Turtle Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Turtle.

The Interpretation of Dreams about Turtles

Turtle Dreams Definition

When you’re dreaming of a turtle a lot of vivid imagery can be evoked. For many people, to dream about turtles may provoke curiosity to do something more profound.

On the whole, dreaming of a turtle often suggests that you need to examine the way in which things are moving in your waking life.

This may be a relationship with a particular person or to explore your patience in waiting for a dream to come true. But if you’re having dreams about turtles then pay attention to timing. If the pace of a situation is slow, then question as to why that is. Although it may be a sign of your hesitancy or a hurdle another person may be facing, take solace in the fact that the turtle is still moving. Although it may take time, you’ll reach your goal.

If you’re worried about the interpretation of your dream about turtles, don’t be. As with each turtle dream, there are always different interpretations that could change the outcome of your life radically. For example, a dead turtle could symbolise that you’re not being as open as you could be in your relationships. Perhaps there’s something that hurt you, and as such, you’ve cut yourself off from feeling what you need to?

Either way, as is the case with any dream, it’s critical to recall every detail – insignificant or not – as the most subtle of things can change the entire meaning of a dream.

Most Frequent Examples of a Turtle in a Dream

Are You… Dreaming about Killing a Turtle?

To dream of killing a turtle is never an easy image to stomach.

If you killed the turtle by accident then it may mean that you need to look over any project you’re currently working on; you may slip up on a detail you missed.

However, if you purposefully planned to kill a turtle in your dream then you may be fearful of something in your waking life. And instead of embracing it head-on, you’re deciding to smother it. Ensure you don’t let good opportunities pass you by due to fear.

Are You… Dreaming about a Turtle Biting You?

If you have dreams about turtles where they’re biting you, then this dream could be taken as a warning.

While the turtles in dreams may set out to hurt you in some way, a turtle bite could actually push you into action. Perhaps you’ve been relatively lax about something in your life, whether that be a stagnant career or a relationship that isn’t going anywhere. The aggressive turtle in your dream might be a sign that it’s time to stop moving slowly and to treat every day full of new emotions and buzz.


Are You… Dreaming about Eating a Turtle?

Much like the death of a turtle, to dream of eating a turtle in your dream is incredibly disconcerting.

However, if you did experience this dream then it’s essential that you confront it.

If you ate a turtle in your dream then it may mean something good is coming to you in your waking life. It may be in the form of an experience or learning opportunity, but either way, for all the negativity this dream could hold, there’s actually an abundance of positivity to it.

Are You… Dreaming about an Injured Turtle?

If you see an injured turtle in your dream then this could indicate that you hold an untapped amount of inner strength. This dream represents holds this meaning because the injured turtle chooses to carry on, although they are in a lot of pain.

A turtle is robust, solid and independent, if you were to dream of an injured turtle then this dream goes from the turtle’s strength, and instead, focuses on the turtle’s journey. Overall, this dream means that it is time for you to take care of yourself, although you’re hurting. Because it is only when we feel pain and breakdown in our real lives, that we are able to see what the dream could mean on a deeper level – and how it reflects our true self.

Are You… Dreaming about a Turtle Shell?

Typically, a turtle shell is representative of protection and inner peace.

If you see a turtle in a dream and focus on the shell, the dream might mean that you’re protected from anything dangerous around you. It may be an otherworldly entity protecting you, or you may be protecting yourself from anything that you deem as unsafe, regardless, the turtle shell in this dream is warning you to steer clear of anything that may cause harm. So listen to your intuition, you may know what is harmful already.

To be dreaming of a lot of turtles in their shells may indicate how much hardship you deal in life, whereas seeing one shell empty may be a symbol of the tough outside you portray to the world. The person you are is not to indicate how you respond in your dreams, but it is a slither in who you might be.

Are You… Dreaming of Catching a Turtle?

Turtles are known for being slow and mindful creatures, to see dreams of yourself catching a turtle may be a sign of you winning a prize or competition.

Of course, this interpretation is to be taken with a pinch of salt. Although catching turtles mean good things, the dream might also symbolize that some things come pretty easy to you. Consider how this dream interpretation is related to your real life. Are you someone who works hard for something in your life? Or does everything come easy to you?

Other Examples of Turtles in a Dream

Did You… Dream of a Pet Turtle?

A dream of a pet turtle could represent those ideas you’re yet to implement. Have you started making changes in your life and brought those into your dreams? Or are you still resisting due to circumstance or fear?

This dream could have a lot of links to money, but you need to consider whether or not it is worth the investment. While on paper, you may say ‘yes’ but it’s essential you consider the ways you may have to obtain it. These opportunities may be closely linked to your work environment, a promotion, or a spontaneous investment – however, you still need to be cautious and careful of the way you act. Don’t hold back, but protect yourself.

Dream of a Pet Turtle

Did You… Dream of Turtle Eggs?

Turtle eggs are a reasonably overt dream to focus on. For many people, it symbolizes that you need to let go of any anxieties and concerns holding you back. It would help if you learned how to cohibate with others, whether that is someone you live with or a colleague at work.

