Rabbit Dreams

The rabbit dream meaning

The Rabbit Dream Definition

A rabbit dream refers to luck and is a positive omen. A rabbit dream represents sex, fertility and new beginnings, and are the ultimate symbol of good luck and prosperity. A rabbit dream symbolizes faithfulness and is a sign of comfort and love.

A rabbit dream means that a person has quite a positive outlook on life. By nature, rabbits are aware of the danger of life and move quickly to avoid a negative encounter. Seeing a rabbit in your dream suggests that you move away from any toxicity you encounter and towards good things.

Seeing a rabbit in your dream can also suggest good things for your love life. Rabbits are known for their breeding habits, hence ‘multiplying like rabbits.’ It could mean you’re in for some increased sexual activity or have some children in your future.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Rabbits

Did You Dream About… a Rabbit Attacking

Believe it or not, a rabbit attacking you in a dream is more common than you think. A rabbit attacking or a rabbit biting a person is quite rare in real life, however, it can signify that they’re fearful or under extreme stress. To dream about a killer bunny is something else. A killer bunny suggests that the people around you are not what they seem and someone you think is harmless is actually dangerous. Be wary of those who appear docile on the surface if you dream about a killer bunny.

Did You Dream About… a Rabbit Attacking

Did You Dream About… a Rabbit Dying

A dead rabbit is a sad omen, though, rabbits die quite regularly in real life. Rabbits are social animals and get quite depressed if they’re feeling trapped or alone in their rabbit hutch. To see a dead rabbit in your dream suggests that you’re feeling the same. A dead rabbit can also symbolize that you’re stuck in a rut with your luck and you need to feel more freedom.

Did You Dream About… a Rabbit Hole

If you see a rabbit hole in your dream, it could be a sign that you need to move on with your life. Like Alice in the fairy tale, falling down the rabbit hole leads to a never-ending journey of nonsense, so rabbit holes are best avoided. However, if you’re going down rabbit holes, it can suggest, like Alice’s fairy tale, that you want to get away from life and move onto something more exciting. Rabbit holes can also suggest that you need to pick yourself up out of your spiral and move on with your life.

Did You Dream About… a Rabbit’s Foot

A rabbits foot is a good sign so the foot of a rabbit in a dream signifies luck in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Baby Rabbits

To see baby rabbits in dreams means that someone else is showing childish behaviour. However, baby rabbits can also mean that your sex life is about to get a revamp in the near future. Rabbits are known for their sexual activity, with large litters and the modern association of rabbit vibrators give them a deeper sexual meaning. To see a rabbit giving birth is another good sign. A rabbit giving birth suggests that monetary gain is on it’s way to you.

Did You Dream About… Baby Rabbits

The Different Types of Rabbits You May Dream of

Black Rabbit

To dream about a black rabbit suggests a fear of intimacy. A black rabbit in your dream suggests fear of the unknown in your waking life, however, a black rabbit as a pet can mean that you have close relationships. A black rabbit can also mean the passing of a close friend.

Grey Rabbit

A grey rabbit suggests that those close to you aren’t being honest. If you dream about a grey rabbit, be wary of those around you as they could be trying to manipulate the situation. However, grey is a colour of uncertainty, so a grey rabbit might mean that you’re in a situation where there is no right or wrong direction.

Grey Rabbit

White Rabbit

A white rabbit is associated with your love life. The spiritual meaning of a white rabbit is one of luck and a pure connection with the ones you love. If you see a white rabbit in your dream, your love life is about to get really good. The white rabbit suggests magical power, and if you see a white rabbit in the context of a magician or magic, it can be a sign to move on from the past.

Brown Rabbit

A brown rabbit appearing in your dream are usually kind, benevolent creatures. It can be a sign that you’re grounded in life and a brown rabbit dream can signify you’re connection with earthly things.

Pink Rabbit

Pink rabbits in your dream mean that you are going to reeducate yourself. A pink rabbit is spiritual and represent action.

Blue Rabbit

Blue is the colour of the heart chakra so a blue rabbit symbolizes matters of the heart. It could be that your partner is becoming cold and reconnection is needed.

Pet Rabbit

Pet rabbits are a sign that you will have constant companionship. Rabbits bond for life, so this could represent a life bond such as children. Pet rabbits suggest that a family is coming in your near future. A pet rabbit is also telling you that you need to become more caring in your waking life, as rabbits need a lot of care and attention.

Pet Rabbit

Easter Bunny

To dream about the easter bunny means that there are new beginnings ahead.

Baby Rabbit

Baby rabbits suggest children in your waking life and a sign to become more caring and attentive. Multiple rabbits suggest a healthy sex life.

Wild Rabbits

Wild rabbits suggest a sense of freedom and could mean there is travel coming for you.

Dreams About Rabbits Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Happiness: Rabbit dreams are a good thing. Think about a rabbit hopping of soft rabbit ears. Because they’re gentle creatures, rabbit dreams can make you feel happy.

Excited: A rabbit dream signifies luck, so such a dream means positive things for your sex life, love life and career.

Negative Dreams

Sadness: A rabbit biting, a dead black rabbit or a white dead rabbit can make you feel sad. Dead rabbits are a sorrowful sight and can have that affect on you.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Rabbits

The Religious Meaning

The easter bunny has a religious feel with the resurrection of Christ at Easter. This signifies new beginnings.

The Psychological Meaning

Rabbits are associated with luck, especially rabbit ears and rabbits’ feet. We also have fairy tale rabbits, like the white rabbits in Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbits hole. This can suggest a willingness to escape your waking life.

The Spiritual Meaning

The colour of the rabbit in question has a spiritual meaning, with certain colours connected to chakras. If you see these rabbits talking it could be a sign that this chakra needs some work to unlock.

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