Horse Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Horse.

The interpretation of seeing a horse in a dream

Horse Dream Definition

Horses may mean many things to you, depending on your experience with them, your opinion of them, and the context of your dreams.

In real-world terms, horses tend to be seen as a symbol of power, strength, freedom, and endurance. If you have a dream about horses, then you may want to rely on them as a pillar of inspiration.

The meaning of a horse in your dream doesn’t need to merely be just meaning, it can also be something you embody yourself; you can be strong, powerful, and independent, too.

Most Frequent Examples of Horse Dreams

Did You Dream About… Riding a Horse?

Domestic horse

Domestic and trained horses are seen as a positive omen in your dream.

If you see a horse like this in your dream then relax as it symbolises spiritual happiness, stability, and wealth. Domestic horses are reliable creatures, and always are there for their owners when they need to be. If you dream of a horse like this, then your dream is trying to reassure you that it will all be okay.

Wild Horse

If you’re riding a wild horse then this could represent how you’re in a position of power. This is because these horses in your dream are renowned for being independent, wild, and free; they aren’t the easiest to ride, but if you’re riding a horse in your dream then it means you have everything in your life under control.

Did You Dream About… Falling Off a Horse?

Falling off a horse is never a pleasant thing to dream of, and in real life, it would be quite painful.

However, the meaning of this horse dream differs slightly. Falling off a horse actually suggests that you’re moving away from the things that make you unhappy. This may be a job, relationship, or something else entirely, but either way, it’s going to come to an end – whether you want it to or not.

Falling off a horse doesn’t have to end in pain though, just pick yourself up and brush yourself down.

Falling Off a Horse

Did You Dream About… Talking To a Horse?

A dream can be a magical place sometimes, so if you’re speaking to a horse in your dream (and it’s talking back to you), don’t worry, you’re just exerting your creative mind.

In fact, this horse dream meaning is quite a positive one.

Communicating with a horse has a strong link to your mission in life. Whether it’s moving abroad, getting married, or seeking a spiritual path, speaking to a horse means you’re focusing on yourself and communicating with your inner beliefs. However, if you find that the talk turns negative, then tread carefully. Positive change only stems from a positive mind.

Did You Dream About… Catching a Horse?

Horses are wily creatures. If you’re trying to catch a horse, firstly, good luck; it may be quite a strenuous task. Secondly, if in your horse dream you struggle to catch it, then the horse becomes a symbol for the confusion you feel over your next steps in life.

For the most part, seeing a horse is a positive sign in your waking life, this extends to your dreams where dreaming of a horse suggests success, freedom, and luxury.

If you dream of chasing a horse, it suggests that you need to run after that success and prosperity. It may involve some hard work on your part, but if you do chase after your future then you could get to the top in whatever way you want to.

Did You Dream About… a Dead Horse?

Death is never a pleasant thing to dream of in any regard, however, the symbol of death isn’t necessarily negative.

If you dream of a sick or dying horse then it might mean that you’re going to be faced with some difficulties in your waking life. But that isn’t to say you can’t move forward in life and overcome those setbacks.

Life is all about growing. If you dream of a sick or dying horse, then it means you need to hit a low point before you can become reborn. You can always heal from sickness and be reborn from death.

However, keep in mind the circumstance of your dream as that will depend on your dream meaning.

For example, if you dream of more than one dead horse, then this may symbolise more than one area of your life is coming to a close. While a decaying dead horse may mean that you’ve been holding onto something for too long, and now it’s time to let go and move on. However, the recently dead horse will merely be a sign that something is coming to an end.

Keep an eye on the subtle differences in your dream, what you may not think is significant can change the horse dream meaning entirely.

Did You Dream About… a Cowboy Riding a Horse?

If there’s a cowboy riding a horse in a dream of yours, then this may suggest that it’s time to take control of your life.

Observe whether the cowboy is someone you know, if it is and you don’t like them, then this dream signifies that you need to think about your enemies and ensure they don’t hold you back.

But if it’s someone you know, then the dream suggests that your friend may be convincing you to have too much fun and that it’s time for you to get serious and move forward in your life.

Cowboy Riding a Horse

Did You Dream About… Killing a Horse?

While dreaming of a horse that is sick or dying doesn’t necessarily come with negative connotations, dreaming of killing a horse symbolizes that you may accidentally injure your friends through selfishness.

