Money Dreams

The dream interpretation of money

The Money Dream Definition

Generally, a money dream illustrates a feeling of confidence, power, and prosperity connected to your push to achieve opportunities and wealth in life.

However, it’s important to understand varying dream meanings and how they connect to the real world. For instance, saving money, receiving money, and earning money are all mainly positive money-related dreams that show your self-worth and confidence when awake.

To dream of negative dreams where you steal money, lose money, or are just anxious about money could suggest you feel financially unstable and feel powerless.

Therefore, the concept of “what does dreaming about money mean” can vary depending on how you dream about money.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Money

Did You Dream About…Someone Giving Money To You?

To dream of someone giving money to you may signal new beginnings in the near future. Depending on who gives you money suggests even more about your life and your relationship with them. To dream of someone you know giving money to you implies a good relationship with them. Receiving money also shows a great sense of self-worth and confidence.

Did You Dream About…Someone Giving Money To You

Did You Dream About…Borrowing Money?

Borrowing money in dreams suggests your promising outlook to achieve greatness in the future. If you borrow money from a friend you know or a parent, this shows a good relationship with the individual and overall joy in your present life. If you borrow money from a bank, this may mean that a person near and dear in your life may soon come to you for advice. Therefore, think carefully to ensure you give honest, valuable advice to them.

Did You Dream About…Counting Money?

Money dreams about counting money are a good sign of the endless opportunities that exist and are yet to occur in your life. If you are counting money by hand in your dream implies future success. Meanwhile, if count money for others in your dreams could indicate your tenacity to seek greater opportunities to elevate your life.

Did You Dream About…Finding Money?

Finding money, similar to winning money in your dream implies a good sign of positivity in your current waking life. Do you have future goals you are excited to tackle, promising new life opportunities yet to explore, or your daily life is simply going well? These positive circumstances of growth and prosperity in your present life could contribute to finding money (or similarly winning money) in your dreams.

Did You Dream About…Finding Money

Did You Dream About…Losing Money?

If you lost money in your dreams, this could be reflexive of feeling unstable/ a lack of control in waking life. Such a dream suggests you may have made a wrong decision in life that you now regret.

If you lose money in your dreams, this may signal an actual loss of life, a relationship, or another significant situation in life that involved loss.

Dreams About Money Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Confident: No matter if you find money, win money, or receive money, all of these dream examples point to a feeling of confidence in your life. A dream represents, often, how you truly feel about yourself, your decisions, and your life as a whole. If you are earning money in your dreams, no matter the circumstance, this shows you value yourself and your decisions.

Financially Independent: Likewise, a dream about earning money represents a positive outlook about money in your waking life. As long as you have a happy attitude about money in life, your subconscious mind will likely know you feel financially secure and you’ll dream positive dreams of money and its abundance.

Stable: Making money provides a sense of stability and control over one’s life. Therefore, if you dream about money in a positive light, this reflects your feeling of control and security in your life.

Negative Dreams

Anxious: If you are constantly feeling anxious about financial affairs in real life, chances are your dreams will reflect financial stress and turmoil at night. If you feel powerless in your own life about money, try honestly assessing your financial affairs and create realistic goals for financial success to minimize these stressful dreams at night.

Unstable: Depending on what your money dream is about could show signs of a lack of financial security/financial stability or an overarching feeling of instability in your life. If you dream about shredding money, stealing money, or losing money, these dreams all are more negative dreams suggesting you need to overcome some type of financial hardship and/or make difficult decisions in your life to have a better future.

Powerless: Because money and material wealth in real life often signify a sense of power or status, a lack of money in your dreams could signal feeling powerless in your present life. Since money symbolizes power and stability to a degree, in your dreams having no money or lack of it could be your subconscious mind suggesting you feel powerless in your waking relationships, financial situation, and life as a whole.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Money

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Money

The Religious Meaning

From a religious viewpoint, the Bible mentions dreaming about money or receiving money as a good sign of gaining wisdom and prosperity in life itself. There is also a biblical connection that when you continuously provide and give money to others in need, you’ll never experience a lack of wealth in life.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, a majority of money dreams suggest future success and a high sense of self-worth.

Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud also believed a money dream shows you have a sense of power or authority over other people in your life.

The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, dreaming of material gain or having money in your dreams is reflexive of the wealth and prosperity you’ll soon have in life. Inevitably, having lots of money in your dreams is meaningless to waking life. Yet, from a spiritual standpoint, more money in a dream is indicative of gaining more wealth in life.

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