Bat Dreams

The dream interpretation of a bat

Bat Dream Definition

Bat dreams are a symbol of the beautiful spiritual journey of life. Because of the association of bats with the ‘darkness’ like vampires and Halloween, their spiritual meaning can sometimes be missed. Dream about bats are associated with blockages you may be facing in your life and may require some shadow work.

Depsite their association with darkness, such a dream is not to be frightened of the difficulties that you might encounter in your waking life. Bats are known for their reliance on other senses, so dreams about bats might be a signifier for you to rely on yourself and your intuition more and be more confident in your choices.

Some bat dreams can be scary. A common thought is that bats symbolize bad luck. For example, if you see dead bats, a bat attacking or a crying bat, it can make you feel uneasy. But bat dreams are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, in some cultures, bat symbolism represents divine creatures. And one bat alone suggests the end of some bad habits of behaviour.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Snow

Did You Dream About… Bat Wings?

A dream about bat wings can symbolize that you’re about to make a strong decision. Bats use their wings to fly free and rely on their instincts. Bat wings also encase them when they’re hanging or sleeping to keep them safe. When you dream about bat wings, it’s telling you to act on your instincts more and trust yourself in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Bat Wings

Did You Dream About… Bats Biting?

To dream about bats biting is symbolic of someone attacking you. Vampire bats are known for eating blood and dreaming about being bitten by one means you’re in relationships that are draining for you.

Did You Dream About… Bats Chasing?

I can be disturbing to see bats chasing you in your dreams and can be a symbol of confusion about a certain situation regarding a relationship or a decision that needs to be made. To see chasing bats in dreams can mean you’ve been pushed too far in a situation and you need to give it some peace.

Did You Dream About… Bat Hanging?

Bats hanging is all about changing your perspective on something. If you see bats hanging upside down is hanging off a familiar surrounding, it may be an opportunity to look at your current situation from another angle. Bats hanging can also mean that something bad might happen to someone close to you. To see bats hovering in mid-air is usually a sign you must listen to your intuitions.

Did You Dream About… Bats Flying?

To see bats flying in your dream could be from positive energy. Bats flying are associated with our inner wellbeing and personal life. This dream about bats is indicating something good is on the way. Flying bats are at their most free and to see bats fly is a good thing. A single bat flying shows you’re confident in your decisions.

A bat flying inside or inside of you is a trauma based dream, however, and symbolizes inner chaos.

Did You Dream About… Bats Flying

Did You Dream About… Bats Attacking?

To dream about a bat attacking you could mean that someone is thinking about attacking you in your waking life and you should be wary. A black bat is a bad omen and should be taken seriously.

To see a black bat attacking someone denotes that they might be needing help in the near future and you should be there for support.

Did You Dream About… Sleeping Bats?

Bats sleeping in your dream is associated with negative emotions. It’s an indication that you’re turning a blind eye something important that might require your attention in the near future.

Did You Dream About… Sleeping Bats

Did You Dream About… Bat Poop?

In ancient folklore, to dream about bat poop is a sign that you will lose money or halt your financial gain soon.

Did You Dream About… Bat Nest?

To see bat nests in your bat dreams it means that you will be angry about something coming up. the placement of the bat nest will give you a clue as to what this is about, for example, a bat nest in your house suggests that you’ll be mad about something at home.

The Different Types of Bats You Might Dream of

White Bat

To see a white bat is symbolic of your crown chakra. White is associated with a higher spiritual plane and, specifically, white bats flying is a sign of a higher spiritual life.

Black Bat

Black bats are associated with the darker secrets we have in life. It can be confused with a warning sign or a negative sign, however, black bats symbolize life after your current situation and bring positive energy. If you’ve dreamed of a black bat, it’s time to pay closer attention to your thoughts and feelings. A black bat is simply a chance to look inwards.

Green Bat

A green bat is for matters of the heart. Green is the colour of your heart chakra and a green bat flying suggests your love life is taking off. Overall, a green bat is an unusual dream but a positive sign.

Red Bat

A red bat is for your root chakra and red bat dreams suggests stability of your basic needs like food, money, comfort and shelter.

Red Bat

Brown Bat

A brown bat is similar to a black bat and a brown bat means there are some hidden negative emotions or secrets that you’re avoiding.

Baby Bat

A baby bat dream can suggest that you need to work on your self-improvement.If you see baby bats, it’s time that you make a greater effort somewhere. It’s time to work on your spiritual capability if you see baby bats. Dreaming about baby bats is a chance to grow and become more caring.

Large Bat

To see a large bat in your dream suggests that there is some negativity in your life. Large bats are filling up your space and it could be a sign that you need to embrace positivity. Large bats flying down from the sky or getting a giant bat entangled in your hair can suggest it feels like there’s no escape.

Pet Bat

Having pet bat dreams suggests that you need to confront your own things that are scaring you.

Vampire Bats

A vampire bat suggest that there is something around you draining your energy. A vampire bat bite really solidifies this.

Dead Bat

To see a dead bat suggests that whatever awful thing has come into your life will soon end and go away forever. If you’re the one killing bats, it’s a sign that you’ll hurt someone close to you.

Dreams About Bats Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Happiness: Dead bats in dreams means that something bad is about to end and go away forever. Dead bats, especially a giant bat, will mean something terrible is ending in the near future. The size of the bat will indicate how bad this thing was. A bat hanging upside down can symbolize an exciting change in perspective. Dreaming about only one bat suggests you’re ready to get rid of bad habits.

Negative Dreams

Scared: Black bats, a black bat attacking or a bat’s nest can make you feel scared as we associate bats with darkness. However, it means that you need to confront your fears and embrace the darkness. Bats live in caves and this further symbolises the hidden caverns we have as people. Bats represent nocturnal life and the darkness and shadow work might be necessary. Only one bat flying is often a bad sign of loneliness and can mean bad luck.

Cautious: If you see calm bats, you might think this is a good thing. However, calm bats suggest something bad could happen to the people around you.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Bats

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Bats

The Spiritual Meaning

A dream about bats indicates that you need to remove the metaphorical blindfold in your life and confront the negative emotions in your waking life. Keeping pet bats suggests that you will find lifelong companionship as life span of 25 years.

The Religious Meaning

The biblical meaning of bat dreams indicates flying in the dark. Biblically speaking, bats are associated with disease, death and mystery.

The Psychological Meaning

Bat dreams in psychology suggest that there is a hidden darkness in your life. A bat sitting on your head means you have a dark and gloomy perspective and it’s time to think about it. Bats sitting on your shoulders indicate someone is trying to gossip with you.

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