Murder Dreams

The dream interpretation of murder

Murder Dream Definition

In general, dreams about murders typically mean that you’re feeling some pent-up anger or rage against someone in life.

This person could be your boss, other half, or yourself.

Sometimes murder dreams are also linked to the way in which you feel about yourself. Are you feeling depressed? If so, make sure you take the time to talk to someone about it. To dream about murder is pretty scary, but you don’t have to go through it on your own.

Keep in mind that sometimes these common dreams pop up in our sleep because of what we’ve been watching in our life. For example, if in your waking life, you just got back from seeing murdered plays on the West End, or you saw a blunt object being used for violence in a film, then this could also suggest why you would dream about murder.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Murder

Did You Dream About… Being Murdered?

Did you have dreams about being murdered?

Well, then this may suggest that you’re harbouring some deep pain that you keep putting yourself through over and over. Let it go. You’ve beaten yourself up enough times now. It’s important that you let yourself move on.

These dreams are telling you that you’re letting the important relationship with yourself go to waste. To dream of getting murdered is to dream of being punished – you don’t deserve that.

Did You Dream About… Being Murdered

Did You Dream About… Committing Murder?

To have dreams about being the murderer suggests that you don’t feel listened to in your day-to-day life.

Do you feel like you’re losing control? That’s okay, and it’s a sign to ask yourself whether you’re happy in your life. To commit murder means that your dream must have sent you into deep space, so don’t fear it. Instead, approach it, and you’ll see a new side of your subconscious mind.

You’re probably someone with a lot of self-control. This dream may scare you slightly as it shows you a version of yourself without that control.

To dream of murdering someone in your life might also mean you no longer want them around. This dream means many things, and it’s totally normal to be feeling confused. However, this dream is symbolic for a reason. This dream came to you – so spend some time alone to truly decipher it. Once you do, the dream won’t seem as daunting.

Did You Dream About… Watching a Family Member or Loved One being Murdered?

To have dreams of watching someone you love be murdered can be incredibly horrific.

However, it might suggest you’re taking too much blame for certain things in your life. Remember, these dreams are horrific to watch, but in a way, you may be punishing yourself for something in the past. You might feel anger from this trauma, which may arise in your dreams.

You need to find ways in your daily life to release yourself from any of this pain. It doesn’t serve you any purpose in your real life so let it go.

Did You Dream About… Having Fantasies of Murder?

Dreams about murder can make the sanest people paranoid. However, whether you have fantasies of it or intense dreams of it, the worst thing you can do is beat yourself up.

Fantasy doesn’t mean you will do something – and sometimes, it doesn’t even mean that you eventually will. We all have intrusive thoughts from time to time. But if you’re worried, then there’s no harm in seeing a therapist. Don’t be ashamed to seek help; it’s a powerful tool.

If you’re worried about your dreams, then visit a sleep lab. They’ll be able to help you dig further into the meaning of the dreams and how they relate to your life.

Did You Dream About… Accidentally Killing Something?

When it comes to murder dreams, accidentally killing someone is one of the more common dreams.

However, typically, these dreams mean that you’re trying to remove something from your life. Perhaps it was something quite close to you? And that’s why you would only accidentally kill it. But allow these dreams to show you a positive side. Instead of focusing on the murder itself, look at how you can remove this negativity and allow yourself to live a happy life.

Did You Dream About… Murder in Computer Games or Violent Movies?

To dream about murder in a popular media – like a film or game – suggests aggression in your real life.

Perhaps these mediums allow you to off-let any of your internal struggles. That’s okay, as long as it’s used in healthy doses, then there’s no reason to worry. Just make sure you don’t overdo it in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Someone You Know Being Murdered?

Did you have a dream about someone you know being murdered?

This dream suggests that you may want to remove them from your life. Look deeply into yourself and decide whether or not you truly want this person in your waking life.

Often this dream seems more dramatic than it actually is. You can still love someone in your waking life and not want to be around them all of the time.

And perhaps it isn’t the person themselves you want to be removed from your current life? Instead, maybe it is a reflection of your own personality? Is there something you don’t like about yourself that pops up in this dream or person? Survey how these dreams relate to your waking life and you’ll have your answer.

The Different Types of Murder You May Dream of…

Street Crime

These types of dreams about murders could be linked to something coming to an end.

This type of murder is brutal and often happens by accident. As such, this murder means that something may end that you didn’t expect. Like a sudden relationship or career.

Street Crime

Serial Killer

The dream meaning of this dream may be linked to your own life.

It might be that you’re feeling trapped in your own life. In that case, this murder signifies that you want something exciting to happen. This dream represents that it’s time to break that old habit. Once you do, your near future will take a new direction.

Lethal Injection

To witness these murder dreams might suggest that there is something to be discovered.

In this instance, your dream represents that you’re feeling repressed or controlled by other people. Try looking deeper into these dream meanings to make a self-discovery – who knows what you’ll find about yourself?

A Family Murder

Did you dream of a family murder?

With these types of murder dreams, there can be a hidden meaning to decipher. For example, if you murdered your mother or saw someone else murder her, then this suggests there’s an event that might ruin your reputation.

However, if it’s your father, then it means there are people in your waking life who will turn to you for advice and help.

A Crime of Passion

To have murder dreams where you see yourself murdering people because of an affair – like your partner or ex-partner – can sometimes be linked to your darkest fears.

Such dreams can suggest there’s something you feel you deserve in the waking life that you aren’t getting. It might be that you’re jealous or need more attention, but either way, be careful how these dreams define you.

Dreams About Murder Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Power: If you have dreams about murders, then this could be because you’re in a tough situation in life. You might feel like physical harm is the only way to activate your own inner power. However, you need to remember that you have hidden talents that will protect you and your family members.

Spiritual Enlightenment: In ancient dream dictionaries, dreams about murders are often seen as a way to purge certain aspects of your life. It might be that a family member or friend is holding you back, but now it’s time to find some self-love. You know who you are now you just need to become them. Don’t feel guilty, let your non-murder dreams become real life; don’t fall into an old habit.

Negative Dreams

Trapped: If you’re feeling trapped after you wake up after having dreams about murders, then this could be linked to your inner self. It might be that there’s a hidden meaning to your waking life, you just need to set yourself free. No one will judge you and if they do then walk away.

Anger: Feeling pent-up anger from your dreams about murders can impact your real life. Remember, these are common dreams. However, murder dreams can leave us feeling disturbed. That’s okay, it’s important that you check in with your mental health. Anger is sometimes a sign of something deeper. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Dreams About Murder Could Make You Feel…

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Murder

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, this dream might suggest a transformation in your life.

These dreams could suggest that you’re ‘levelling up’ in some way.

You might be feeling guilty about this growth. However, such a dream suggests that it’s time for you to let go of the things holding you back and to step into the new. This dream gives you the acceptance you need to become that new person.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, a dream about murder could mean many things.

For example, popular dream theorist, Carl Jung, believed that dreams of a murder could be linked to what will come with the future.

Consider your deepest wishes and how these may be linked to your dreams. Murder dreams don’t always mean aggression. Sometimes they mean change or that you’ll connect to your unconscious mind and true desires.

Freud argued that dreams about murder could be linked to a phallic symbol. If this feels symbolic to you, then observe your dreams for phallic shapes. What weapon killed you? How were people dressed? These dreams and their interpretations will help you uncover more about yourself.

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