Gun Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Gun.

The interpretation of dreams about guns

Gun Dream Definition

If you dream of a gun then this may represent some deeper emotions of aggression, anger, and the potential for danger. This may be in regards to a situation that is unknown to you, or a new, insidious threat; this threat may be a friend, close family member, or yourself. It’s possible that you’ve been navigating life with a strong streak of anger, resentment, and unbridled rage. On the other side of the argument, a gun represents power. If you’re someone in a position of authority, a gun may arise in your every day quite frequently and be a reflection of your position.

However, if you see a gun in your dream and are also are attuned to feelings of anger and power, you should tread with care. Power is addictive and rage only leads to destruction, you may find you become a problem to your own life.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Guns

Did You Dream About… Shooting a Gun?

The most popular dream is of shooting a gun. Whether you’re a victim, the shooter, or pointing a gun at something harmless, this dream interpretation depends vastly on the circumstance.

Someone Shot You

When someone shoots you this represents a rejection of the self. There may be an aspect of yourself that you don’t truly understand or have rejected in the past, you need to allow yourself to feel vulnerable, you matter – all parts of you do. When the person shot at you, then it may feel as though they’re killing the parts of you that you can’t accept, and if you can’t accept them then how can anyone else?

Only through the process of self-love and understanding will you be able to accept the bits of yourself that you fear. Only then will you be someone you dreamed of.

Shooting Someone

If in your dream you shoot someone, then this symbolizes the resentment you may have towards them. You may have unresolved issues with this someone and blame them for the hardships in your life.

You don’t need to know the person in the dream itself, but you need to search for someone you have a deep hatred for. However, these feelings don’t always need to stay the same. You can work through any issue and become healthier and happier in the long run.

Did You Dream About Shooting Someone

Shooting a Target

This dream interpretation isn’t as dark as some of the others on the list.

For example, if you dream of shooting at a target then it means you know what you’re aiming for in your waking life, you know the steps to take, and you know that you’ll succeed. So keep doing what you’re doing, because you’ll get to where you need to be in life. Just don’t forget to remember everything else that you may have going on. Don’t forget or leave behind your friends, family, or those who love you in the name of a goal.

Did You Dream About… a Gun Pointed at You?

One of the most harrowing dreams to experience is to have a gun pointed at you. In your dream and as you wake up, you may feel anxiety and concern after having said dream. The dream interpretations of dreaming of this do suggest that you need to look out for yourself; regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re clearly a brave person.

So consider how you felt in your dream. If you were strong and ready to face the conflict in your dream, then this indicates that you’re ready to walk the tough journey of life and make your dreams come true. But if you felt scared, then although you’re still brave, this dream indicates that you may be more resistant to facing your hurdles. You have the power to face what scares you in life, but this dream indicates that it’s time that you face these hurdles in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Loading a Gun?

To dream of loading a gun represents your need for control at all times. In waking life, it may be important for you to be in control of every aspect; you may not trust people very easily. However, if you’re ready to confront your need for control then slowly, over time, you can confront your fear of intimacy and allow yourself to trust someone.

Alternatively, this dream does represent the need for you to keep your anger in check. You may be someone who is quite defensive and hides behind other aspects. This does mean to dream of this then there may be a metaphorical gun in your life acting as a defensive mechanism.

Did You Dream About… Loading a Gun

Did You Dream About… Dying from a Gun Wound?

The dream symbol of a gun wound depends on how the wound was obtained. If you were dreaming of dying from suicide, this suggests that you need to consider your future more. You may feel victimized or that you’re held back in some way, but you can only take control of your future once you take accountability for your future. It may be hard, but only you have the power for change.

Someone shooting you in a dream and murdering you suggests that there is a dangerous situation in your current waking life or future. Be cautious of the people closest to you as this betrayal could happen physically or emotionally.

Did You Dream About… Carrying a Gun?

If you dream of carrying and holding a gun then you’re someone who needs an external tool to feel in control and in power. You may want to grow in power in your waking life, but this dream suggests that you’re too nervous to be that person. So instead, you’re beginning to turn to external forces.

This may also apply to your confidence levels. You may be someone who needs alcohol or drugs to have a good time, and you often hide behind these so as not to show your true nature. In the future, remember and reflect. You’re fine the way you, you are enough.

