Poop Dreams

The dream interpretation of poop

Poop Dream Definition

What is the dream interpretation of poop? What’s the dream meaning poop in toilet? These are questions we need to answer, even if the topic seems a little interesting.

When you dream about poop, this suggests that you’re not being aware of major troubles around you. It might be that your new friends aren’t who you think they are, or that you’re beginning to lose hope. but you need to look outside of yourself.

Also, a dream about poop means money.

Maybe there is some coming your way? Either way, ensure you’re in the position to receive this unexpected reward, otherwise, you may lose it.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Poop

Did You Dream About… Flushing Poop?

Did you dream about flushing poop?

While it’s not the most exciting of dreams to have, it does have a lot of meaning.

For example, this dream suggests you’ve got a good approach to your reality. You’ve got a good handle on life, you need to stop flushing away everything. Enjoy what is around you instead of trying to start again all the time. Sometimes you don’t need to rebuild, you just need to enjoy it.

Real life can be difficult. Make sure you trust those around you and that they trust you.

You can be a powerful person, you just need to enjoy the sweetness that is in the world just a little bit more.

Did You Dream About… Flushing Poop

Did You Dream About… Eating Feces?

To dream about eating poop is to suggest that there are people in your world who are jealous of you – and rightly so.

This seems seemingly innocuous, however, over time it can knock down your self-esteem. Try to stay focused on the goal in front of you, and ignore everyone else. Keep the people you trust close to you.

Just be careful. This dream can put people in a bad position. Just remember: this dream wants you to stay calm and passive. You can handle this. You already have everything you need, just focus.

Did You Dream About… Holding Poop?

To hold your poop in your hands is an incredibly personal dream.

Especially, if you’re not holding your own poop.

However, this dream indicates that you feel like you’re doing things in your life that you’re uncomfortable with. Maybe someone at work makes you feel small or that you have to earn money in ways that push your boundaries to uncomfortable spaces.

Make sure you put up your boundaries and stick to them. It can be hard, but you don’t deserve to struggle.

Another interpretation of touching poop in a dream can also be the concept of someone in your waking life taking advantage of you.

Did You Dream About… Cleaning Poop?

Did you clean poop in your dream?

This is a fairly spiritual meaning and it suggests the cleansing of the self.

It might be that you’re trying to turn your world around – and you should. Let yourself change and grow freely and without punishment.

Did You Dream About… Pooping Yourself?

Did you dream about pooping yourself?

To dream of holding feces in and then not being able to control yourself is embarrassing in the real world and in the dream world. However, the dream meaning suggests that there’s a part of you that is trying to hide.

However, if you need help then you need to express yourself. Don’t let the people in your world make you feel like you can’t show yourself off. Even more so, if what you’re hiding is your negative habits. For example, having such a dream may be embarrassing. But if you need help, you need to tell people. Whether it’s about this dream or that you have an impulsive shopping addiction. Regardless of what it is, you deserve peace.

Did You Dream About… Pooping in a Public Restroom?

If you’ve dreamt of pooping in public, then this is linked to how you feel about being vulnerable.

To dream of happily pooping in a public toilet bowl, then this suggests that you’re content with being vulnerable and opening up to people.

Howeve, if you’re not, it could be that you have a problem with comparing yourself to others or opening up to them.

Did You Dream About… Constipation?

If you dream of constipation, this dream symbolizes your issues with authority.

It might be that you don’t feel comfortable with someone in power of you or that you struggle with your experiences of being rejected. Be careful of surroundings that make you feel this way.

You are capable and deserve to fill space.

Did You Dream About… Constipation

The Different Types of Poop You May Dream of…

Baby Poop

If you have a baby poop dream, then this suggests that you may want to care for someone younger than yourself.

It’s rare to want to clean someone else, however, to have dreams of it then may suggest that you want to care for someone.

Animal Poop

Did you have dreams of animal poop?

These dream meanings tend to vary depending on the animal (as we’ll discuss), but in a general sense, animal poop can be linked to positivity involving money.

Cat Poop

Dreaming of poop from a cat (or any other domesticated animal) can often be linked to helping another.

Like the same dream of dreaming of poop in general, dreaming of cat poo typically suggests helping with finances.

Rabbit Poop

Dreams about rabbit poo suggest that you’re working incredibly hard in your life.

It might feel like your life isn’t going anywhere, but you’re going to reap the benefits very soon.

Monkey Poop

Having dreams about a monkey throwing poop can suggest you’re struggling to keep money in your life.

It might be that you try but others spend it, or you have unhealthy habits.

As such, be careful who you give it to.

Bird Poop

Did you have dreams about a bird pooping on you?

Well, that suggests that you’re likely to come into a bit of luck. It could be financial or with a new relationship, but there’s something coming into your reality that you’ve been wanting for a while.

Bird Poop

Human Poop

To have dreams about human poop isn’t uncommon.

And it’s not a bad thing, as any dream expert will tell you, human poop is linked to a positive experience.

If you see poop, then this dream suggests the things you worked hard for in reality will pay off and you’ll be able to begin to enjoy the world little more.

Dreams About Poop Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Relieved: if you find yourself waking up relieved after your poop dreams, then this might be linked to your attitude in life. In many instances, this dream means that you were holding onto to something that you’d grown out of. Now this dream is telling you that you can start moving forward.

Growth: to dream about poop is disgusting in theory, but if you woke up and felt inspired then it might suggest you’ve felt a lot of growth in your personal life recently. This growth should lead you into a new mindset, allowing time for good fortune and harmonious life.

Success: if you wake up feeling successful after having dreams about your own poop, then this suggests that you could be stepping out of some previous negative energy. It might be that your romantic relationship is thriving, you’ll find a business opportunity, or you’re be overcoming your financial problems, but either way, such dreams are leading to positive things.

Negative Dreams

Disgusted: to dream about poop and feel disgusted when you wake up, suggests there are many negative emotions in your life at the moment. Perhaps a huge amount of your hate is from your rejection of the negativity? Understand why it is there to move on.

Shocked: are you shocked to see a poop in a dream? This dream suggests that there’s something in the near future coming your way. It’s a good sign, although it might not seem like a positive in the beginning, it’ll all work out.

Nauseous: to dream about poop and to wake up feeling ill suggests that you’re not comfortable with yourself in your waking life. Humans are multifaceted. There are many aspects of a person. You need to try and be comfortable and appreciate all aspects for a successful life.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Poop

The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, poop dream meaning has something to do with your redemption from loss or lack of material progress.

The Religious Meaning

From a biblical meaning, to dream about poop is to release something.

It might be that you’re purging out negative feelings and evil energy, so this is a time to get rid of any bad habits and start fresh.

Consider consuming something that brings you closer to your religious diety. Try and remove what you’ve lost and replace it with something powerful.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, Sigmund Freud argued that the dream meaning of poop is tied to the mental anguish of a person. This might not be the right interpretation for you, but he argues that these dreams are tied to your view of yourself.

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