This selfishness may come in the form of physical or emotional harm, so be mindful of the way you treat others; specifically, the people in your dream. Remember, the horse in the dream you have and the actions that your dream self takes may shed light on which of your actions will cause harm.

Colours and What They Mean in your Horse Dreams

Did You Dream About… A White Horse?

When you consider a horse in a dream, sometimes it’s important to focus less on what the horse is doing and rather on how the horse looks.

If the horse in your dream has a white coat, then you may associate that horse with something pure as white is considered an innocent colour.

If you do see white horses in dreams then it may be a message telling you to live a peaceful life. However, if you’re riding a white horse then it may indicate you’re only focusing on the good and are too afraid to cope with the negatives of life.

Either way, seeing a white horse in your dream is never negative. Either it’s reminding you to take life slowly or the dream indicates to look at the bigger picture. Consider where you are in your life when you see a horse in your dream, as the circumstance of yourself, your own personal feelings towards horses in dreams, and your general situation in life will all impact your horse dream meaning.

Did You Dream About… A Brown Horse?

If you see a brown horse in a dream then this horse is a symbol to show the natural side of yourself.

Typically, brown is the spiritual link to nature and the earth. This may awaken a natural sense in you, or remind you that you have a hidden power that you’re repressing.

Nature changes often, and if you see a horse with a brown coat in your dream then this means a change is coming. A brown horse is powerful, and it all depends on how you yield this newfound power and freedom that makes the difference.

Remember to stay grounded in yourself and not get swept up in the power of the horse in your dream. Stay objective, stay sharp, and tap into the person you can become.

Did You Dream About… a Black Horse?

The dream meaning of these horses differs slightly from the wild horses or horses you dream of riding.

Black horses, if you dream of them, may represent the dark side of your life. Whereas typically in dreams, a horse means independence, ferocity, and freedom. But a black horse in dreams represents a hidden layer of that.

The black horse dream interpretation is that of our subconscious mind; the aspect of ourselves we don’t always acknowledge. Are you being honest in every aspect of your life? Do these dreams of mystery and deceit keep recurring? It’s time to be honest about how you feel; whether that’s coming clean about a situation or what you want.

The black horse indicates the heart of the situation. And you can only honour this horse dream meaning if you’re honest with yourself. If you don’t, the horse in the dream will only manifest itself into real-life situations.

Did You Dream About… a Red Horse?

Red is the colour of passion and sexual desires, it may be fairly jarring if you have a red horse dream. However, there is an abundance of meaning behind a red horse.

A few of those meanings may be that you’re looking for a sexual partner or that you’re ready to exert yourself in a sexually demanding way; of course, this was according to Freud. However, a red horse dream also connotes powerful energy, therefore this dream represents that you may come across as too aggressive.

To get your life in order don’t rely on your natural instincts, and instead, use your mind. By keeping your natural power closed away, you’re able to think with your mind and store your power for when you truly need it.

Other Popular Horse Dreams

Did You Dream About… Mounting a Horse

If you mount a horse with a saddle then this dream can suggest that there’s a barrier between you and your goal. You may find that difficulties in life are holding you back from committing completely, but sometimes in life to dream is the most powerful action one can take.

If your horse dream depicts you mounting bareback, then this dream can suggest that you’ve liberated yourself from all the constraints that hold you back.

Did You Dream About… Selling a Horse

If you dream of horses being sold then this may be a sign of a power imbalance or some risk being taken in life. The risk could be spread across any part of your life, but pay particular attention to those in your career. It may be that someone you were considering to partner up with on a project may not turn out to be the person you expected, or that there has been an issue with fine print, or that there may be some contractual concerns loitering.

Clear communication is critical in this situation and as you proceed, so make sure to check in with yourself. Horses are animals that people develop attachments to, so ensure that this deal is something you want to commit to – and that you’re not being coerced into it in any way.

If you keep one of the horses in a dream, then this represents a calculated mind and that you may not fully trust the person involved in the process. This is another red flag warning you about the foundations of this deal. Trust your gut, there’s a reason you aren’t fully committed.

If you feel comfortable with the negotiations, then congratulations! If not, approach the situation with care.

Did You Dream About… Wild Horses?

A horse in a stable offers a different meaning than a dream interpretation of wild horses.

Where horses in stables represent an idea of repression, closed off behaviours, and a general concern or distrust over a situation, wild horses connote freedom, open space, and unlimited possibilities. This is especially the case if you’re watching wild horses trot through open space; this image is particularly iconic for many people as it explores the concept of total freedom, something not accessible for everyone and only achieved by a few.

