Apocalypse Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Apocalypse.

Apocalypse Dream Definition

To dream of the apocalypse is to dream of a change coming to your life.

While the symbolism of the apocalypse may seem quite aggressive, it doesn’t need to be as there are always ways that you can prepare for it.

Life is scary and tough at times, however, the universe wouldn’t put you through anything you couldn’t handle. If you truly want to strive after your dream, then you need to learn to embrace these challenges.

Over time you’ll learn that this dream isn’t there to scare you. But instead, teach you how to go after the things that you want in life.

Take the time to listen to yourself, your dream, and your needs.

Wellness is the most important thing during this time.

So take some time to adjust to the situation that you are in. You may need a period of mourning, but that’s okay. Do whatever you need to step into your dream life and become the person you need to be.

Oh, and remember to take some time to enjoy the world around you. As your apocalypse dream is reminding you, the world isn’t here forever.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about the Apocalypse

Did You Dream About… a Zombie Apocalypse?

To have a zombie apocalypse dream means that there is a sense of depression and a disjointed feeling.

You might not feel quite comfortable in your own world right now. However, whether you’ve changed recently or you’re stepping into something new, this is not a mutant apocalypse dream – you are not the issue.

But you will be if you keep doubting your own skills and light.

On the other hand, the zombie apocalypse dream meaning may be that you feel left out by the world. Perhaps you can no longer relate to those in your life. If that is the case, then this dream represents that it’s time that you find a way to connect with people who are more like you.

Did You Dream About… an Alien Apocalypse?

If you dream of an alien apocalypse, then this means that you’re afraid of change and new situations.

However, life is full of change. Even if we would like to, we can’t avoid it.

An alien invasion and apocalypse means that you might feel your identity and privacy is being taken away from you. While it may feel this way, in reality, it might be that people want to get closer to you. You’re probably a private person and may struggle with this, but these connections will prove pivotal to your growth.

As an aside, if you dream of an alien or another being then it’s often seen that these are various representations of yourself. So if you dream of something or someone that you don’t like, then you need to make peace with this version of yourself.

Did You Dream About… an Alien Apocalypse

Did You Dream About… a Plague-like Apocalypse?

With the recent events from the coronavirus, it’s not shocking that you may have a dream of a virus or plague ending the world.

However, this dream of the apocalypse means that change is going to be hard to achieve. It might be that you’re trying to find solutions, but sometimes, there are none. All you can do is focus on yourself and your dream in life, and while it may be difficult, you need to sit back and ride the wave.

If it feels overwhelming, then take a step back and survey the situation from a different angle.

Did You Dream About… a Technological Apocalypse?

To have dreams of mindless robots and a technological revolution could be symbolic of challenges in your life.

You’ve got a challenge in your life that you’re worried you won’t overcome, and now it’s manifesting into your dreams.

It might feel like if you don’t succeed at this challenge, then the world ends. But that isn’t the case, you have a lot of strength and courage, you just need to focus your energy on the bigger picture.

Did You Dream About… a Post-Apocalyptic World?

If in your dreams the world ends and you still live on, then it may be a sign that you need to change in the name of survival.

You might have been quite attached to the world before with a lot of innocence about you, but now has come the time that you step into your spiritual awakening and become the person you need to be.

Reinvent yourself, find out what it is that you truly like. We only have one shot in this whole world, your dreams won’t wait around forever.

Did You Dream About… a Nuclear War Apocalypse?

If the end of the world came about in your dream through a nuclear bomb, nuclear weapons, or a nuclear war then this comes with a lot of negative energy.

It might be that this dream is drawing your attention to a toxic influence that is in your life.

Try not to blindly trust everyone in your world right now. There is someone within it who is being deceitful and cruel to you.

Once you uncover whose energy this is, cut them out of your world and then you’ll be able to enter a period of peace. If you don’t, then you may find your life becomes post-apocalyptic.

Anyone who experiences any type of war walks away feeling changes in some way, it is inevitable for you to feel the same way. Just put yourself first and keep your kindness and innocence for life.

Did You Dream About… a Nuclear War Apocalypse

Did You Dream About… a Natural Disaster?

Did your apocalypse dream feature a natural disaster?

This dream may be closely tied to your intense emotions – especially if flooding was the cause for the end of the world.

Water is often linked to emotions, flooding is an amplified version of that. You may be someone who is overwhelmed by their emotions quite quickly, which is lovely if your emotions are joyful, but in the instance they’re negative, you might feel and act as though it is literally the end of the world.

Find a way to express yourself and your desires without overwhelming the people who are most involved.

Did You Dream About… a Snow Apocalypse?

If in your dream, the end of the world comes through a snow apocalypse then this means that you view the world through a lens of depression and self-pity.

You’re dreaming of another life and there’s no reason as to why you can’t achieve it, but you are holding back. You need to take that first step into your new life, if you don’t, your dreams will eventually drift away from you and you’ll have many regrets in life.

