Flood Dreams

The dream interpretation of floods

Flood Dream Definition

Flood dreams, in general, typically are quite negative as it indicates crisis in the waking life.

Of a flood, carrying people, rescuing others, a house flooding, and dirty flood water are all typical images to see and most can be fairly off-putting. The good sign of these is that although they can symbolise death, it can also bring on transformation in the waking life.

You need to ensure that you push through any hurdles in the near future, you are not going to be abandoned. There will be people to come to save you – and if not, then you’ll manage to save yourself.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Floods

Did You Dream About… Drowning in a Flood?

To dream of drowning in a flood may be quite hard to cope with.

Unfortunately, the dream meaning isn’t positive, but typically symbolises that you’re struggling with your mental health or situations in your life. Trying to seek help from the people in your life.

If you drown in a flooded swimming pool or lake, then there may be a sense of clarity to your emotions that others seek you for. But ultimately, only help others in your waking life if you are in a space capable to do so.

Did You Dream About… Saving Someone From a Flood?

If you dream of rescuing someone from a flood in your dreams then you may be someone who cares a little too much.

A flood carrying people away is common, so to go out of your way to rescue them – and even put your own life at risk symbolises that you need to put yourself first sometimes. It might be that in waking life, you open yourself up too quickly and end up getting hurt.

Think before you dive in, you only deserve people who appreciate you.

If you failed saving someone from drowning in a flood, don’t worry. It’s less to do with your capabilities and more due to the fact that this person may not be saved in waking life. That’s hard to admit to ourselves sometimes, but you can’t save everyone.

Did You Dream About… Saving Someone From a Flood

Did You Dream About… Watching a Flood?

To dream of watching a flood from a safe space is a sign that you need to confront your emotional issues.

You may have some repressed emotions, but you need to let these go, if you want to move forward in your waking life. You’re able to achieve so much but you’re holding onto the things that you feel comfortable with – exit your comfort zone.

It might be scary, but take a deep breath and rely on someone other than yourself – share the burden. You can’t control everything in life, all you can control are your own actions.

Did You Dream About… a Flood Destroying Something?

If a flood destroyed something in a dream, then it’s important to stay calm – this isn’t necessarily a direct correlation to your life.

If the thing that is destroyed is your home then this is a reminder that it’s the people inside the house that matter most – your family and friends. If you have this dream, then there may be issues there. But you know what they are so regular your emotions and go from there.

Did You Dream About… Being Saved from a Flood?

To dream about being saved from a flood might suggest that you’re one to escape the emotions in your life. You may alleviate your problems by simply turning away from them – but they are never truly gone.

You’ll only move from a flood to rain falls or something worse – metaphorically speaking, of course.

However, this dream can be positive – but only if you escape your problems in a healthy way. That means dealing with them.

There’s a sense of freedom with this dream, perhaps changing jobs alternatively embarking on a new move to the city. This is a new phase in your life and the dream suggests that you’re going into it without any emotional problems.

The Different Places You May Dream are Flooded

A Flooded House

To dream of your home flooded may be a rather worrying dream, but it isn’t completely abnormal.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are multiple meanings to seeing your home totally covered with water. For example, if the upper floor of a house is flooded then this may represent your feelings at this moment, whereas, the lower floors may suggest a lack of focus and belief in your life.

Flooding in the house is also linked to our emotions. As the house is the space in which we feel more ourselves if you dream of a house flooded then it means that your internal self is feeling under pressure. It might be that you’re struggling with criticism or negative opinion.

To have such a dream of your home completely flooded is a horrendous feeling, and it isn’t surprising if you feel overwhelmed when you wake. But instead of focusing on the flooding, focus on where the flooding is coming from. If you can find the cause of the flooded house and flooded water, then you can find the reason why you’re experiencing the dream.

A Flooded House

Flooded Streets

To dream of flooded streets is associated with hope.

You might be someone who gets down and deals with it, but this is a good thing because it leads to a lot of growth in your life. You’re willing to put in the work – especially when you feel swamped emotionally or as if things have gotten too tough.

