Ocean Dreams

The dream meaning of the ocean

Ocean Dream Meaning

The ocean symbolizes many things: emotions, tranquillity, peace, and empowerment.

If you have dreams about ocean imagery, it’s critical to understand any fears you have about the ocean, any previous experiences, and if the ocean has been a recent discussion or recent trip.

When deciphering a dream, consider whether the waves were calm, if the weather was rough, or where and how you positioned your body during the dream.

Most Frequent Examples of the Ocean in Dreams

Did You Dream About… Swimming in the Ocean?

The dream meanings of swimming in a calm ocean typically mean that you’ll fulfil some important goals in your life. This situation reflects the great success coming into your life.

If your swimming in the ocean dream was then this could be a symbol of your creativity and bravery.

However, if you felt overwhelmed in such a deep sea then it may be a symbolism of how there will soon be blocks and restrictions in your life.

Did You Dream About… Calm Ocean Waves?

Dreaming about a calm wave represents how there is a period of serenity coming into your life.

It may be that you finish an enormous and stressful project or that you’ve finally found the resolution to your trouble, but either way, you’ve come to the surface of the problem and will finally be able to breathe again.

If you found that it was your romantic relationship that was struggling or your relationship with your family, then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Having this dream is an interpretation of harmonious relationships in your future.

Did You Dream About… Drowning in the Ocean?

Anyone would be overwhelmed to have dreams of drowning, however, these are symbols of how you approach life.

If you’re waiting for someone to save you in your waking life, this could reflect how you feel powerless and out of control. Explore who is evoking the same feelings in your waking life as those you feel in your drowning dreams. From this, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

Did You Dream About… a Clear Ocean?

If the water in your dreams is clear, then this is a symbol of your mature demeanour and calmness in life. It may be that there was a situation in your waking life that you struggled with, but now, you have a new approach and inner happiness.

Did You Dream About… a Clear Ocean

Did You Dream About… Bathing in an Ocean?

To have dreams of bathing in the oceanic water represents the alternative approach you’re taking in life. However, these unique challenges may also put you in awkward situations.

You may search for danger in your life, but be careful how you proceed. If you face any trouble, with honesty and free speech then there’s no reason why you won’t walk away safely.

Did You Dream About… Sailing on the Ocean?

Did you sail a wave on a boat in your dream? Well, this may be indicative of the independence you feel in your life.

It might be that you’re finally free from a situation holding you back or that you’re near to breaking away, but either way, sailing in a boat connotes bravery.

If you meet some challenges along the way, such as tidal waves, poor weather, or falling overboard, then this may connote the conflicted feelings you’re struggling with. You know internally what you want and this dream is a sign that you should take the risk.

Other Examples of the Ocean in Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Raging Ocean?

Where a calm ocean connotes inner clarity and understanding, to have dreamed of a raging ocean indicates you may encounter enormous difficulties and restrictions.

Instead of getting emotional or caught up in feelings of the storms, perhaps it’s time to be productive?

But be careful of how you behave. It may be that you’re the reason life is stormy. Your emotions get the better of you which makes your behavior difficult to recover.

Did You Dream About… a Raging Ocean

Did You Dream About… the Ocean Shore?

If you’re dreaming about gathering shells, then this is a sign of something precious in your possession. It may be that you have more power than you realise or that you’ve coveted something special from someone, but ensure you don’t crush these delicate shells – in your dream or the real world.

If you were simply walking along the shore, then this does indicate how you’re going to experience something pure and natural in life. It may be that you’re dreaming of walking along the shore and want to mimic this in real life or it may indicate something deeper.

Either way, follow any sign you see. It might lead to greater things.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Oceans, You May Feel…


Comfort: feeling emotions like comfort when you wake from this dream might mean that you feel at home in the sea, going for a swim, with ocean animals, or in the tidal waves. Ultimately, you need more time with nature.

Loving: this feeling indicates that you’ve dreamed of being true to yourself for years, well, it’s finally happening. To have dreamed of the ocean, and to wake up feeling loved, does indicate a filled love for the self.


Emotional: if you dreamed and it brought up negative emotions, then this can lead to poignant interpretations. Consider how you’re feeling and whether or not you want to be that same person in the future.

Unknowing: the emotions we feel when we dream, might be an insight into the secrets we hide from ourselves. To face the unknowing of stormy weather and ocean water, look inside and explore which aspects of yourself you might be avoiding.

A Bit of Context into… Ocean Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

In addition to signifying infinite wisdom and discoveries, the ocean also represents unity and oneness.

The Religious Meaning

In religion, water is seen to represent the cleansing of a person. There is often a connection between the swim, experience of water, and rebirth. Search these feelings deeper to connect with your true desires.

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