Falling Dreams

The dream interpretation of falling

Falling Dream Definition

Typically falling dreams are linked to change and transformation.

It may not always be in a positive way. Sometimes change has to come from a place of inherent negativity – like losing your job or partner.

This may evoke a lot of stress in you and that’s valid.

Change is never easy. And falling in your dream connotes an idea of losing control, make sure you remember that you don’t always have to be in control. When you let go, you can enjoy the things around you and take a relaxing moment.

Make the adjustments in your life to relax, chill, and take some time for yourself. If you don’t then you’ll find that the universe will force the balance onto you – which may be in a way that you don’t feel comfortable with.

Most Common Experiences of Falling While Being Asleep

Hypnic Jerk

We’ve all experienced the moment when you’re falling asleep and all of a sudden you wake up due to the feeling of falling – that’s what hypnic jerks are.

Essentially, a hypnic jerk happens when your body and mind are in-between wake and sleep. It occurs when you’re in a light sleep dream state, there’s no reason for this event happening but your body simply twitches involuntary and wakes you up.

This muscle spasm mimics the sensations of falling dreams. However, unlike a dream which is subject to the individuals’ memory, 60% – 70% of people will remember hypnic jerks.

Sleep Paralysis

If you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis then you’ll know that it’s a scary experience.

It often occurs during the interim between waking up and falling asleep, during this middle zone, sometimes a paralysis comes on and stops its victim from having control of their muscles.

This means that a person is then stuck frozen, unable to move or speak. During an episode, a person may experience hallucinations or apparitions.

Sleep Paralysis

Hypnagogic State

Not quite the same as sleep paralysis, but a similar sleep disorder in that there is an overlap between the two. The hypnagogic state encompasses more than just the experience of sleep paralysis.

A hypnagogia state is defined as a trance-like state, with the inclusion of images, colours, and dream-like stories playing out in the mind.

Hypnagogia isn’t the same as dreams due to the fact that it mostly occurs when one is slipping in-between sleep and wake.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Falling

Did You Dream About… Falling off a Cliff Edge?

A cliff edge often has a dramatic ambience about it.

If you find yourself there in a dream, then take a moment to not be too overwhelmed with the image. And relish in the fact that this image is associated with status, situation, success, and your career.

The edge of a cliff is known for its intensity. It’s important to remember that the image is typically associated with intensity, so if you feel some heavy emotions from this dream then don’t worry too much.

The best thing for you to do is to examine where and how your life could develop within the next twelve months. Ask yourself what do you want from life? What are your dreams? Allow yourself to be introspective – and dream big! Who knows where it’ll lead to? Who knows what will occur?

But that’s the exciting thing, anything can occur. Just be careful as it is easy to be overwhelmed. Make a decision, make the right actions, and then let it all happen naturally.

Did You Dream About… Falling from the Sky?

If in your falling dreams, you find yourself falling from the sky then you may find there is an imbalance in your life.

Perhaps you’ve pushed yourself too far and instead of reaching for the sky, you’re falling from it instead. In the future, when you fall, don’t be so harsh on yourself.

Even if you lose control of the person you are, your love life, or your home life, it doesn’t matter too much. As long as you realise that you can’t be in control of everything, just don’t lose your hope.

Did You Dream About… Falling from the Sky

Did You Dream About… Falling off a Building?

The dream interpretations of falling from a building tend to differ whether you were pushed or slipped.

If you lost control and slipped from the building, then this suggests that you’re going to experience a problem in your life. Perhaps you’re coming up to hit rock bottom or you’ll experience a setback in your life. Don’t let it rewrite your future, take the control back or find a way through.

If you were pushed from the building, this suggests there is a relationship in your life that is no longer serving you. It might be that the person this relates to is in your falling dreams, but either way, deep down you probably know who is no longer good for you.

Consider who you are afraid of, who journies the building dream with you, which person raises your blood pressure – in and out of your dreaming. Ultimately, this person will either betray you or trick you in some way, be cautious of these types of falling dreams.

Did You Dream About… Falling from a Plane?

To fall from a plane can offer many connotations.

For one, falling from a plane can be an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. You need to remember that people pay money to do this in real life, so if you dream of this then don’t panic. If you panic, then you’ll end up with anxiety.