If you can’t see where you’re going in your life or that you’ve lost your way, then try to look beyond the drama and issues in your life. Flooded water streets may be feeling swamped emotionally, but there’s lots of great possibilities coming up in your life; focus on the good instead of the bad.

Flooded Cities

When you see images of a flooded city, town, or land then it might feel like there is a huge disconnect between you and your own emotions.

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s beyond yourself when all around you is flooded. But it’s important that you clear it.

Seeing a flooded town or flooded cities means that it isn’t just you who’s at risk here. If you don’t find a way to work through your issues, then your friends and family may begin to get impacted by these emotions. And ultimately, it might leave you isolated and completely alone.

A Flooded Car

In dream psychology, a car is often related to our direction in life.

So if you dream of a flooded car then it suggests that the direction is being comprised. It might be that someone is trying to take over your life path or that the plans you made are now unsteady. But it feels as though your power is being taken away or you’re uncertain about the future

If in this dream recently you’ve experienced a change in your life, then there may be some emotional ties still there. Survey the surrounding scene. Is there a flooded bridge? A busted tyre? If there is another reason, then this may explain your lapse in faith and control.

Whether you’re inside the flooded car or outside the flooded car, no one controls your life but you.

Inland Flooding

To dream of inland flooding is quite niche.

If you do, it may suggest that you’re afraid of settling down with one person or finding the thing that truly makes you happy. Sometimes it’s easier to relish in the pain, but actually, you deserve to be happy.

It may be scary, but if you don’t believe in yourself then who else is going to?

Coastal Areas Flooded

In the instance that you dream about coastal areas flooded by the ocean, then it’s best to interpret this dream as a reflection of inner fear you have. For many people, this overwhelming feeling typically relates to the idea of not reaching a goal or achievement.

Locate that fear, name it, decide whether or not you truly want to put the work in – and then proceed.

Flooded Roads

Flooded roads in dreams can indicate feeling “out of control” that the path you are embarking on is not clear-cut. That you need to focus on yourself more in life. To dream of a road represents the direction you’re heading in waking life. Seeing a dream that involves a road is directly connected with what’s happening to you in your waking life. If you’re walking down the road it means you’re pointed in the right direction. But to see a “flooded road” in your dream state indicates a warning. This dream means you will encounter some difficulties and issues in life. Alternatively, to dream of a flooded road implies that you’re being overwhelmed by different emotions that you cannot control. In dreams, water symbolizes emotions and if you dreamed of a flood, then you’ve been hiding something for too long.

The Different Types of Floods That You May Dream About

Flash Floods

A flash flood is typically secular to cities and urban areas. These floods are dangerous and dealing at times.

If you see this image then it’s a sign that there are some quick actions and rapid consequences about to arise. Emotions may be heightened but try and prepare for this. The best thing you can do in this situation is just embrace it, put up your boundaries, and prepare for any sudden emotions or stark, unexpected responses. Try not to take it all personally.

Hurricane or Tropical Storm

In the instance that you dream of a hurricane or tropical then this suggests there is a bumpy ride up ahead.

You need to keep in mind that any storm, tide, or extreme sea weather eventually calms down. Although the upheaval is aggressive, often it is this abrupt change that leads to better things. You can’t prepare for the turbalance so the best thing to do is to hold on for the ride.

Find a stable source of protection in your life and use that during this time. It might be a friend, partner, or simply a space, but use this as your superpower and return to it whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Hurricane or Tropical Storm

Flood Warnings

These warnings suggest a new beginning.

If the warnings in your dream lead you to evacuate then this suggests that your typical unprepared style isn’t going to be necessary for this stage in your life – you need to change your attitude to succeed. To dream of a flooded space and see a warning for it might also suggest a side of you that is hidden.

But this won’t stay hidden for long. Let it come out, the world needs to see all that you can offer.

Dirty Flood Water

If the flood water that you see in your dream is murky or brown, then this may relate to your feelings or insecurity or restraint.