Other Popular Guns Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Toy Gun?

A plastic replica gun indicates that you are going to be threatened, but that it is not going to be significant. Often, replica weapons look like the real thing and have power over the people unaware that it’s a replica. For example, to dream that you entered a space threatened people with a replica gun can suggest that something is going to backfire or deceive you in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Gun?

If you dreamed of yourself looking at a gun then this means that you need a lesson in trying to suppress your anger. You may be tempted to fire the gun, but if you dreamed of only seeing the gun then this means you’ve resisted temptation. You can use this example to prove to yourself the strength you have in resisting anger and other things that hold you back.

Did You Dream About… a Gun Not Firing?

If you dreamed that you shot a gun but it didn’t fire, then this would indicate the change of previous opinions. You are deviating from who you once were and dreaming of the person you will become. An example of this may be that you try something that you previously hated in your waking life, or that you grow and develop as a person. While the gun not firing in your dream may not be what you intend, that doesn’t mean to dream of it was negative. Sometimes not shooting is more positive. Maybe you would have dreamed of hitting someone else? Or you would have missed your shooting target? Either way, you avoided a potentially dangerous shot and potentially damning dream.

This dream means that a period of transformation is on its way. And while one could see this as a concern, it’s important you relax.

Did You Dream About… a Gun Not Firing

Dreams About Guns Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Dreaming of a gun can be a startling dream to wake from, however, to dream of a gun isn’t to dream of something necessarily bad. In fact, depending on the circumstance, seeing a gun in your dream may be more of a positive. Some of those positive feelings may be:

  • Power: feeling power will mean to dream of guns that put you in a position of dominance. Power can be addictive, so if you feel this way ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed with confidence, this may not just affect your life but also everyone else’s.
  • Confidence: as mentioned in the prior feeling, confidence is an emotion easily associated with seeing guns. Be wary of this feeling as the way you act in a dream can give you a false sense of security in your real self. True confidence requires work and will reflect how you feel inside.
  • Defence: if the guns in your dream don’t fill you with a power surge, it might suggest that you view guns, not with an inflated ego, but as a source of protection and comfort in your dream. You may find that where some believe that it’s more important to shoot the gun, where you may believe that protection in your dream is the sole purpose of guns in waking life.

Negative Dreams

It depends on your own personal experience with guns on whether or not you feel as though they’re a negative tool.

  • Unpredictable: if in a dream, you’re feeling worried about holding a gun or being around someone with a gun, then this is perfectly natural. Guns are unpredictable most of the time, it’s perfectly normal to be wary of them.
  • Anxiety: are you feeling anxious after waking up from a dream of a gun? You may be fearing for the safety of your life or perhaps the gun indicates a lack of power in another avenue of your own life?
  • Victim: if you’re pitted against a gun in a dream, then you may feel helpless. If you’re the victim of gun violence then the dream represents how you’re a victim in other aspects of life.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Guns


From the perspective of Sigmund Freud, he suggests that seeing a gun in a dream has strong ties to the male sexual drive. If the gun were to get blocked, be misfired, go off unexpectedly then the gun may suggest the male dreamer had a fear of impotence. However, if someone with a gun hit a bullseye target or was pointing a gun, this would reflect the power they felt they had in waking life.

Whereas, if you’re a woman and you’re dreaming of a gun, then this could indicate you’re ready to get out of control. This is particularly evident in a woman’s sexual desire. If a woman were to dream of shooting, then might suggest the euphoric relief she’s been chasing in waking life. From a psychological point of view, both genders could feel a sexual urge. Depending on the person will depend on how they explore this side of them.


From a spiritual perspective, if you were to see a gun in your dream, this would be an example of potential danger. The act of having dreamed of the gun may on a subconscious level attract danger and threats. In this case, the gun represents that someone in the future will betray you.

When a gun is locked in a cabinet or is disabled, spiritually, it can indicate danger. But if you load a gun or prep a gun for yourself or someone else, then from a spiritual perspective, it can indicate that someone will damage you. Spiritually, guns represent a shift for the better. You’re a person who is taking control, and dreaming of a gun will indicate the progression of that.

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