Zombies Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Zombies.

The interpretation of dreams about zombies

Did you have a dream about zombies? Here’s what it broadly represents.

Zombie dreams definition

For many people, dreaming about zombies often indicates negative feelings of killing, chasing, death, or transformation. If you’ve had a dream about zombies, broadly, it could indicate a fear of death.

However, there is more to zombie dreams than we may have first understood.

Zombie dreams definition

A Bit of Context Into… Zombie Dreams

The dream of being chased by zombies is a popular one, with many people being prone to dreaming of things such as The Walking Dead. Technically, zombies in dreams fall into the bracket of a ‘fantastical dream,’ a term coined by dream psychologist Carl Jung.

If you’re wondering what this dream could mean, then we’re going to answer those questions.

Most Frequent Examples of Zombie Dreams

Historically, having a zombie in your dream could go a few ways:

Good dreams

  1. You turn into the zombie = you are about to ’embark on a new journey’.
  2. You’re being attacked but you’ve formed an ally = caring about and trusting another person
  3. Your friends or family are being taken by zombies = you’re worried about loved ones.


  1. You’re the one up against a mob of zombies = you’re feeling stressed.
  2. Overran by a zombie horde = feelings of being out of control in your waking world.
  3. The zombie apocalypse = you fear the future.

Whether you feel zombies in your dream are a nightmare or a good dream, in most cases, you’re either the zombie, or you’re trying to escape the zombies.

If you tend to dream about example number one, your dream may indicate your life has a certain amount of control over it. The fact that you’re the zombie could represent a new experience on the horizon in your waking life.

While if your dream falls more into the bracket of classic example number two, then maybe you’re watching too much Walking Dead before bed? We jest. Typically, if, in your dream, you’re experiencing a zombie attack or you’re killing zombies, then there could be large stress in your waking life.

Other examples of zombies in dreams

Here are some other popular examples of zombies that many people dream of.

  • Are You Being… Chased by Zombies? This could represent that you’re feeling stress or worry.
  • Are You… Dreaming about Turning into a Zombie? It’s possible this is a sign that you or you feel that you’re unable to control your emotions.
  • Did You… Dream of Protecting your House against Zombie Attacks? This suggests that it’s time for a new start in your life. Whether it’s a new home or a new journey, you need to feel secure in the house you live in and your life.
  • Did You… Witness a Zombie Apocalypse? New beginnings could be coming to you in your waking life.
  • Did You… Dream About a Zombie Virus? If someone dreamed this then it could indicate new chances on the way; think spiritual perspective or different views.
  • Did You… Have Dreams About Fighting against a Zombie Invasion? If you dreamed about this, then it suggests a misunderstanding occurred, but remember, things change over time.
  • Are You… Dreaming About Attacking Zombies? If you’re someone who is dreaming about attacking the undead, perhaps it means there’s pressure in you’re life and you’re trying to fight it off. Instead, embrace your fear and take a more spiritual approach to your life.
  • Are You… Dreaming That Someone You Know Was Turned into a Zombie or Bitten by One? Are you dealing with someone who has a lack of understanding of your life? Or are you struggling to understand a situation? Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and look at things from a new view.
  • Did You Have Dreams About… Cutting off a Zombie’s Head? This indicates you have poor relationships in your world, maybe there is a want to escape but remember you can achieve more when someone isn’t attacked.
  • Did You… Dream About Killing Yourself Because You Were Bitten by a Zombie? If you dreamed that you killed yourself before you turned into one of the undead, there may be an ill-fated visit coming your way. Relish in the little things.
  • Did You… Dream About Being Surrounded by Zombies? This dream is often associated with tough love, as zombies are involved it may be a volatile situation.

Whether the dream about zombies makes you feel like you’re running away from something in your waking life or that you’re dead inside, there are many perspectives to view zombie dreams from.

A flexible perspective can be more powerful than binary representations.

Zombie Dreams about Other People or Things

For many, when we dream, we don’t just dream about humans. For example, someone may dream of zombie birds which link to their need for escape. In contrast, others may dream about zombie children, which may be associated with the rejection of maternity and paternity roles.

