Pregnancy Dreams

The interpretation of dreams about pregnancy

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation

Consider where you are at in your life before you seek the meaning of pregnancy dreams.

For example, if there are many people in your life already pregnant then this dream could be a manifestation. However, there are also many meanings that come with pregnancy (and baby) dreams that one must consider.

One iteration of this is that in your dream if you give birth to a baby that you then forget, this could be a sign of you stepping back into your old self. Whereas, dreaming of being pregnant is typically linked to an idea, project, or change growing in your life. Remember to look out for the subtle aspects of the dream before considering the meaning.

Questions About Pregnancy Dreams

Does Dreaming of Being Pregnant Mean That You Are?

If the woman who had the dream about being pregnant is fairly intuitive and in touch with her psychic abilities, then it may be possible that a dream about her being pregnant is accurate – especially, if it’s a recurring dream.

However, in general, dreaming of being pregnant is typically an example of her want for a child or desire for a permeant change in life. What is that one thing that you can’t take your mind off of? How do you bring it into your real life?

Why Are You Dreaming of Pregnancy When You Don’t Want Children?

This is a perfectly normal dreaming experience.

For those who don’t want a child, then these dreams could mean that you’re feeling a little confused by your own decision. However, take this experience as a chance to reaffirm what things you do want in life. Is a child a part of your idea for the future? Or are your feelings getting mixed up by something else?

Are You Dreaming of Someone Else Being Pregnant?

It isn’t a rare occurrence for a dreamer to have dreams of other people being pregnant. Once again, this dream occurring has reality to blame if someone in your life is already pregnant.

However, if there is no one in your life with a child right now then this dream could mean that a person has something that you want. It might be a family member and you’re jealous of the products they have in their life or you may be looking to covet the relationships in your life.

Either way, you may be feeling unfulfilled and as though you’re grasping for something more.

Most Frequent Examples of Pregnancy in a Dream

Did You… Dream About Being Pregnant?

When you dream about being pregnant it is symbolic of new ideas, failure, and development. So consider what you’re good at and start nurturing them, it’s time to renew your passion and enrich your life.

  • Objectives and goals:  This dream refers to new projects, new ideas and a new change in life. You would need to set some goals or that new start that’s on the horizon won’t be ready for you to express it to the world.
  • Growth and development: When you have dreams of pregnancy, then this is symbolic of development and growth. There is probably a particular aspect of your personality that is trying to grow and enter into a new phase.
  • Failure: Failure is also the reason why you could have a dream about pregnancy. It could be that something that is important to you is not going to succeed even after putting in a lot of effort. And that’s okay, failure is natural to occur when you’re trying something.

Did You… Dream About Being Pregnant

Did You… Dream About a Pregnancy Test?

Carrying out a pregnancy test in your dream could imply that you have embarked on a new phase in your life – the could be a new job or relationship. The result of the test will show if you are ready for the changes or not. So, if it is positive then positive changes will be yours, if negative then there may be problems.

Did You… Dream About Morning Sickness?

If a dreamer has a dream about morning sickness then this is a sign that you need to trust in yourself and your actions more.

Although morning sickness is the act of purging, in dream meanings, it is typically an example of something abject that you need to come to terms with. You may think that people won’t want to have anything to do with this side of you, but your feelings are wrong.

Be vulnerable, just ensure that your rights stay intact and that you’re able to stay true to yourself. Just because you’re able to adapt in your relationships and to the world, doesn’t mean that you always should.

Did You… Dream About Giving Birth?

Natural Birth

If you dreamt of yourself having a natural birth, then this could symbolize the aspect of new beginnings that is typically associated with babies.

Experiencing the baby growing inside of you aligns with the divine feminine we’re all born with, however, being able to carry this baby into natural birth in the dream shows how you’re going through the journey of experiencing and living that feminity.

You’re aligning yourself closer to that feminine person that you’re meant to be. It may be that you’ll become more gentle or have a need to express your creativity and talents, but it’ll be a transformative experience.

To become closer to your dream self, try being more vulnerable with your feelings and who you are.

Natural Birth


A dream about having a c-section is an indicator that, you need help from others. This dream can mean that you are unable to realize your projects and this is making you feel worried. Ask friends and relatives to assist you in your goals.

Did You… Dream About Trying to Get Pregnant?

