Spider Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Spider.

The dream interpretation of spiders

Spider Dream Definition

It’s fairly normal to feel startled by having dreams of spiders, however, the connotations of these dreams aren’t necessarily a bad thing.

Many cultural interpretations of these dreams depict spiders as a sign of good luck. For many people, once they dream of spiders, they may find themselves stumbling across successes that they’ve been working towards. Like with anything, life doesn’t happen without some effort. Even if you have a dream of spiders, you still need to put in some action in your real life. Instead, the dream could be a positive indication that you’re on the right track.

Typically, the opportunities that spider dreams point towards are success in money and positive wellbeing. However, this varies depending on what you dream of, the way you feel about spiders, and the connotations spiders have in your life. Take all this into account before finding a deeper meaning into what your dreams actually mean.

Most Frequent Examples of a Spider in a Dream

Are You Dreaming of… a Giant Spider?

When it comes to the giant spider dream meaning, there can be a fairly intricate web of meanings – get it?

The most prominent meaning of seeing a giant spider in your dream is that there is a looming problem that you can no longer ignore. This may be a person (female or male), fears, or an event at work.

Either way, dreaming of a giant spider indicates that this is a problem that you can no longer ignore. And if you do choose to ignore the signals of the giant spider dream, then it’s likely that your giant personal problems will only continue to get bigger.

Take stock of your fears, any emotional webs you have weaved yourself, or if you are feeling trapped as this indicates what the giant spider in your dream will refer to.

Did You Dream of… A Spider Weaving Its Web?

If there is a spider in a dream weaving a web then this dream indicates a web of relationships; it may be your family, friends, or a potential love coupling, but when spiders weave their webs in a dream then it details growth.

You may not have the exact information right now, but a spider web is always connected to growth and will indicate that there is more to come.

Did You Dream of… A Spider Weaving Its Web

Did You Dream of… Being Eaten by a Spider?

If you had a dream of being eaten by a spider, then this may be a symbol of the feelings that you are overwhelming you.

In plain terms, you may feel as though you’re being swallowed whole.

In this dream, the spider details itself as your fear and anxiety. If you’ve recently been hiding your true feelings about a situation, then this is what this dream means.

We’re all faced with decisions in life – some are easy and some are more difficult. Maybe you feel afraid to open up? But that fear won’t leave until you’re true to yourself. Work on that and the spider will set you free.

Did You Dream of… Being Chased by a Spider?

It’s perfectly normal to be afraid of being chased by a spider – in fact, it’s one of the more common themes. Now whether the spider that is chasing you is giant, a money spider or another entirely will differ from person to person, however, the size of the spider will only mean the size of the problem.

What are you running away from? Because if you’re being chased by a spider in your dream, then that is what this dream will always mean.

Did You Dream of… Killing a Spider?

Did you kill a spider in a dream? We all have a dark side to ourselves, don’t be afraid of that side of you.

If you did have this dream, then it could mean that you’re afraid to confront your fears. We all have a black spider inside of us, it’s only when we continue killing it and don’t confront it that negative feelings come up.

Did You Dream of… Killing a Spider

Did You Dream of… Spider Eggs?

It’s important to note whether there is a spider hatching from the egg, or if there is a pregnant spider laying the eggs, as these will mean slightly different things.

If you’ve dreamt of spiders eggs then there may be something (or someone) holding back from you.

If you see a spider being born, then this is a symbol of you being born into your new self – you need to embrace this as it’s time for you to shed who you once were.

Whereas, if you see a spider laying eggs then this could be connected to a pregnancy that is coming into your life.

Did You Dream of… Spiders Crawling Over You?

If you had a dream of spiders crawling over you, then this may evoke a feeling of fear – resist this feeling. This dream is a sign that there are negative influences in your life that you need to rid yourself of.

They may be under the guise of addictions like alcohol or drugs, or they may simply be bad habits and negative people. This is important symbolism for you to recognise if you want to live a healthy life for yourself.

Did You Dream of… Spiders in Your Bed?

If you see a spider in your bed, your first inclination would be to kill it and rightly so.

But if you dream of a spider in your bed, perhaps take a different approach? Or maybe consider whether there’s something to take away from the dream?