Zombie Dog or Other Animal

In the case of zombie dogs or animals, it’s important to note which animals have turned into zombies as this will impact what it represents.

For example, zombie dogs can be related to the part of your life that you’re detached from. This may reflect someone you were loyal to but no longer responds to you; these people may even be aggressive and hostile if you try to approach them. The zombie dog can also reflect which work skills and attitudes have gone stale.

Though a zombie cat may be a sign of independence gone awry. For example, it suggests people in your life who have gone from warm and cuddle to vicious and wildly independent – in some instances, maybe they reject you and go into hiding.

Zombie Dog

Zombie Baby

Seeing a zombie baby in the dream signifies the loss of innocence and purity. It reflects a life that has ended before the event starts. It could feature an abandoned project, the loss of a blossoming relationship, or an opportunity gone awry.

Zombie Baby

Zombie Ex

If you see your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend as a zombie in your dream, then this indicates that your romantic feelings for them are dead. That emotional attachment you had towards them may now be dead. However, if you feel sadness in the dream, maybe it’s a sign you still care about the ex but feel the relationship has died.

If you dreamed of zombies, you may feel…

  • Scared.
  • Worried.
  • Anxious.
  • Stressed.
  • Frightened.
  • Determined.
  • Disgusted.
  • Nervous.
  • Concern.

These are all normal feelings. After all, seeing zombies is scary and evokes stress for many people, but a dream like this doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to be losing someone you love or that you should be expecting a huge amount of pressure to come your way.

In fact, sometimes, seeing zombies in your dream can be positive.

Zombie Dreams are a Positive Sign if:

  • You worked together as a team to fend off a zombie attack.
  • You saved a person or someone you love from a zombie attack.
  • You created wealth from a zombie story or movie.

This Might Make You Feel:

  • Relieved.
  • Inspired.
  • Faithful.
  • Honest.
  • Loved.
  • Wanted.
  • Determined.

We want to reiterate that you should honour whatever feelings arise. By embracing your feelings and understanding the meaning behind your dream, you’re welcoming peace and contentment in your life.

An Overview

If you’re a dreamer, it’s easier to get lost in the meaning of your dream. But you need to take stock of your situation before you delve too deeply.

For example, if you’ve recently watched movies like Sean of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Fright Night, Night of the Living Dead, or any other zombie movie late at night, then perhaps your dream is related to the film or TV show as opposed to your fears of losing a friend.

28 days later zombie dream

Next Steps

If you want to understand more about your dreams, then you must ask yourself these questions:

  • How did you feel about zombies prior to your dream?
  • How do you feel about zombies since your dream?
  • Did any other symbols or creatures appear in your dream?
  • What are you avoiding in your waking life?
  • Are you going through a major transformation or change?

If you can pinpoint the cause of your zombie dreams, then you can understand its true meaning. Survey what arises in your life and analyse how it makes you feel. With this information, you can target what it is that scares you and get rid of what it is that is haunting your life.

It’s a journey, but our dreams are an insight into what we’re not ready to deal with. It’s time that you face it head-on.

When Should You Worry About Your Dreams?

If your dreams begin to plague your waking life, to the point that you’re struggling to:

  • Sleep
  • Focus
  • Eat
  • Perform basic functions

Then it’s probably linked to a deeper issue.

At this point, we’d suggest going to visit your local doctor. The most important thing is that you’re living a healthy life, and if your vivid dreams stop you from getting a restful night’s sleep, then there may be a deeper problem afoot.

We hope it doesn’t get to that point for you. However, it’s always important to track your dreams and the number of hours of sleep you get. It may be regimented, but it can be incredibly telling into how you feel on the inside.

As mentioned, an illness may be at play. If these dreams are frequent and disturbing to you, then be on the lookout for any symptoms of something deeper. Ultimately, your safety is paramount.

A few examples of this may be:

  • Low mood
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disinterest in general activities

Monitor yourself and how you feel about situations in your life and how these are reflected in your dreams. Soon enough, you’ll be a step closer to a relaxing and fulfilling sleep free of scary dreams.


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