This dream also calls upon how you’re quite cold to people in life. Some may view you like an ice age in life, but it’s only because you’re so afraid of dreaming and connection.

The best thing for you to do is consider what you want from life and find ways to achieve that dream – but make sure you do so with warmth, connection, support, and kindness.

Although things are changing, you don’t need to go through life alone.

Did You Dream About… a Cold War?

For the end of the world to arrive due to a cold war, then this dream features a lot of loss and war-torn imagery.

This apocalypse dream is reminiscent of World War Two and the Cold War that followed it. Although the world ending was a possibility in the 1950s, it didn’t happen thankfully. But if you have a dream of this recurring apocalypse, then it means you’re holding onto a bad omen in life.

It might be that you struggled with a lot of trauma, for example, a nasty divorce or being fired from a job, but it isn’t the end of the world and people aren’t trying to attack you in life.

Whatever will happen will happen, you just need to protect yourself in life.

Did You Dream About… a Fire Apocalypse?

If you have an apocalypse dream and it features the world ending by fire, then this dream can be drawing upon the powerful energy.

Fire is often associated with its life-saving meaning, how it gives life, and keeps us warm. People dream of having a fire in their belly and energy for life. If you have this apocalypse dream, then it link to how you mimic this same energy in your waking life.

You’re becoming a new person and good things will happen because of it. Don’t let anyone stop you from dreaming big or going after what you want. You deserve to step into the person you need to be.

Did You Dream About… Living Underground?

If in our apocalypse dream you seeing yourself living in a dwelling underground, then this might suggest that you’re putting in long-lasting work.

Although there are certain aspects of this dream that bring up personal issues, such as loss, misfortune, and emotional trauma. There are also the hidden meaning that if you’re patient then the difficult situation will calm down if you’re patient; any nasty fights will also be avoided with this same approach.

Did You Dream About… Living Underground

Dreams About the Apocalypse Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Grateful: waking up feeling grateful after dreaming of the world ending makes a lot of sense. It can be a weird dream to experience, and for some, be fairly harrowing. Count your blessings in real life and enjoy the happiness around you.

Free: for some, apocalyptic dreams can leave us feeling free when we wake up. This may be because we feel stuck with our own life and having a blank slate to it may be a relief to some. Remember, you don’t need to lose everything to start again, every day is a new day – live it how you please.

Transformed: apocalyptic dreams can leave a dreamer feeling changed when they awake. Although it isn’t actually the end of the world, to experience it in such a visceral way can alter your perspective on things and prepare you moving forward.

Negative Dreams

Pressured: in waking life, apocalypse dreams can leave the dreamer feeling pressure to uncover a hidden truth or the divine mysteries of the universe – but remember, if there is an apocalypse or natural disasters, there’s nothing you can do. Enjoy life, you don’t need to feel hopeless.

Fearful: seeing apocalyptic events can leave some dreamers fearful of what seems like an inevitable situation – but it isn’t. We all have power in our personal life, do your bit for the world coming together, and celebrate life with a large group of those you love.

Anxious: if you’re a conspiracist, then seeing apocalypse dreams will leave you feel anxious and stressed. Try to remember that to dream of an apocalypse doesn’t mean the world ends literally, rather than it’s a time for new beginnings.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About the Apocalypse

The Spiritual Meaning

To many, having apocalypse dreams is change and transformation.

An apocalyptic dream does not have to bring stressful situations with it, and if you are of the spiritual inclination, you can rest as to dream of a post-apocalyptic world means that there is a new phase coming to your future.

This could be a new job, closure from past relationships, or a spiritual awakening, but either way, this time is pivotal for the dreamer.

We all have to change our reality in order to grow, and whether you plan it or not, it’s inevitable to happen. You might be feeling unprepared for this change, but whether you welcome it or not, the future will still arrive – you just may find the adjustment more difficult if you remain resistant.

The Religious Meaning

The end of the world has been covered in various religious texts – from Christianity to Buddhism, to Hinduism and Mormonism.

Ultimately, each religion has its own dream interpretation of how the rapture may come upon us. Depending on which (if which) you believe in will depend on whether you find solace in these explanations.

For instance, the Hindu’s believe that the end of the world will come from Pralay – an all-destroyed flood. Whereas, Buddhists believe that the Buddha’s teachings will be wiped from the world, only to be then reinstated by a new Buddha reincarnated.

Whichever you believe, let’s hope in reality it’ll bring peace.

The Psychological Meaning

According to dream experts, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, the apocalypse dream meaning is wrapped up in the carnal desires of sex.

For Freud in particular, this apocalypse dream meaning isn’t too shocking, as he suggests that apocalypse dreams appear when the dreamer isn’t receiving enough sexual contact.

Whereas Jung teetered down the idea of the Apocolypse Architype.

This concept and dream signifies change and upheaval. Although an apocalypse dream means deep emotions for many, this destruction does not inherently mean change for the sake of destruction, but instead, change becomes an inevitable construct.

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