Mother Dreams

The dream interpretation of mom dreams

Mother Dream Meanings

When we’re deconstructing the interpretation of the mother dreams, it’s critical to understand what the mother represents.

For many, a mom is the backbone of a family. A mother has the power to create a child, a living human, and it’s the mother that is the chosen parent a child typically runs to in time of hurt. Although a mom is only one half in the parent duo, over time, society has turned the mother into an idyllic representation of the nurturer.

In this circumstance, the relationship the dreamer has with their mom is fundamental to accurately deconstruct the dream. Was your mom the kind who would support you? Or did you find yourself mostly taking care of yourself? When bad things happened could you turn to your mom? Or did you find yourself talking to anyone but her?

Most Frequent Examples of Mothers in Dreams

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Dying?

Did you watch your mother dying?

To dream of having to watch your own mother die is a traumatic event. Watching as your mother dies in a dream symbolizes the insecurities in life. Although there are many bad things that can happen in life, you need to focus on the good. Have some confidence and this dream may change your everyday life.

Did you attend your mother’s funeral?

To dream of a funeral is to dream of a symbolic end. It may not be your mother who you’re saying goodbye to, but instead, somebody who fulfils a similar role in your life. It’s time to let go. You have the confidence to live the way you need to, you just need to let go of a few people along the way.

Did you attend your mother’s funeral

Did she die in real life, but is alive in a dream?

Dreaming about your mother alive in a dream, but dead in waking life can put a lot of strain on your heart. If you miss your mom, it may be difficult for you to dream of her. However, to dream of a deceased mother also carries a lot of personal meaning. In some cases, it may be symbolic of your mother crossing over.

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Crying?

Dreaming about your mother crying can be a sign that you’re making bad choices.

It may be that you’ve heard the advice people are telling you or that your gut instinct is calling out, but instead, you’re choosing the choice that feels good in the present. You need to be more mindful of your future.

Be aware of who you are. There is a fine line between who your mother may want you to be and who you want to be.

If the crying in your dream is more aggressive and more similar to sobbing, then this gives a sense of bad luck coming. It might be that you’re avoiding dealing with something and that soon you’ll be forced to face it. Remember the longer you put it off, the worse it’ll become.

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Kissing You?

Your mother kissing you is such a dream to some that it tends to be quite comforting. For the meaning, you’ll want to explore the ways this comfort could allow you to see things differently. When all of our needs are met, we’re able to change our lives in the way we want to.

So relish in the moments of kindness and embrace the change. Explore all areas of your life, but get to thinking if there is anything you can improve upon.

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Visiting?

Depending on how you view a visit from your mother will depend on your perspective.

This dream of your mother is typically a good sign. That’s because it is indicative of good luck, success, and many positive moments coming into your life. If you were considering starting a project or exploring a new path, then now would be the time to do it as it could impact your future.

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Calling?

Dreaming of your mother calling could be a sign that now is the right moment.

Perhaps a project will be taking off, a new opportunity will show up, or your future will begin to pan out in the way that you want it to, but dreaming of this is often a sign of things falling into place.

Just ensure that you’re making the right choice for yourself and not for somebody else. It is only when we take action that we see the impact.

If the communication with your mother is quite negative, then this could be a sign of an area in life that you need to work on. Our parents set the foundation of skills for us, if there is an avenue they are not as proficient in – like communication – then this can rub off onto their children.

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Calling

Other Examples of Mothers in Dreams

Did You Dream About… Killing Your Mother?

If your mother died because of you in a dream then this dream means that you tend to kill the intimacy of others too.

A mother in a dream is often just a reflection of our internal selves, dreaming of a deceased mother would then mean that you may feel negative emotions like depression or anxiety; you may also struggle to open up to others.

If you killed your mother in a dream, then it is because a person got too close to you and, in response, you killed the relationship.

Respect how you make other people feel in real life. Not everyone is the wrong person for you. We all deserve love and the way to achieve that is by talking, connecting, and forming a strong and healthy relationship.

Did You Dream About… Another Motherly Figure?

Did you dream about a mother-in-law?