If you’re trying to get pregnant in your waking life, this may manifest similar stories in your dream life.

However, if you don’t want to be pregnant in your waking life, then this dream may indicate your want to develop something. It may be a project, your feelings for someone, or something else entirely. But either way, it’ll be a thing that is incredibly important to you.

Other Examples of Pregnancy in a Dream

Did You… Dream About a Miscarriage?

Dreams about a miscarriage are never pleasant.

However, for the dreamer, this dream could be an example of how you’re struggling to succeed in a certain area of your life. You may have tried something and it hasn’t worked out, and that’s a devastating result to live with.

Just remember, the universe will never put someone through something they aren’t able to handle. This is just a lesson that you needed to learn.

If you’re a pregnant dreamer and you dreamt of a miscarriage, try not to worry too much. This dream is likely just a manifestation of your real-life anxieties; if the worry persists, go to the doctor for some peace of mind.

Did You… Dream About a Miscarriage

Did You… Have Dreams About Being Pregnant as a Man?

If you’re a male dreamer and you saw yourself pregnant in a dream, then this suggests things may be changing rapidly in your life soon. However, if you’re a female and witnessing a man pregnant, then it could represent positive changes coming to your life. The changes for a female will be less ferocious than a man – and possibly more positive.

In the instance that the pregnant man is someone you’re friends with, then this may be symbolic of something that person is ashamed of in life. Speak with your friend and explore the reasons for their pain.

And for those who saw themselves marry the pregnant man, then this is a sign that the relationship could be going through a rough patch. It doesn’t mean that you’re coming to an end in real life, but perhaps there’s a way you can stoke each other’s desires again?

Did You… Dream About an Abortion?

If you dreamt of being a woman having an abortion, then this could mean that you are disappointed with the way in which your life is playing out. If you’re a dreamer who dreamt of somebody else in your life having this procedure, then this could signify that they are killing your relationship.

However, if you’re a woman who has had an abortion, consider that this dream could just be your subconscious bringing up details from your waking life. The dream may not have any meaning unless you resonate with it, just be sure that you’re looking after yourself.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Pregnancy, You May Feel…


Relief: a child can come in more ways than just pregnancy. Relief in experiencing pregnancy is perfectly natural for those who want to start a family – but family is all around you, and you’ll continue to grow from each one you start; familial or not.

Connection: feeling connected to someone other than ourselves is always a relaxing feeling. There is more on the planet than we realise and bringing a life into this world is often a transcendent experience.

Hopeful: for a dreamer to feel hopeful after a dream, this positive feeling typically means you’ll find inspiration to start a new project or chapter in your life soon.


Anxiety: you may be feeling a lot of anxiety in your life surrounding where you are, where you’re going, and what you’re going to do. But rest assured, the anxiety helps no one – not even you.

Pressure: there is a tremendous amount of pressure wrapped up in pregnancy. If you’re trying for a baby, then you’re used to experts and doctors all adding to that. Try to stand your ground, you’re unshakable.

A lack of boundaries: pregnancy is invasive. If you dreamt of being pregnant, you may awake to feel betrayed or used, but your body is your own. No one can take it from you.

A Bit of Context into… Pregnancy Dreams

The Religious Meaning

The concept of pregnancy in religion is fundamentally significant in religions like Christianity and the birth of baby Jesus.

When Mary was giving birth to Jesus, it was a sign to all followers that this would guide them through life. And although that was the case for a short time, the birth of Christ had many lessons that came along with it.

In relation to dream meanings, this concept is no exception. Any project or idea will come with lessons and hardships, but it’s about whether you push through or not.

The Spiritual Meaning

In a spiritual sense, pregnancy is a time of connection to the universe for some women.

Women may experience the world in a way unlike what they’re used to. They see and feel their bodies change as it grows a life, and for many, it is one of the most natural things a woman can do. This rapid change and growth seem like magic. And this magic can manifest into intuitive tendencies and psychic feelings.

The Psychological Meaning

The dream expert, Carl Jung believed that dreams about pregnancy and growing a baby were symbolic to the growth of the human – not the human in the belly, but instead, the human carrying the child.

Jung believed that these dreams represented lives and the preparation needed for the upcoming stage. This change isn’t easy, and to many, can feel like a rebirth of the self. But it is fundamental that this change takes place so that you can become the person you need to be.

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