Water Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Water.

What your dream about water means

Water Dream Definition

If you’re dreaming of water, first, it’s critical that you take note of the context the water is in.

Where dreaming of a downpour could portray your sadness or passing of emotions, water flowing freely can be a symbol of the freedom you feel in your life. Everything is relative, and as a dreamer, it’s your job to use your own feelings, experiences, and unconscious bias to judge whether or not your dream is positive or is a deep symbol of something negative.

A good way to acknowledge these feelings is by looking out for specific colours, exploring the location of your dream, considering the people manifested in your dreams, and the overall thoughts and emotions that are brought to the surface.

Most Frequent Examples of Water Dreams

Did You Dream About… Walking on Water?

To walk on water in your dream is a magical event to have taken place; as such, the dream symbol is exponential. Consider whether you’re walking across a sea, waves, or another type of water. Either way, you’re a vivid dreamer who wields a lot of power.

You may find yourself with an intense connection to the ocean, waves, and water, and this dream is a sign to further deepen that connection. As a dreamer, you may find yourself being able to expand your abilities further.

One of these may be your ability to control your own emotions. However, just because you can, doesn’t mean everyone else has the same willpower. Ensure you keep this in the back of your mind in the next few weeks.

Did You Dream About… Walking on Water

Did You Dream About… a Swimming Pool?

To have this dream could be a symbol of confinement. The energy this image evokes is a sense of being boxed in, repressing your emotions, and only ever living in an environment of control. If this is what you’re dreaming of, then it could mean that it’s time for you to explore new waters.

Did You Dream About… Drowning?

Drowning is a vast and unfortunate dream to discuss. However, it is integral and one of the most popular dreams about water that people have.

When it comes to drowning dreams, it’s critical to remember that water is often a symbol of our inner emotions. Whether these are negative emotions or positive, this dream may bring up feelings that the dreamer wasn’t attuned to or prepared for.

Whether your drowning dream takes place in a deep ocean or you’re pulled under during an ‘ordinary’ swimming session, the interpretation of drowning dreams is the sense of cleansing and rebirth; if you meet an unfortunate end in this dream, it would indicate that you have some emotion around rebirthing and future life.

It goes without saying that to have dreamed of drowning is a surreal experience. It’s entirely normal to feel extra emotional after this experience.

Keep in mind, if you’re dreaming of drowning regularly, there could be a sense of panic to you. Emotions are high in this dream, so it’s not surprising. However, this dream could also represent a lack of calm in your life.

Did You Dream About… Drinking Water?

To have dreams about water and to drink it is a symbol of a deep need for more.

Whether you’re drinking for a taste of knowledge or spiritual enlightenment, you’re a dreamer who is wanting. You’re willing to reach out and grab it. While this dream might seem banal, to dream about water in this manner connotes feelings of success and achievement.

But observe… is your cup flowing over or is it half-full? Will the water in your dream be able to quench you? Or will your waking life long for something more?

Success is achievable – but a key interpretation of this dream is to ensure you’re full from more than just drinking your one glass.

Did You Dream About… Boiling Water?

Although boiling water in a dream may seem innocuous, it actually contains intense symbolism.

If your dream about water contains similar symbols to this, then expect an accident soon to arise in your life. Water boils when it’s rising in temperature, and an interpretation of this is that people in your life may have more erratic energy than normal and take it out on you – or the things around you. Tread carefully during this time.

Did You Dream About… Boiling Water

Did You Dream About… Rain?

Weather can often create an emotional atmosphere, and the dream symbols of this aren’t much different. An interpretation of this dream is that someone in your life may be struggling with deep emotions and take these feelings out on you.

Contrastly, dreaming of heavy rain could be a symbolism of calm; especially in a scenic space with muddy greenery. You might feel a deep longing for this environment and feel an emotional connection to it, if so, act on these emotions and seek out space where you feel at home.

On the other end, a prediction of rain is a symbol of something coming to your waking life soon.

Other Popular Water Dreams

Did You Dream About… Diving?

Diving is for all those adventurous folk – however, dreaming of diving isn’t mutually exclusive with adventure.

Instead, to dream of this experience means that you’re exploring a deeper layer of yourself. It may be that you’re finally uncovering emotions that you tucked away a long time ago or that you’ve sought professional help, but this dream indicates that you’re growing as a person and overcoming old wounds.