Depending on how you feel about your mother-in-law will depend on whether you view this dream as a good sign or a bad sign.

Typically, dreaming of your mother-in-law will be a sign that there are changes coming in your life. If you like your mother-in-law then these changes might be good, but if you don’t, then they may be negative.

The mother-in-law could also be a sign of miscommunication in your waking life. So be aware of the advice you give to others, the dialogue you have with your partner, and any words you say in the heat of the moment. Sometimes what is meant one way can lead to some bad choices being made in another.

Did you dream about a mother figure?

To dream of someone who is not your own mother, but who has a mother-like presence to you often represents a strong inclination towards the feminine.

When unlocked in the right person, inner femininity and the divine feminine can give a person a source of creativity, an aura of grace, and comfort to those around you. To dream of this would be a sign to connect with yourself spiritually, bring any desire into the world, and change your future.

Did You Dream About… Mother’s Day?

To dream about this holiday is to have deep gratitude and appreciation for your family and, in particular, your mother. Dreaming about your mother and celebrating this day with her could mean that you need to reconnect on a more intimate level.

If you’re dreaming of celebrating with your dead mother, this dream means that you miss the intimate level of connection that you had with her.

Did You Dream About… Mother’s Day

Did You Dream About… Your Mother Driving?

If you had a dream of your mother driving a car then this could be symbolic of how you’re in the passenger seat of your own life.

Perhaps you’re unsure as to where you’re headed in life or you’re unsure how to get to your future, but you essentially had a dream of someone else taking control away from you. Our best advice would be that you need to think about what it is that you do you want and question why you’re so afraid of going after it.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Your Mother, You May Feel…

While dreaming of our mother may evoke various feelings within our dreams, it’s the emotion we feel when we wake up and thereafter that is the true indication of what we deeply feel. Some common emotions may be:


  • Nurturing: whether you dream of your mother or of a mother-like figure, to dream of someone who has a nurturing aura can be incredibly calming for any dreamer. This nurturing support can make you feel calm, at home, and is a good sign that everything will be okay.
  • Caring: most mothers are seen as caring. If a mother appearing in a dream evokes these feelings then it may be time to relish in that care. Whether you spread those feelings out to others or keep it to yourself is up to you, but enjoy it either way.
  • Childhood: the unconditional love received in childhood is hard to replicate in later life. It is only the love of the mother and father that can truly offer this bountiful experience. If you awaken with these similar feelings, then the dream suggests it’s time to pass this love on; it’s so special, it deserves to be felt.


  • Worry: if you feel worried when waking from your dream, then this could mean that a few unfortunate events are on their way. Although this may be a bad sign, take it as internal guidance steering you from the wrong path.
  • Depression: feeling the loss and disappointment from a father or a mother can cause a lot of depression – in the dream world as well as the real world. If depression is the first feeling that approaches after your dream, then it may be worth wondering if it’s a feeling you need to further explore.
  • Absence: if you felt feelings of abandonment from parents in your dream that would cause anyone a lot of hurt. So it’s entirely natural if the absence of a family in your dream evoked your fear of absence. However, what goes down, must also come up. So any hard time that this dream reminds you of, just remember, it doesn’t need to be relived.

A Bit of Context into… Mother Dreams

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, Sigmund Freud believed that seeing a mother in a dream had a lot of significant meaning.

For him, the dream of the mother meant that the dreamer is looking to connect with the feminine part of their character. Perhaps you’re looking to get married, have children, or take on a more maternal role? If not, dreaming of the mother can also indicate your home life. So you can also interpret this dream meaning as a positive sign to freshen up your living space.

Whatever you do, embrace your feminine side. Nurture yourself the same way a mother in a dream does. It’s just important that this nurturing has somewhere to go.

The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, dreaming of the mother can be symbolic of Mother Earth and the infrastructure that she creates.

Although Mother Earth may be seen as the dead mother or the life mother, that’s only because she is everything around us. When we are dreaming of the mother with this spiritual inclination, it is in reference to issues around our environment. Take this dream as the earth talking to you and telling you to be in nature, take some time to yourself, give to your community, and follow the path that you only dream of.

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