Water is a power symbol and tool, when harnessed it can relinquish incredible results of power. But when left, stagnant and stale, it can grow polluted and murky. The less you utilise your power, the more you let the water go to waste and decay.

This dream is a sign for you to take the leap and clear through the muck. If you don’t, the pollution will only get worse. Cloudy water also suggests communication.

You may find the consequences of your refusal to clear through your space is that you start to lose the people around you. How can you ever be expected to grow and flourish if your water supply is tainted? You deserve more than that. Heed the for murky flood water can leave the entirety of yourself lost.

Clean Flood Water

To dream of clear flooded water represents a focus on yourself – there is clarity around things you’ve been unsure of for a while.

Although flood dreams are typically dark in undertone, a dream of flooded space filled with clear water typically indicates that things in life will work out well. This is a positive dream to have.

You might be someone who is worried about the way in which life is panning out, but you should relax as the dream of a flooded space with clear water is that you’re able to discern the good from the bad – you can overcome any issue. Trust your gut, trust your subconscious mind, you are capable.

Just remember the clear flood water is a space of reflection, what you see back will be what you put into the world. So think clear and positively and you’ll be fine.

Dreams About Floods Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Blessed: If you wake up feeling blessed after dreaming of floods, then this is a good sign. Typically, it means that in the near future you will have new opportunities and it’ll be somewhat of a new beginning for you.

Inspired: To wake up from a dream of flood feeling inspired is to enjoy what occurs around you. The flood symbolizes nature and the synergy of the earth, the gushing flood water will remind you to take the time out and enjoy nature.

Grateful: To dream of flood warnings and flooding and to wake up feeling grateful then this dream denotes that you’re grateful for your own life. This dream reminds many to count their blessings, when a flood occurs it happens suddenly and without you realising.

Negative Dreams

Afraid: If you wake feeling afraid of your flood dreams then rest assured that this is completely normal. Although these are negative feelings, they aren’t necessarily bad to have as it means you’re going to do whatever possible to escape; keep these skills in your real life.

Doubtful: To wake up feeling doubt will mean in a dream that you’re untrusting of those around you – and even yourself. This is a bad sign as if there were a possible flood in real life, then it’s critical you trust your instincts and natural abilities. You are more powerful than you know, but if you feel trapped then that’ll make things worse.

Inexperienced: When you’re surrounded by flooding water or flooded land, your priorities change to escaping, food, water, and shelter. You never know how the flooding debris is going to impact the land submerged around you. It might mean that you’re stranded. Having these thoughts or situations in your dream represents an air of inexperience, almost as if you’re unprepared and have lost power over the situation.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Floods

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, to dream of flood warnings, flooding, and flooded land is typically associated with water and the natural connection to one’s own emotions.

You might be someone who trusts their gut and ability to solve emotional problems in life, however, it is easy to become overwhelmed by these emotions. Ensure that you take the time to care for yourself.

If you don’t, then the dream suggests that people may attack your spiritually or you’ll experience the anger of enemies around you.

The Religious Meaning

The most religious story involving flooding water in the bible is the story of Noah and his ark in the Christian bible.

Noah’s ark will mean in a dream that you’re escaping you’re problems.

Dreaming of a flood isn’t a good sign – in fact, it shows how you’re being overwhelmed in your waking life by an unknown source. What the flood does mean in a dream is that there is a spiritual attack being made against you in your waking life. Survey the people around you and question whether you’ve made any enemies recently.

You can relax though as, if you’re faith is strong and you spend time with the Lord, then it is a good sign that God’s spirit will lift up your enemies and show the righteous path. You’ll be able to beat your enemy with ease as long as you keep faith.

The Psychological Meaning

In the professional opinion of dream psychologist, Carl Jung, a flooding dream is often associated with sexual frustration. It might be that you have some pent up energy that you’re not spending in the right area of your life, this will mean in a dream that your subconscious acts on this.

Hence the flood blocking your full potential in your dream.

Find a way to safely and consenually release some steam, and if that’s not possible then find gratification in the simple things you enjoy about life. Either way, spend some time exerting your energy.

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