Drowning Dreams

The dream interpretation of drowning

Drowning Dream Definition

In general, having a drowning dream is often linked to the emotions we can hide within ourselves.

Typically, the drowning dream meaning is linked to the issues you feel in your own life. Some people argue that if you dream about drowning then that means you’re struggling with these emotions coming back up. You need to remember that it’s just a dream and that you have all the power in a dream.

If you’re still struggling and drowning in a dream, then consider what you could be ignoring. Are there any issues in your life that need better understanding? Or are there certain events that you feel overwhelmed by? When you’re plagued by dreams of drowning, then consider your inner thoughts as these will be what you need to have successfully acknowledged the true drowning dream meaning.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Drowning

Did You Dream About… a Sinking Boat?

To be dreaming about a sinking boat has common meanings, a popular one is that people feel they are no longer in control of their life.

It might be that you tried having control of a situation, but you misjudge your own levels of power. Either way, you may feel helpless but remember you can only do so much in waking life.

The best thing you could do now is stay focused on your long-term goal.

Did You Dream About… a Sinking Boat

Did You Dream About… Drowning in a Natural Disaster?

To dream about drowning in turbulent waters is pretty traumatic.

These may either be:

Dreaming of such waters might link you to your subconscious self. It might be that you’re someone with unfinished business and therefore, see dreams related to this. The only solution in this situation is to deal with it head-on.

If you don’t align yourself with such a spiritual connection, then perhaps the workings of Sigmund Freud will enlighten you? Sometimes you’re dreaming of images such as these because you’ve previously witnessed similar media while in a conscious state.

Your waking life has a heavy impact on your dreaming. Don’t allow yourself to feel hopeless, if that doesn’t align with you.

We only have so much power in our lives, only lend your brainpower to that what serves and discard that which doesn’t.

Did You Dream About… Drowning in a Car Accident?

To dream of being stuck in a car and drowning can be difficult, but often, it is synonymous with a feeling of entrapment.

It might feel quite suffocating in your life and you may feel like there’s no way to break free. This might be applicable to your relationship, job, or just your general day-to-day.

The conclusion to take away from this dream is that it’s time for you to make a choice. It might be difficult and you might have to make an escape plan, but it is possible.

And it’s incredibly imperative that you do escape, especially, if you’re in an unhappy relationship or in an abusive one. Remember, just because you’re unhappy doesn’t mean it’s your fault. If you’re struggling to escape a situation, look around in your life and see who can help you. Do you have friends? Family? or co-workers? Use what you can to help yourself through this difficult time.

In conclusion, to dream about a car falling into a body of water is often linked to your emotions. Check-in with yourself as they may be out of control and there may be people around who can help.

Did You Dream About… Saving Someone from Drowning?

Did you save someone from drowning in a dream?

Make sure you spend some time thinking back. Who did you save? From what body of water? Are they alive? Do you like them?

Being able to answer these questions will help you get to the true meaning of the dream.

In the instance that you see people trying to ruscusitate the person who drowned or that you saved the person’s life, this suggests that although you may go through a tough time it should all work out in the end.

If you managed to save a drowning victim then you should be incredibly proud of yourself, it wasn’t something you had to of done but you did. This bodes well for your future, continue to be brave and you’ll go far.

Although this dream may have been hard to witness, it does promise good things for your future.

Did You Dream About… Drowning in a Swimming Pool?

If you dream about drowning in a swimming pool then this is often linked to the sense of a man-made struggle.

It might be that you’re filling your life with things that aren’t authentic or natural to you. It might look real or you may be able to pretend, but ultimately, it isn’t something that you want.

This could be a person, career, or lifestyle. But you need to make sure you rid yourself of it and align yourself with what feels right – if you don’t, then you may truly struggle.

Did You Dream About… Drowning in a Swimming Pool

Did You Dream About… Drowning in the Ocean?

If you dream of drowning in the ocean, then this suggests that you’re struggling to live in the waking world.

Perhaps you’re a little too floaty for reality. You may seem like someone who is a little in the clouds or just floats along without a plan, but this isn’t a bad thing.

To be able to stay afloat in this dream suggests that you may be held back in one way, however, you seem to be someone who can survive either way.

You need to trust yourself more. Ignore the way that those around you view you, instead, focus on your internal arrow and follow that.

If in your dream you were left behind, this may be symbolic of your fear of abandonment. Humans are social creatures, to be left by one enough can evoke many insecurities. It’s entirely natural, but not what you want to feel.

As a way to understand this emotion, after the dream, make sure you approach those who were in your dream. Connect with them and ensure that there’s nothing causing a rift.

If you didn’t know the people in the dream, try to find time to connect with yourself.

In that instance that you still lack a balance in your real life, you should focus on the things you enjoy. If it’s not working well for you, do things you enjoy to forget the dream. In some ways, when you focus on loving yourself, you forget that you ever did drown in a dream.

Did You Dream About… Drowning in the Ocean

Did You Dream About… Drowning in a Woman’s Womb?

Dreaming of drowning in your mother’s – or a random mother’s womb – is fairly harrowing.

