Sex Dreams

The dream interpretation of sex

Do You Have Sex Dreams?

Sex dreams are more common than you think. For example, sex with a famous person happens a lot and sex dreams can have an exciting end with a wet dream. Did you know that it’s common for women to orgasm in their sleep? When a sex dream shows your dream sex scenario, it’s recorded that women have dreamt themselves to climax. The female body is a fascinating thing!

Sex Dream Meaning?

A dream analyst will most likely say that a sex dream is a manifestation of your inner desires and that you should pay attention to these dreams. A sex dream will tell you more about yourself than you thought possible and your brain when you sleep will show you everything you’ve been ignoring.

Dream sex can sometimes lead to wet dreams, particularly in men. Wet dreams are nothing to be ashamed of and are the body’s natural reaction to the sensual stimulus in your sleep. To dream about sex is an incredibly common dream, and a dream analyst has many hidden meanings to work with, here.

Most Common Sex Dreams

Are You… Dreaming About Group Sex?

If you enjoy group sex, then there isn’t much of a mystery here. It could be that you’re dreaming about a past experience or one you would like to have. However, if you’ve never partaken in group sex, or have no desire to in real life, it’s still a common fantasy. It might not necessarily be sexual in the first place and can symbolize a lack of control or an expression of your creativity and passion for life.

Are You… Dreaming of Sex in a Dream?

If have a dream about sex in a dream, then this could represent a deep dive of your subconscious mind. Sex dreams aren’t always an indicator of your own sexual fantasies, your real life sex life or your secret sexual desires. Your dreams can be an expression of your inner self and show you what you really want in real life. Having sex in a dream within a dream can be a red flag that you’re not dealing with a deeper desire you’re not aware of.

Are You… Dreaming of Sex in a Dream

Are You… Having Cheating Dreams?

Cheating dreams are quite common sex dreams with one in five women dreaming of their partner cheating. If you’ve experienced a former partner cheating before, then a dream that your current partner is cheating is a normal fear response. It could also mean that you’ve allowed an outside force to become a third wheel in your relationship. If you’re the one that is cheating, it can mean that you feel like something is missing in your relationship. Infidelity is sometimes how someone feels more excited and makes sex more thrilling. Cheating dreams sometimes show that you want some excitement or secret thrills of your own. Luckily, dreams don’t have any real life consequences and your dream is the perfect place to explore these feelings without hurting anybody else. If you dream about cheating with someone who is in a relationship, it could be a sign that you see this off-limits person as someone to ‘win’, and that you need their validation in your real life. This kind of sexual dream is usually a sign that something is missing in your waking life, like stability, validation or excitement.

Are You… Dreaming About Sex with an Ex?

Having a sex dream about your ex can sometimes be worrying. Don’t worry, it’s just a dream and doesn’t always mean you’re still sexually attracted to them or are being disloyal to your current relationship. It doesn’t mean you want to go back in time to have it happen again. You can’t control your brain when you sleep, so an ex popping up in a dream is okay. In fact, these dreams could mean that you’re struggling to let go of the past. That relationship with your ex ended for a reason. You may feel guilty when you wake. Oftentimes dreams about a past partner mean that you have some unfinished business with this person.

Are You… Dreaming of Sex with a Platonic Friend?

Sex dreams involving platonic friends, again, doesn’t mean you’re attracted to them and crave sexual intimacy with them. It can be a bit jarring when you have erotic dreams about a platonic friend, however, these kinds of sex dreams mean you have a psychological union with this person, a deep emotional connection, that doesn’t have to end in a physical union in your waking life. It could just mean that you have a deep admiration and respect for this person and your best friend in your daily life is someone you share intimate conversation with and your brain is showing it to you in a different way.

Are You… Dreaming About Sex with Your Current Relationship?

This sex dream represents that you may have found your dream partner. Sex with someone is how you show love in a physical way and means that you desire this person in your waking life as well as your dream life. You may dream about some sexual experiences you want to try with your partner and are acting out your fantasies in your dreams. You may want more sex with this person in your own life and want to make sex a bigger part of your everyday life.

Are You… Dreaming About Sex with Your Current Relationship

If You’ve Had Dreams about Sex, You May Feel…


Happy: Having a sex dream can leave you feeling really happy when you wake. Especially when you have a sex dream about someone you are in love with or someone you have a crush on.

Confident: Sex dreams can make you feel more confident within yourself and your sexual desire. When you get to live out certain sexual fantasies that you wouldn’t necessarily want to happen in real life or wouldn’t get a chance to do with a particular person. It can also leave you feeling desired and wanted.

Relief: Sex dreams can release some emotional tension you may be having and give you a safe release in your sleep. It can also give you some insights into your sex life and what you think your dream sex life looks like.


Out of control: dreams about sex with someone you don’t know in a dream is very common. However, it can symbolize that you feel out of control in your waking life. It suggests reckless behaviour and make you worry for your own safety. If the sex is unprotected, this is a no brainer. You might need to start being more careful. Sex is how we express ourselves and the type of sex you are having in your sex dreams should be seen as that.

Jealous: If you dream that you partner is cheating and having sex with someone else, it can make you feel jealous when you wake. However, this kind of sex dream is completely normal and suggests that you don’t want to lose your person. It doesn’t necessarily reflect your relationship status and this dream is very common in women. It can also be a manifestation of fears that you have about your relationship. If a previous partner has cheated, then you may be transferring these feelings onto your current partner and there might be some healing that needs to take place.

A Bit of Context into… Sex Dreams Dreams

A Bit of Context into… Sex Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

Sexual dreams are a sign of expression. Sex is how we express ourselves and how we are feeling, for example, sex with a stranger suggests a wild personality with low self-esteem and sex dreams about your partner suggest a strong relationship. If your sexual dreams express scenarios where you’re feeling free, sexual and confident, then this is a good sign about your spiritual journey. It shows that you’re comfortable with yourself and where you are.

The Religious Meaning

The religious connotation of sex dreams shows unity and oneness with your person. Sex with someone you’re married to shows a strong union in the eyes of God and sex outside of marriage is considered a sin. Religious influences on how people view sex can manifest in your sex dreams. So, pay attention to the type of sex dreams you’re having and what this dream might be trying to tell you.

The Psychological Meaning

Sex dreams in psychology oftentimes show you your innermost desires. Freud loves sex in his theories and sex dreams can tell you a lot about yourself. A dream psychologist interpretation of sex dreams, particularly oral sex dreams, shows that you’ve had an deep conversation with someone as the mouth is doing work. Sex dreams in your childhood home can show that you’re comfortable in your original environment. Alternatively, sex dreams in your childhood home can illustrate some unresolved trauma in that place.

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