Cheating Dreams

The dream interpretation of cheating

Cheating Dream Definition

In a broad sense, we can approach cheating dreams in two ways: whether the dream was pleasant or not.

If it was a pleasant experience, then don’t feel bad! It may be controversial but sometimes a dream is more than meets the eye.

So rather than beating yourself up for having these thoughts, instead, focus on being with your innate self to try and understand what it means on a subconscious level. There are many elements to consider… are there elements of your life that you’ve yet to explore? are you tired in your relationship? do you feel restricted in some way? are you socialising the right amount? are there hidden desires you want to try? is there a jealousy problem? or simply, did you watch a scandalous TV show before you went to bed that depicted cheating?

Sit with yourself and consider what feelings this brought up for you, once you’re able to locate and label these feelings then apply them to your real life. It might bring up some difficult conversations but if you don’t have them, then that doesn’t mean the problem has gone away.

Instead, it means that the problem has been avoided. And there’s no way to have a healthy and happy relationship if there are issues you can’t discuss.

And unfortunately, sometimes these dreams are more of a premonition. If you have psychic tendencies, consider if there is a moment when your partner could be cheating on you in waking life. Of course, don’t hyper fixate on this. Instead, be observant, be intuitive, and trust what the universe is trying to tell you.

But remember, these psychic-type dreams are rare; sometimes it is all in our heads.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Cheating

Did You Dream About… Partner Swapping?

To have a sex dream about swapping partners is actually a good sign – even though it may seem like almost anything but.

It suggests that you’re someone who is well-connected and is confident at networking, it’ll be these skills that take you to the next level. Just be sure that you’re faithful to your word and to the people around you.

Did You Dream About… Cheating on Your Partner?

To have dreams about cheating on your current partner can be very confusing because it may be very real.

It is totally normal to feel guilt or as though there is a sense of self-betrayal from your dreaming mind. The people you have these dreams about are probably people who you were attracted to, but it was totally frivolous.

In the situation, that this is a recurring dream consider the hidden desire that may be connected. There isn’t always a reason for this dream. Sometimes it’s because you find them attractive or perhaps it’s something deeper, search within yourself to find out what you need.

For some, that might be addiction recovery from a rampant sex life or just the opportunity to communicate with their other half more.

Did You Dream About… Cheating on Your Partner

Did You Dream About… Cheating with Multiple People?

If in your dreams about cheating, you see yourself cheating with multiple people then this could be linked to your ambition.

Your dreams might be big in life. But you have the strength and power to achieve whatever it is that you want to. All you need to do is believe that you are the person that can make it happen.

Did You Dream About… Cheating with Your Ex?

Many feelings of self-betrayal can crop up when you’re plagued with dreams of having an intimate relationship with an ex.

You might have had these dreams because there are aspects of the relationship that you miss – of course, if you’re in a happy relationship currently then these dreams are most likely linked to your previous feelings for a previous partner.

Consider whether you are truly happy in your current relationship. Are there elements of your past relationship that you miss and could incorporate into your current one? That may get rid of any recurring dreams.

Did You Dream About… Cheating with Your Ex

Did You Dream About… A Gay Affair?

If you have dreams about cheating on your partner with a person of the same gender as you, then this may suggest that you have some hidden desires.

If you’re bisexual or pansexual, then this may not be as applicable. But for those who are typically heterosexual, it might be that there are some elements of your life that you have yet to explore.

Did You Dream About… Being Cheated On?

If you had dreams of seeing yourself be cheated on then this could bring up all kinds of emotions as you sleep.

Consider a few things before you draw any meaning from this dream… did you have an argument in the dream? If so, this may suggest there are concerns around your relationship. are you already jealous of the other person your partner slept with? If so, you may be struggling with some insecurities.

However, if you felt relief when you saw yourself being cheated on then this suggests that there’s a new chapter opening up to you.

Consider what you need from the world – outside of your relationship and base your interpretation on whether or not you’ll be able to achieve it with your current love.

Did You Dream About… Being Cheated On

Dreams About Cheating Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Relieved: to have cheating dreams and to wake up feeling relieved may give you detailed information into your life. You may realize that you aren’t truly committed to your other half, and although you may feel guilty – don’t. You’ll find the person right for you before you cheat in waking life.

Content: dreaming of cheating with someone else may leave you satisfied. However, the dreaming mind is a free thing – enjoy it, don’t let traditional and such processing hold you back from your inhibitions. Be content in your sex dreams and leave them to be mere things you have when you sleep.

Grateful: cheating dreams may leave you feeling grateful that your dream affair is contained just to your dream. We all have secret fantasies and wants, be grateful that you didn’t do anything; and our partners processing of this should also be one of understanding too.

Negative Dreams

Embarrassed: if you woke up from your cheating dreams and felt embarrassed that you were either caught cheating in a dream or saw your partner cheat on you, then this is fairly common. However, don’t hide away when you wake up, instead, turn this guilt into something productive.

Insecure: seeing your partner cheat on you is a negative dream, it’s completely valid for you to feel unfulfilled or insecure when you wake up. But you need to remember that everyone has a past and the most common reason for these cheating dreams tend to be linked to your insecurities, rather than our partners processing your weak points.

Fearful: cheating dreams can often bring up the fears we’re most paranoid of in our waking life. Feeling insecure and like your partner is paying attention to someone else can put your relationship through unnecessary stress. The true meaning of this fear is that you love your partner and don’t want to lose them.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Cheating

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, a dream about an affair suggests that you need more balance in life.

Perhaps you’re overworked or there are elements of your life that you aren’t paying attention to?

Dial back to the things you want from the world. Not just intimacy, love, relationships, or money, but the intrinsic bits that rock your world and give your soul clarity. Consider these bits and lean into them. Once you do, you’ll be able to view your relationship in a new light. After all, all relationships have rocky patches but it may not be your relationship that is the problem.

The Psychological Meaning

Dream theorist and clinical psychologist, Sigmund Freud theorised that to dream of cheating might be linked to the vulnerabilities you feel in relationships.

Freud, the well-known clinical psychologist, goes onto explain how you may struggle to open up to your other half, but that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. In fact, fear is linked to desire. If you fear something it means that it matters a lot to you, so you’re probably just scared to lose the boyfriend or girlfriend you have.

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