In this dream you need to give people the space and time to understand what your intention is. You can’t expect to be best friends with a stranger overnight, even if you have good intentions for that relationship.

Although that might not be clear in the dream, that doesn’t mean people are unaffected by your presence. But whether in the dream or out of it, people deserve to be offered the space and time they desire.

Did You… Dream of Touching a Turtle?

This dream could mean that there is something pleasurable within your reach. Dreaming of touching a turtle might also imply that you’re someone who needs to remove themselves from the norm, and instead, embrace a way of living that is natural to them.

Did You… Dream of an Aggressive Turtle?

When you’re dreaming of an aggressive turtle, this dream could mean that that the turtle indicates how life can be montomous.

Are you hiding from something in your life that the dream turtle is trying to show to you? It might be a toxic friendship or an abusive relationship. But the aggressive turtle is trying to bring up a topic in your dream that you’re trying to avoid in real life.

Make sure you stand up for what you believe in as you can often be left discarded with the remants of what people interpret from a dream. You are more than these dreams, you can be more than what this turtle is.

The Different Types of Turtles You May Dream of

Snapping Turtles

To dream of a turtle that bites or snaps does indicate that you may encounter an aggressive person.

In order to improve, you must stay away from whatever’s making you feel anxious, worthless, less valuable, and undervalued. You’re unique. People act like they own you, however, they forget that only you own you. Show them their place.

Just because the snapping turtle, in some ways, can represent people who wish to do you harm, that doesn’t mean that you’ll let them.

Sea Turtles

A sea turtle is from a smaller species found in freshwater marshes where every turtle is unique.

We all know the green sea turtle, these were made popular due to snorkelers and divers going out to see them in the waters of the Caribbean.

However, where a dream about turtles can represent fertility, wisdom, shelter, motherhood, loyalty, slow but inevitable progress, and earthly development, to dream of a sea turtle is to dream about many other things.

For example, dreaming of an average, more traditional sea turtle in the ocean indicates your emotions will be up and down due to taking on challenges. A sea turtle also represents withdrawn behaviour, anxiety, relaxation. Most importantly, a sea turtle represents the balance of equal things.

Sea Turtles

Leatherback Turtles 

Leatherbacks are giant turtles that can weigh up to 2,000 pounds large. The paradox of this dream is that dreaming this dream indicates that people will feel grace, happiness, and have a long-life. If you dream of this type of turtle then good things are soon to happen.

Contrastly, this giant turtle nomadic leatherback turtle in the dream indicates a false person; this is due to their rubbery skin. Unfortunately, in turn, means that you are likely going to overcome challenges and obstacles in your life.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Turtles, You May Feel…


A promising sign of positive dreams is if you wake up and don’t feel uncomfortable or disconcerted in any way. If you have dreams of a turtle, seeing as they symbolize many things, you may be conflicted as to which emotions to follow.

However, it’s critical you remember the initial feelings from your dreams. Some of the most prevalent feelings to have in a dream might be these:

  • Protection: turtles symbolize a close connection to protection due to their hearty health and strong shells. While for some, a turtle shell may be a sign of avoidance, for many others it can also be a symbol of strength and be a barrier against hardships.
  • Natural: a symbol of Mother Nature, seeing a turtle or a lot of turtles in your dreams could be a good sign as it could indicate a connection to the planet. Many turtles can live for hundreds of years, this type of ability can show turtles to be a symbol of immortality – the one thing humans are exempt from.
  • Wisdom: many turtles could have strong links to wisdom. If you dream of this, then the dream could be a good sign and reminder of the intellectual prowess you hold. Of course, intelligence might mean anything. If you do feel enlightened after dreaming in that way then it could be an indication that you’re next to receive it.


For many people, turtle dreaming is a good sign. And in most cases, they may be right. But not every person will have a positive attitude towards dreaming about turtles, and that’s okay. Individual perception is an entirely normal thing.

However, it’s just as important to discuss the dream about turtles that could represent the negative in your life.

  • Isolation: a turtle is an independent animal. For some, this will symbolize a sense of loneliness and isolation. If these emotions are brought up for you in your dreams then it could be a sign that you’re feeling that loneliness in real life. However, loneliness is fleeting.
  • Hesitation: to dream about turtles and focus on their hesitation could symbolize your patience in life. While patience is a good sign, it may be time to dive in. If you never take the risks then it could be that you never live life to the fullest. Don’t let this dream become real life.
  • Slow: this animal is a symbol of taking it slow. However, if you took it slow in life every day, you may struggle to get anything done. Pay attention to if you fixate on the speed of the turtles in your dream as it might mean that you’re getting stagnant and lethargic when really it’s a sign to speed up.

A Bit of Context into… Turtle Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

This type of dream could have a lot of spiritual representations. For example, it could indicate that turtles mean the earth, transformation, and healing.

Although you’ve been dreaming of turtles, there is still a heavy spiritual understanding behind them. They’ve been around for many years and their symbolism will be around for many more.

The Religious Meaning

Religiously, turtles indicate the power of magic and immortality. As they can live for centuries, many religions believed they were sacred creatures. They are often thought of as gentles creatures that show off Mother Earth and symbolize happiness and good health.

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