Typically, these types of dreams mean that someone is encroaching on your space.

This attack on your privacy will be quite difficult to manage, but it’s important that you find a way to balance the people who want more of you with how much you’re willing to give.

If no one fits this description, then the spiders could also be a metaphor for your negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts can hold you back in many ways. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or just low self-esteem, for many, it’s a reason not to leave your bed. If you’ve been feeling negative emotions about yourself, then it may be worth visiting a doctor to see if there is any way to manage this.

Dreams About Different Types of Spiders

Did You Dream of… a Black Widow?

If you dream of a black widow then this is typically a sign of dangerous things that may be happening in your life.

Dreaming of the black widow is to feel trapped in an insidious or toxic situation. If you dream of a spider bite from a black widow then this could be a sign that there are irreparable situations on the horizon.

Ensure you remove yourself from toxic situations with care, if you have people to support you make sure that they’re involved and aware of what’s going on.

Did You Dream of… A Tarantula?

One of the reasons people fear the tarantula is due to their giant size.

However, when you dream of this big spider it is less to do with its size and more to do with the connotations of entrapment.

This feeling of being trapped may be in association with a job or a relationship. However, it also symbolises that you’ve just walked away from a difficult situation and that you now have the power to walk away with an unformidable force.

Did You Dream of… A White Spider?

In the dictionary, white is often symbolic of purity and innocence.

When the meaning is transferred to spiders, that’s no different. If you’re dreaming of a white spider then it could symbolise a great amount of luck coming into your life.

On the flip side, if you’re dreaming of being caught by the white spider this could mean that you’re resisting something that is a positive force in your real life.

Did You Dream of… A White Spider

Dreaming About Spiders Could Make You Feel…

Positive Feelings

As aforementioned, dreaming about spiders tend to have more positive meanings. Some of those meanings may be:

  • Respect: this is going to be a theme that crops up in your life soon.
  • Emotions: while emotions may arise, they will bring out positive aspects of your life and, over time, you’ll be able to express gratitude for these fluctuating temperaments.
  • Contentment: this may be contentment for how life currently is or it could be a signal that the hectic phase of your life is passing.

Negative Feelings

Abject feelings may be the first interpretation for many when it comes to having a spider dream, and for many, this interpretation doesn’t shift. If you have a bad dream of a giant spider – or just spiders in general – then this is what you can expect to feel.

  • Strange: generally, if you’re feeling strange within yourself this may foreshadow atypical situations on the horizon.
  • Worried: this may be about your career or a relationship, but you can rest assured that the spiders mean little harm – and as such, your feelings may be in the wrong place.
  • Fear: if you’re dreaming of having spiders crawling over you, and in response, you feel fear, then this could be in response to an attack on your intimacy. Perhaps you’ve suffered from some trauma around this topic or you’re opening yourself up to a new person, either way, this is a sign that you need to heal from this.
  • Unfulfilled: dreaming of a spider could indicate areas where you feel unfulfilled in life. It may be a fear you’re yet to overcome or a relationship you didn’t pursue, but these feelings represent that it’s time to be brave.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Spiders

If you’re curious as to where these meanings come from, then you may want to know that spiders date back centuries ago. As such, in many ancient dictionaries, spiders were seen as a lucky omen.

However, from a spiritual perspective, spiders often represent emotions that are more heightened than usual. While the general association for a dream about spiders is that they’re a symbolism of good luck, in spirituality, they can be associated with foreshadowing events.

A man who was known for his interpretations of dreams was Sigmund Freud, who associated a dream about a spider to link with the symbol of the mother. This may be where the female personification of spiders come from – of course, there are male spiders – but spiders are connected to the idea of the mother, with spider webs creating the link to family members.

Of course, this familial slant of spider dreams may not apply to everyone, although it may lend itself as something to consider.

As such, it’s always crucial to explore the type of spider you dreamt of and the situation you were – or are – in. Keep in mind, that if you are afraid of spiders in waking life then your dream may be the manifestation of what you find scary. This rule is applicable for any situation in which you analyse a dream, it’s always important to draw your conclusions from the part of life you’re currently focused on – whether that be health, money, or perhaps a person; dreams often manifest from spaces we find scary, exciting or some other heightened emotion.

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