Tiger Dreams

The dream interpretation of tiger

The Tiger Dream Definition

A tiger dream holds great spiritual meaning as tigers are known to be a spirit animal. If you have a tiger dream, it’s a good idea to look inside yourself and analyse your waking life. A tiger symbolizes great inner strength and that you have the ability to overcome anything.

The type of tiger dream you have can say a lot about what you’re going through. A tiger in a dream gets you thinking about a life without fears or anxiety. Another dream interpretation is that a tiger dream can represent your enemies. Seeing a tiger in a dream could mean you’re letting go of some of the toxicity in your life, letting yourself be open to new ideas and a connection to an enemy.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Tigers

Did You Dream About… Tiger Cubs

Tiger cubs are born after a short 3 months in a large litter of up to 7 baby tigers. Such a dream often suggests it’s time to move to a safe place. To see a tigress protecting her cubs suggests that you need to be careful going forward. A baby tiger is born blind and relies heavily on their mother tiger. A baby tiger in a dream means that you need protecting yourself.

Did You Dream About… Tiger Cubs

Did You Dream About… A Tiger Hunting

To see tigers hunting in your dream means securing a big deal. A hunting tiger in a dream suggests that you need to be comfortable in your own abilities and your journey may differ from the plan and you have to be quick to adapt. White tigers hunting suggest a spiritual goal. Hunting to feed baby tigers suggest caring and protecting someone in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… A Tiger Chasing

To dream of a tiger chasing you and you running away suggests that you are running away from something spiritual you need to confront. A running tiger dream means that you are running away from your own inner strength and being chased by a white tiger means you need to confront your own spiritual awakening.

Did You Dream About… A Tiger Attacking

To dream about a tiger attacking means that you’re thinking about what’s going to happen in the future. If this tiger attacking harms or kills you, it suggests that something negative will happen to you as a result of other people. Seeing a tiger in a dream means that you or someone else will need guidance.

Did You Dream About… A Dead Tiger

To see a dead tiger is a sign that you need to release your negative energies . A dead tiger is a sign you need to release trauma you may be storing. To see a dead white tiger means that your spiritual journey has been halted by something and you need to start again, as a white tiger is the symbol of spiritual purity.

The Different Types of Tigers You Can Dream About

White tiger

To dream about a white tiger suggests that you have a lot to carry with you in your waking life. A huge majestic white tiger could mean a huge spiritual connection or awakening. White tigers indicate spiritual purity and it’s suggested that you remain open to new things after a white tiger appears. White tigers are symbolic of something that wishes you harm in your life. To see a white tiger in your dream means you need spiritual guidance. A white tiger cub suggests the beginning of a spiritual journey.

White Tiger

Black tiger

The black tiger is a symbol of winter and water. To have a black tiger dream symbolises the end of a troubling time and you’ll be flowing as a free spirit like water. A black tiger cub suggests the beginning of an end.

Blue tiger

The blue tiger represents spring and the earth element. Blue tiger dreams suggests that you’re coming into a new beginning and you’ll feel grounded in doing so.

Yellow tiger

Yellow tiger dreams are the symbol of sun and are a positive sign about your own emotions and that you’re a hidden force to be reckoned with.

Red tiger

A red tiger is the symbol of summer and fire. They represent energy and power. A red tiger dream represents that you have control over your personal life and can transform your situation.

Bengal tiger

A bengal tiger means more maturity and Bengal roaring tigers represents deeper emotions that you’re comfortable in your real life.

Bengal Tiger

Dreams About Tigers Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Courage: a roaring tiger, a pet tiger or friendly tiger dreams show that this mighty animal has become your spirit animal. It also applies if a tiger stands beside you. Also, a tiger running towards something in the distance shows you have courage to chase your dreams in real life.

Calm: If you see a tiger eating, a tiger sleeping or a tiger resting it shows you’re comfortable in your own inner strength. These are the times when a these wild animals are most vulnerable and a tiger appearing like this shows that you are comfortable.

Negative Dreams

Scared: Tigers fighting can show inner conflict and a caged tiger can mean you feel trapped. A tiger running towards you can be frightening but this dream carries positive meaning.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Tigers

The Religious Meaning

Tigers are powerful and tigers remind you to stay alert and wise to the Lord.

The Psychological Meaning

Tiger dreams in psychology represent danger and a wild personality. A tiger symbolizes inner strength and power. A dead tiger dream suggests you’ve overcome some personal fears and an injured tiger suggest you’re on your way to doing so.

The Spiritual Meaning

A tiger dream symbolises where you are with your spiritual self. Tigers sleeping suggest that you’re comfortable with where you are and a sick or injured tiger represents something in your personal life is getting in the way.

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