Ensure you prepare for this deep experience though. Divers never dive alone, they’re always equipped and have support around them, allow yourself the same privilege.

Did You Dream About… Large Bodies of Water?

Water comes in many different forms, and this is reflected in our dreams. As such, it’s critical to examine the difference between each.


The sea is one of the rougher bodies of water. Like the ocean, the sea can engulf you under the waves and push you to and fro.

This lack of direction might show up in your everyday. It may be in your job, relationships, or with your friends, but you feel as though you have no say over the way your reality is going. Sometimes we all need a life raft; it’s okay to ask for help.


Where the ocean and sea are rougher, lakes and rivers have a sense of calm about them. If they arise in your dream it might be that you’re seeking solace and tranquillity in your day-to-day. This is achievable, but you have to ensure you’re putting yourself first.

Ensure you’re open as you go through this experience. Bottling up your emotions and becoming still and stoic (much like a river or lake) is not conducive to a productive and happy experience.


Waterfalls are associated with the release of emotions. It may be an intense experience and might be overwhelming in the moment, but this dream is letting you know that it’s okay to feel passionate. Whether you’re letting something go or forgiving someone, embrace your passionate feelings as this is where your raw self is.

Did You Dream About Waterfalls

Did You Dream About… Being Splashed by Water?

If you dream of being splashed by water, then you might be in need of a reality check? Perhaps there’s something in your life that you’ve been resisting? Or maybe you’re in denial? Either way, it’s time to acknowledge the reality of the situation and observe what’s important in your life.

Other times it’s also a sign that it’s your time to shine. So go out there and show off – you deserve to be in the limelight.

Dreams About Water Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

We all feel a certain way about water in our dreams. But if you had a positive dream, then it may represent these situations and emotions:

  • An unconscious feeling of weightlessness: if in your dream, you floated or swam in the sea, river, or lake then this represents a feeling of weightlessness. In your life, you may need to seek out situations that give you the same peace.
  • Connection to your body: water is a cleansing experience in many religions and spiritual events. If you dream of water then it may indicate your connection to a higher self.
  • Clarity over situations: if you’re surrounded by clear water, then this may symbolize a recent understanding of a relationship or situation. It may feel intense or hard to begin with, but this dream is encouraging you to reflect on your life and embrace the act of renewal and rebirth.

Negative Dreams

With the good comes the bad, and if you’ve had a negative dream about water before then here are a few meanings that may clear up any confusion around it.

  • If you see images of water, or more specifically, waves, then this may symbolize a lack of control in your life. You may feel as though you’re lost at sea in your life, however, you don’t need to be saved. These negative emotions won’t last forever.
  • If you dreamed of a large body of water, then this could symbolize your emotional state and how you’re out of your depth. Water can be overwhelming, especially when you’re unfamiliar with it. If you’re scared of it then it may be symbolic of a larger part of your life that you’re afraid to take the leap with.
  • In water, you can’t always be sure what’s lurking. If you’re dreaming of water and struggling to comprehend the concept of the unknown, then this may relate to aspects in your personal life. If the water in your dreams is dirty, this meaning is especially poignant. Muddy and dirty water often conceals much of what is underneath. You may be afraid to get your hands dirty in your life, but remember nothing is permeant.

A Bit of Context Into… a Dream About Water


In an overwhelming majority of religious traditions, water is wrapped up in many symbols. For some, water is represented through baptism or with holy water, this type of water tends to lend itself to its specific practice and promote rebirth, protection, and sanctity.

However, in many religions, water also represents a spiritual message. For example, in the Christian bible, Jesus washed Judas’ feet with water to show his disciples that he loved them all equally. In this sense, water is a metaphor for love, equality, and kindness.


Water is one of the most natural things on the planet. Whether it’s the ocean, a river, or the waves of a sea, water is symbolic of nature and the flow of life.

Water may act as a source of nourishment or be the detriment of a human, it’s a force that cannot be predetermined. The symbolism of water may be daunting, but it is also closely associated with our emotions. If you dreamed of water in any sense, analyse the why, what, and how of the dream. You may find some interesting meanings pop up for you.

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