to your family members or reproductive system. Whatever you’re dreaming of, you can’t control it, but it could lead to a time of transformation.

Did You Dream About… Fire and Water?

Two opposing forces, dreaming of fire and water could suggest that you’re focusing on balance in your waking life. This may be in the form of a personality or finding balance in a situation, but either way, balance allows you perspective and the space for transformation.

If you struggle to keep a balance, then remember these contradicting forces need to remain harmonious to work. Everyone has a dichotomy about themselves, however, sometimes it’s more apparent than others.

Did You Dream About… A Fire Escape?

If you’re dreaming of using a fire escape, then that means you’ve left in a way that is quick and abrupt. You could have left using a door, which is final and clear, but you didn’t. The fire escape has a sense of leaving a troubled situation, quickly and for yourself.

Did You Dream About… A Fire Eater?

Sometimes we dream of what we see in waking life.

From fire to dream… watching a visual display, such as a fire eater, would trigger some vivid dreaming. However, it’s not without its meaning.

Fire eaters are strong, they can handle immense pain and pressure under multiple eyes. If you’ve seen yourself as the fire eater, this could be an indication of your personal strength. You are capable of great things.

Did You Dream About… A Fire Eater

Dreams About Fire Could Make You Feel…

Good Dreams

When you have dreams about fire, it isn’t unlikely for it to be associated with positive connotations. A few of those may be:


Often, fire suggests love, passion, sex, and other strong feelings. If you’ve recently had a fire in your dreams, it may indicate that there is a romantic relationship coming for you (or more heat to be added to your current relationship).


If fire represents one thing it’s energy and life. If you had a dream of fire and connected to its jumping flames and vibrant colours, then you may have been attracted to its energy. This is an energy that you should take and be unapologetic with, pour it into everything you do; never let anyone dim your flame.


For many, fire signifies respect. Fire has power and as such demands respect from those who use its power. If you’re putting yourself in a position of control in your life, a fire dream denotes that respect will enter your life.


This may not seem like the typical descriptive word of fire, but fire burns. It protects and warms, for humans throughout history, the meaning of fire has been safety.

Bad Dreams

As always, with the positives, come the negatives. Depending on your opinion towards fires will depend on whether you class your dreams as good or bad. If you have dreams that evoke negative feelings, then these are some of the emotions you may feel.


Dreaming of fire isn’t always passionate, sometimes a dream suggests fear. This could be a fear about a person or an emotion, or there may be an insidious and dangerous threat closer to you than you realise. Ensure you put out the fires before the meaning and interpretation become literal.


If you have a phobia of fire, then you may find yourself suffering from pyrophobia. Phobias tend to manifest from various events in your waking life, so if you’re struggling to cope with dreaming about fire then you may want to explore what made you feel that way.

A Fear of Intimacy

You may feel trapped in a relationship or situation, or you may feel too scared to open up. Perhaps these negative feelings around your dream of a fire are actually linked to the intense pressure to escape a situation or emotion?

A Bit of Context Into… Fire Dream Meanings


When Carl Jung was working on his analyse of dreams, he concluded that fires represent transformation. This sentiment is reflected in the world of spirituality too. Although fire dreams tend to be seen as aggressive, there is a sense of change and the connotation that this is an active experience we should all venture through.


Of course, various dreams have their own meanings depending on how the fire occurred and the events that took place, but in most dreams, this energy always tends to be active. This positive energy is one that arrives in many dreamers at a later date, but should always be followed until the flames burn out.


Regardless of which religion, for many, fire represents power, destruction, and control. There is magic to people who worship fire, and while you can turn to these people, it’s crucial that you remember fire burns.

While it is a transformative tool, it is also active.

If you follow a religion closely and dream of fire frequently, then your dreams may be telling you to follow the unusual. While people may try to defer your beliefs, it’s critical that you stay true to who you are. At the end of the day, we are all capable of great things. These dreams are just being sent to you to remind you to trust in your own strength, even when people try to tear it down.

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