If you’re pregnant and having this dream, try to see the dream as nothing more than a coincidence. If you don’t, you may find your mind getting the better of you. If you are worried or have physic tendencies at all, then go to your local GP.

If you aren’t pregnant, then you can view this dream as it is meant to be – a symbol of change.

This change is actually seen as a blessing as in some way you’re leaving behind this previous life. This meaning may drip through and offer a change to your waking life.

Some types of changes you may experience are a job swap, people coming in and out, a new love, or a new sense of adventure.

Your wants may change during this period in your life – but embrace it, don’t reject yourself, even if it seems uncharacteristic for you.

The Different Types of Entities Drowning You May Dream of…

People Drowning

The dream interpretations of watching a person or people drown is often linked to your emotions.

It might be that you’re struggling with a loss of people in your life or that you have a fear of this, but you need to learn to not focus on your fears. Instead of dreaming of the worst possible thing, focus on what’s in front of you in your waking life.

A Child Drowning

For many, to see a child drowning in a dream evokes much fear.

Many of us have children in real life so it’s easy to understand the pain that a drowning child can bring. If you rescue a child drowning in swimming pools or the sea, then this dream symbolizes the love you have for them.

A Child Drowning

A Cat Drowning

The dream meaning of a cat drowning is that you’re struggling at work or with your career.

It might be that you are looking for a promotion or new tasks – and you’re probably read but you’re being overlooked. Such dreams suggest you’re tired of the constant effort it takes to try, but you can’t give up.

Be more direct, it’s time to stop hiding and wallowing.

A Horse Drowning

Dream interpretations of a horse often depict it as a noble and untouchable creature, however, the horse drowning means that this level of perfection can never be reached as it’s being submerged.

In your waking life, this may be a dream symbol for the way you protect yourself from loving people or being vulnerable.

Yourself Drowning

If you see yourself drowning in a dream then it means that you’re drowning in your waking life.

It might be a family member causing this stress, your love life, or work, but this dream suggests that you’re struggling to look after yourself. But make sure you do because if you don’t, you may succumb to the waves and find yourself overwhelmed in life.

Dreams About Drowning Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Thankful: if you wake up from a dream of drowning and feel thankful, then this could be a nod to the fact that you’re finally acknowledging your own needs. It might be some inner battles you’ve wanted to deal with or some emotions you’re starting to seek professional advice for, but you’re beginning to take the steps to be healed.

Exhilarating: if you dream about drowning and feel excited or exhilarated when you wake up, then we want you to be a little careful. Although you may take what life throws at you and this may help you grow, you need to look after yourself. Stay still sometimes, it’s okay to be safe and rest too.

Content: if you feel content about your dreams about drowning, then this could suggest you’re okay with the feelings that crop up. Although you may be getting used to a new life, this dream is a good sign and offers solace because in a way you’re being reborn.

Negative Dreams

Scared: if you wake up from your dream about drowning feeling scared, then this is entirely rational. It might be that you’re scared of your own emotions and often try to hide them within the hidden depths of yourself, but this isn’t healthy. You need to explore your own identity, and who you are.

Anxious: if you wake up from a dream about drowning feeling anxious, then it may be because you resonate with the drowning person. However, you need to remember that when the waves throw people around, there is also a time for the waves to be quiet and calm. Take the time to find the right moment, it’ll come and then you’ll have control.

Sad: drowning dreams may make you sad because, to you, they represent a rebirth or change. Whether you drowned in natural disasters or an ocean, the water probably reminds you that it’s time to let go of a toxic relationship and negative feelings – once you do, you can move forward.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Drowning

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, to dream of drowning is seen as something else in life. For example, a job or relationship might not be going well and can be emotionally draining. If you seee yourself drowning often then this indicates that you are emotionally challenged – and not in a good way.

Spiritually, to drown and die means that we will be reborn. These dreams will allow you to connect with your inner emotions. If you’re not listening to them then you may find that your feelings go all over the place.

This dream means that there’s some emotional change coming in life.

The Religious Meaning

In a Christian sense, to drown in a dream can be linked to evil spirits.

For example, psalm in verses 4-6has a paragraph about how it would feel when we drown on the inside. This drowning is often linked to the internal emotions we don’t always acknowledge, if these are negative then this toxicty can take of your life. The verses go onto suggest how we navigate our inner life and how we navigate our own feelings of being worthless and rejected.

If you’ve experienced these feelings then it’s a sing that you need to stop focusing on your negative thoughts. Stop drowning in your own depression and instead focus, not on the drowning, but what keeps you afloat.

The Psychological Meaning

From a dream psychology perspective, dreaming of drowning suggests that there are underlying emotions that we haven’t acknowledged yet.

Drowning can be symbolic of overwhelming feelings that haven’t been acknowledged. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, but don’t have time to pay attnetion to it, then this smothering can appear in your dreams.

This dream is telling you to express yourself more clearly. When you dream that you actually die of drowning in your dream, it is connected to your own subconscious mind and this suggests a new start. While the dream of drowning is horrific, the real meaning is quite positive.

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