Rain Dreams

The dream interpretation of rain

Rain Dream Definition

In a broad sense, the meaning rain dreams is often a good sign linked to the change of life.

It’s a complicated dream symbol because it relies solely on the dreamer. But consider rain dreams and their link to water. For many, water is linked with emotions in the dream state – so if you’re dreaming of rain then it’s worth decoding how you feel in the dream and how you feel when you wake up, as these will be the indicators as to what you need to deal with in real life.

Once you work these emotional problems out, make sure you aren’t afraid to put in the action of change. A new life is waiting for you, but it’s up to you to take it as your own.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Rain

Did You Dream About… Getting Stuck in the Rain?

Dreams about getting stuck in a storm or the rain often reflect pessimism of the mind.

This is because the bad weather can evoke feelings of misery or low health, scientifically, that’s because the sun isn’t around to offer us our dose of vitamin C.

If you’ve been dreaming of this situation, then ensure you take supplements during this time or you do more things that make you happy. What you dreamed of may indicate a negative source coming through your life and stripping your happiness from you.

Did You Dream About… a Raincoat?

To dream about wearing a raincoat is often linked to your own emotions and insecurities.

You might be a nervous person who struggles with any stressful situation, to you, the raincoat may represent protection. But you need to listen to your gut. You aren’t weak or feeble, you have the capability to be brave. You just need to think about the right time to take a risk.

Did You Dream About… a Raincoat

Did You Dream About… an Umbrella?

If the dream shows you holding an umbrella then this dream means that you have a strong relationship with authority.

In your waking life, you might have been seen as rebellious or petulant but really you were just being controlled by someone. You may have a desire to protect yourself and others from the fate as you, but make sure you don’t use the umbrella to hideaway. The world would miss out if you hid behind an umbrella forever.

Did You Dream About… Rain Hitting?

You may have many dreams of watching it raining against a window screen, car window, or against the house windows and although this may evoke a mystical aura, it isn’t inherently negative.

Watching it raining against a house or the car may evoke positive memories, especially, if you’re staring at the continuous rain with a person that you share many strong and powerful memories. If you aren’t, then your dreams may be warning you of a negative lie or deceit coming your way.

The Different Types of Rain You May Dream About

Heavy Rain

Dreaming of heavy rain symbolizes cleansing, spiritual washing.

While this may seem like a lot of pressure and anxiety, to have a dream about heavy rain is a sign that your spirits and inner self needs to clean themselves. If you struggle with this, try and take some time to yourself. Cleanse your space, spend some time alone, whatever you need to do to heal.

Endless Rain

When dreaming of endless rain, make sure that you’ve steady all avenues of your life. There are positive changes coming up soon, but it just takes time for them to happen.

But dreaming of these things will mean that they will – whether you expect the change or not.

Light Rain

Dreaming of raindrops shows how you’re a kind and innocent person.

It might be that you’re very gentle – and this isn’t a bad thing. But dreaming of light rain may mean that you’re going to become more gentle and sensitive in your life. While it may make you vulnerable, it will be an excellent time to shower people in love and show everyone the care they deserve.

Light Rain

A Stormy Sky

To have a dream about stormy weather is linked to grief and anger.

You might be struggling to express yourself or feel unsafe to do so, but if you’ve dreamed of these skies recently then it is a sign there is some tension somewhere in your life. This storm may have manifested from work or your love life, but if you dreamed it then it is somewhere in your waking life.

Thunder and Lightning

When we dream about it raining – and in particular, the thunder or lightning, it’s important to zero in on their specific meanings.

In the instance of having dreamed about thunder following it raining, this means that you may be someone who ignores the needs of others. And if you see lightning follow when you’re dreaming of rain, then this rain means you feel a lot of anger in your waking life.

Thunder and Lightning

Dreams About Rain Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Confident: You may feel confident when you wake up from rain dreams and this is because it means that you enjoy life the way it is. You might have had a rough time recently, but now you’re starting over and to dream of rain has had a positive meaning for you.

Inspired: There may be many different emotions that you feel, but if you awake from rain dreams feeling inspired then this may be because you pay attention to the little details. Whether it’s just enjoying the wet weather or taking the time with your friends and family, you’re inspired by the world around you.

Unique: Dreaming of rain may give you various feelings of inspiration and wonder, try and share these feelings with other people. You have an energic mindset about you that could give a lot of people hope for the way their life will go; share that and you’ll feel even better about yourself.

Negative Dreams

Vulnerable: If you wake up feeling vulnerable from a rain dream, then this represents the areas of your real life that you feel insecure about. It might be that you’ve had some bad financial luck recently or that you’re struggling with some emotional problems, but these are all phases and a successful period is coming your way.

Lost: To dream about rain but wake up feeling lost, confused, and isolated can suggest that you’ve been struggling with depression. The interpretation of this dream is that you’ve been suffering from negative emotion, but this dream is a sign that this worry you have is just a moment – it’ll pass.

Untrusting: To wake up feeling untrusting suggests that your rain dream meaning is linked to your internal feelings. It might be that a loved one in the past has misplaced your trust, but you need to learn to trust those around you. The friends and family members in your life are good people – and if you don’t believe that then learn to love yourself instead; regardless of the past.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Rain

The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, dream dictionaries define dreams about pouring rain as spiritual development.

For many, the water of the rain acts as a baptism of sorts. It might be that you’re aware of the development that will happen to you or you know it’s the only way for you to grow. On the other hand, we know how stressful it can be to constantly grow and change, so although dreaming of rain is linked to growth and emotions it’s important to rest from the wet weather and symbolism.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, the big picture interpretation of rain dreams is that they are associated with emotions. It was theorised by Sigmund Freud that an umbrella is a sign that one is protecting themselves from emotions.

As such, a dream of rain is seen as an emotion that many of us are not acknowledging in our lives.

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