Running Dreams

The Dream Interpretation of Running

Running Dream Definition

To dream of running has many obvious links.

Typically, this dream reveals a sense of trying to escape one’s own reality. It might be a job that you’re unhappy with or a relationship that is unfulfilling, but dreaming of running is typically linked to discontentment of sorts.

If you’re dreaming of running towards a goal or action then this puts a more positive spin on the dream. However, you need to make sure that you stop and enjoy reality for a while. People who often are dreaming struggle to live in the moment.

Consider your own opinions on running before you decipher what the meaning of running dreams mean. If you’re athletic, for example, the dream meaning might differ for someone who is struggling with the confinements in their own life.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Running

Did You Dream About… Running Away?

To dream of running away and running alone could be a sign that something unexpected is coming into your life.

This running in a dream could mean something positive or negative as it depends on what you want in your waking life.

Consider that someone new could be walking into your life or a change might leave you shocked. But rest assured, that whatever comes after this dreaming will be a good thing. After all, you can’t keep dreaming about running alone and away from someone forever.

On the other hand, perhaps you feel guilt? Are you dreaming about running away from someone or yourself? Remember that if something is in your life, then it’s meant to be there. You might be dreaming of running away from yourself, but no one has yet managed to do that.

Ultimately, this dreaming about running away is really just a chance to forgive yourself. Let it go and run towards what it is that you truly want from life.

Did You Have A Dream About… Running Away

Did You Dream About… Running Towards Something?

To dream of running towards something or someone running towards you symbolizes your mental and emotional state. This dream means that there’s something in your life you’ve wanted or someone who wants you, this could be romantically or the run could indicate a goal that you’ve been trying to acheive.

Perhaps the someone that is in your dream symbolizes something? Look deeply to consider what this dream could mean on an internal level.

To run in a dream towards someone or something could also indicate that you need to relax a little. Experience life, your goals will come to you when you’re ready for them to.

Did You Dream About… Yourself Running Fast?

To dream of running fast is a good sign as it does indicate your journey in life.

Although time moves quickly, so these dreams are also a sign to remind you that sometimes we need to slow down in life. This means that sometimes you should live in the moment.

Take a break, do the things you love to do, see someone, try to run in real life. Whatever you do, ensure you stick to it, otherwise, going too fast in life means that you end up running without enjoying the moment.

Did You Dream About… Running After Someone?

To dream of running after someone and catching them is a good sign. The dream will indicate that you’re able to go after the things you want in life, although it might be difficult and people try to put you off. Ultimately, this dream symbolizes that you’re a person who will carry on.

If in the dream of running, you don’t end up catching that something or someone then this might be a sign that there are communication issues. They might be trying to run away from you or the dream means that they’re trying to run away from something or someone.

Either one symbolizes that there are problems with this person, and this is a sign that it will ultimate rub off on you.

Did You Dream About… People Running?

If you’re dreaming of running with other people or you’re watching someone running, then this could suggest you have a competitive streak. It might be something that you find uncontrollable or it might be something that holds you back from joining in with other people. Either way, you need to be able to deal with the ways you handle yourself, otherwise you’ll miss out on great connections with people.

Deep down, this dream is a good sign as it is telling you to stop exhausting yourself. You’re find how you are, people like you but now you should to look to like yourself.

Running in a race further symbolizes that you’re on track to reach the good goals in your life. Although you might feel a little uncomfortable with success, in the near future and with time, the good things will flow to you.

Did You Dream About… People Running Dreams

Did You Dream About… Running and Falling?

If you dream of running away but you continue to fall over, this dream indicates how you feel in you waking life. It might indicate that you’re someone who has been let down a lot by life and that you’ve experience unexpected failures.

But who cares if you failed? At least that means that you’ve tried. This dream indicates that it is difficult to see what is going on in your life, but ultimately, it means that you’re on your way to completing your real goals because you try. The more you try, the more chance you have of becoming a success in life.

An alternative interpretation of this dream is the way in which it symbolises your love relationships. You’re probably someone who falls fast for people, and you could find that this trips you up. But sometimes you need to stop running and slow down, if you do, then you’ll meet the person you were looking for all along.

Did You Dream About… Being Out of Breathe From Running?

If you dream of running but you end up feeling out of breath from the activity, then this dream reveals that you’re trying hard to keep your life together but that it is falling apart rapidly.

An option for you would be to let everything go, all the anxiety, all the concern, everything that is holding you back, just to find out what would happen. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You need to find a way to believe in yourself, although you’re feeling lonely, you know deep down that you’re able to take on anything.

Did You Dream About… Being Out of Breathe From Running Dreams

Dreams About Running Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Energized: running fast in a dream may be a good sign as it can suggest that you’re someone who has a lot of motivation. These dreams may be suggesting that you’ve got something coming up in the near future that will require a lot of your energy.

Healthy: to dream of running could suggest you’re a person who looks after your body and health in real life. It might be that you eat well and exercise frequently, and your dreams could be the manifestation of things that you practice on the regular. Keep going with this lifestyle, it will help your self esteem and overall health.

Proud: running in your dream may be something that you should be quite proud of. Running to many people connotes an air of confidence and empowerment, whether you’re running away from something or running to something, the general interpretation is that it’s an active and positive step towards your goals.

Negative Dreams

Depressed: if you’re running in a dream, it might be due to fear or depression surrounding your current situation in life. Perhaps you’re running away from something or you feel like you want to, this dream could be a sign that it’s the moment for you to make a change – even if you feel alone and isolated in that choice.

Lost: if you’re dreaming of running, but you’re unsure where to go then this could be a dream interpretation of your fears. It might be that you’re feeling smothered by your problems and that through trying to run away, you’ve instead found yourself in an unfamiliar area.

Uncomfortable: if you dream of running but you’re unfamiliar with it, then you could find the dream to be quite an uncomfortable experience. It might be that it pushes you outside of your comfort zone, that you’re running alone, or that your body isn’t comfortable with the motion, but either way, an interpretation of this dream could be that it means you need to push yourself.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Running

The Religious Context

From a religious meaning, many believe that dreaming of running will indicate trying to source someone’s forgiveness. It might be that really you run to search for something when this dream suggests you really should to look towards God for assistance.

The Psychological Context

Dream psychologist, Carl Jung, tended to believe that our dream will indicate what our subconscious is craving.

So if you were dreaming of running then this suggests that you’re someone who is yearning for freedom, constantly moving towards their goals, or craving something deeper that seems unattainable.

As long as you’re running, you’ll always reach your goal.

The Spiritual Context

From a spiritual perspective, to dream of running indicates that you shouldn’t give up.

This dream will be a sign from the universe that you’re outgrowing certain parts of your life, but you’re getting to the point where you’re nearly free of them. If you’re running then you understand what you need to do to achieve your dream life. You can obtain it, you just need to stay moving.

Just make sure you look after yourself from time to time too. Your dreams are there to guide you, try not to overanalyse them. Just do what makes you happy, get rid of the toxic energy, and move towards your goals and happiness.

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