Instead, consider what the dream might mean, consider why you were scared, and consider why you weren’t.

Remember that when it comes to a dream of falling, falling out of a plane is a common dream.

When you’re awake, it might suggest that you struggle with hard work and instead want to freefall. In turn, this can lead to a loss of material possessions.

If the fall in your dream left you with injuries then this may leave a mark on your real life. Consider this dream in close association with a loss of friendship or relationships.

A dream of falling isn’t a bad thing, but you freefall and if you enjoy it too much then you might find yourself forgetting to enjoy life on the ground.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Other People Fall?

Dreaming of other people falling can be quite devastating.

There are multiple variations of this dream interpretation. For example, if you’re dreaming of people falling but you’re helpless in your dream then this suggests that it’s time for you to move on. It may be quite brutal for you to understand, but this dream refers to you separating from these people because there’s no future there. They’ll move on and so will you.

Everyone has their own journey to take, it’s up to you to follow your path.

If you’re dreaming of people falling because you pushed them, then this is quite a different interpretation. This dream would suggest a sense of courage and belief. Perhaps you are encouraging those in your life to get up from their bed and go after what they want.

It’s easy to sit around and mope, but life is never changed that way.

Did You Dream About… Falling into Water?

In our dreams, water represents emotions.

So when our falling dreams show us falling into the water, there is a sense of being swept up by our emotions. This can be quite an overwhelming experience when we sleep and so when you wake up you may feel more tired than usual.

If you have been more tired recently, take the time to think about your dream and what feelings arose for you. If you can remember them from your sleep, do your best to act on them. After all, you felt them for a reason.

If these feelings are overbearing in your waking life, take the time to be patient with yourself and others. Not everyone can be expected to meet you where you’re at.

Take it slow. Your emotions will eventually petter out once you acknowledge them, and as such, your dream should fade away too.

Did You Dream About… Falling into Water

Dreams About Falling Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Achievement: whether you were pushed or chose to fall, if you wake up from such a dream of falling with a sense of achievement is a strong indication that you’re someone who takes the risks needed for success. Go into things blindly, be safe but often the best things in our life are spontaneous.

Excitement: seeing yourself falling and waking up excited suggests that your dream means you’re looking forward to the next step in your life. It might be that your relationship is taking a new turn or that you’re understanding your emotional state clearer, but either way, change is coming and it’ll pave the way for your future.

Independence: to dream of falling can offer feelings of independence. It might be the first thing you’re doing entirely alone and while you may feel some material loss or some emotional loss, it’s good for you to try being alone for a little while. It’ll help you find a way to grow.

Negative Dreams

Scared: to have dreams of falling might be quite a jarring experience for some, and it is perfectly rational to feel a degree of fear upon waking up – especially if you hit a literal rock bottom. However, often this fear is rooted in the unknown, use this stress as a sign that you need to push yourself in your waking life. Don’t hold back, dive into a new idea or relationship.

Out-of-Control: being a dreamer falling can often be associated with a lack of control. You might be someone who is always in control and has anxiety when they’re not. Find balance in your life and ground yourself, you can’t be in control of everything. It’s okay to feel helpless, life is unpredictable.

Confused: falling often comes out of nowhere – in dreams and metaphorically in life. This suddenness often comes with feeling overwhelmed. Your dream is telling you to freefall, you’ll hit the ground eventually and then you can find clarity, when you’re falling, just let it happen – don’t be afraid.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Falling

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, dreams of falling suggest that you may need to take the time to ground yourself in reality.

You might be worried or have feelings of stress, but that’s more reason to focus on yourself in reality. You need to take the time to focus on the path you’re taking as you’re going the wrong way.

A simple exercise to help ground yourself back into reality would be to meditate. If you practice this skill and ability, you’ll find your recurring dreams of falling may begin to fade. Allowing you to fall asleep in bed with ease and peace.

The Psychological Meaning

Popular dream analyst, Carl Jung had a theory that your dreams could be a suggestion to the danger in your everyday life.

Although a falling dream suggests many different meanings depending on the circumstance, on the whole, it means that the dreamer is living above themselves. Consider if you’ve found yourself slipping deeper into your dreams and further away from reality, you may have lost grip on the goal at hand.

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