Where wild horses make dreams come true, the former is too nervous to escape. So, assess which you want to be, both are available to you and one is not better than the other. But consider what you want from life and embrace it.

White Horse

Dreams About Horses Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Horses in dreams always bring out feelings we may or may not be prepared for, if you’re wondering the meaning of a horse in your dream then these suggestions may help.

  • Liberated: you may feel this way if you’ve seen a horse running in your dream, this indicates that you need your own freedom in life. Use this as your sign to break away from whatever is holding you back.
  • Strength: horses hold power – and so can you. Never be fearful of what power you emit, horses never apologise for their long strides and gallops, neither should you.
  • Happy: if you’re feeling happy after you’ve dreamt of horses, then this is a positive thing. Regardless of what you dreamed the horses doing, keep that happy feeling, especially, if that feels right to you. The worse thing you can do is overanalyse your horse dream meaning, go with your instinct; it’ll usually lead you right.
  • Playful: life is about having fun. Of course, it can’t always be that way. But there needs to be an element of playfulness in the way you live your life. Horses don’t run races 24/7, sometimes they play with others, sometimes they follow nature. Follow your inner horse and embrace the lightness of life.

Negative Dreams

Depending on how you’re feeling about your current life, seeing horses in dreams could evoke a particular set of feelings. Dream analysis is a natural way to lend insight into your life.

  • Oppressed: oppression is a word not often used to describe horses, so if you’re feeling this way then it’s worth exploring why that may be. Are you not being accepted in your life? Perhaps you are ignoring your feelings? Or are opportunities not opening up to you? If you’re feeling oppressed and trapped by your horse dreams, then it may be a sign to shake things up. You can only do so much with the same tools and approaches to life, try something new. You never know what you might open yourself up to.
  • Confused: what does your dream mean? If you’re not a fan of horses, you may be confused as to why they’d arise in your dreams. However, sometimes it’s less about what is in the dream and more about how it makes you feel. Explore your confusion, it may be there to cover up some unpleasant feelings you’re yet to acknowledge. And once you do uncover them, deal with them, learn the lessons you need to, and live a happy life.
  • Upset: if you’ve had a particularly tough dream involving horses, then you have every right to be upset. Ensure you embrace that feeling, you’re having these dreams of horses for a reason. Although the emotion is hard to feel, by ignoring it, you’re only prolonging the pain.
  • Surprised: horses are unpredictable creatures. If you’re feeling surprised by the emotions that have come up for you, then this isn’t too rare but it is quite jarring. Lean into your horse dream meaning as you unravel what you’re surprised about; it may be the situation, the dream, or the emotions, but sometimes surprise prepares you for that what you can’t expect.

A Bit of Context Into… Horse Dreams


In the bible, the dream meaning of a horse represents what will happen in the future.

Horses are seen as prophetic in this sense. We see examples of this frequently in the bible, and how a white horse can be associated with Jesus Christ. However, horses are seen to be worshipped in their own right.

In the Bronze Ages, and in later years, horses have been seen as deities. These horses have been seen as divine, sacred, and strong animals that many people would pray to.

Horses can overcome many difficulties in life, and as such, have earned much respect in religion.


In dreams, horses are linked to life cycles.

Many of the dreams we listed showed the horse dream meaning to suggest the importance of bettering yourself. Although some may be negative in practice, the rewards from these horses can be bountiful.

A horse dream meaning is to point you in the right direction, guide you, or show you that you’re on the right path in life. Keep in mind how you feel about these dream horses, this will be crucial to understanding them fairly.

However, whatever these horses evoke from you in your dreams, keep in mind that only you can be the change you need. Whether that’s happiness in life, the possibility of a fantasy, or ultimate freedom, these dreams are telling you that it can all come true.


Dream meaning founder, Carl Jung typically associated horses in dreams to be our ‘natural force’ of life.

Jung typically believed that horses represented our own inner power. When being plagued with dreams of horses, perhaps take this as a positive sign. No matter what you dreamed of, those particular horses have the power to be positive.

For other philosophers and psychologists, like Sigmund Freud, a horse in a dream meant that it was a representation of sex. In particular, the dream meaning of horses meant the dreamer wanted to have sex with others.

Keep in mind that much like life, it is always the power of perspective that will support you with understanding your horse dream meaning.

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