Swimming Dreams

The dream interpretation of swimming

The Swimming Dream Definition

Swimming dreams can have multiple meanings that are connected to your life experiences and the type of dream about swimming you have.

Whether your dreams involve swimming in a swimming pool, swimming dreams in cold water, dream about swimming in the ocean, or dream about swimming with struggle/ drowning, all these swimming dream variations have different meanings influenced by your unique life.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Swimming

Did You Dream About… A Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool dream means you are starting a new chapter of life, specifically building a healthy relationship and working on your love life. Not all swimming pools in your dream are the same. Dreaming about swimming in a pool can have different dream interpretations.

  • Dreaming about swimming in clear water: A peaceful swimming pool with clear water means you’ll carry a clear mindset in your waking life.
  • Dreaming about swimming in cold water: If you are dreaming about swimming in chilly, cold waters, this may mean you’ll learn something new in the coming days or meet someone vital in your career growth.
  • Dreaming about swimming in dirty water: A dirty swimming pool with murky, dirty water is indicative of an unclear life path. Consider dreaming about swimming in gross water as a sign that you feel lost and need to explore life more to work through this dirty water in your swimming pool dream.

Did You Dream About… A Swimming Pool

Did You Dream About…Swimming Underwater?

Swimming dreams where you are dreaming about being underwater are a negative sign and may mean you have hidden feelings you need to work on. Your own emotions are coming through in this swimming dream of feeling trapped. Try intentionally relaxing more to feel secure and calm in your waking life.

Did You Dream About…Swimming in an Ocean?

A dream of swimming in the ocean could have a variety of dream meanings. If you see a tidal wave, this dream represents you feeling overwhelming emotion in your real life. Therefore, you should work on your own inner emotions to feel calmer in life.

Did You Dream About…Swimming in an Ocean

Did You Dream About…Swimming effortlessly?

If you are dreaming about swimming effortlessly, such as easily swimming backstroke or some other swimming strokes, then this is a positive sign of success in the near future. This could be material success, a good sign of new relationships, or your overall life is headed in the right direction.

Did You Dream About…Struggling with Swimming?

If you do not enjoy swimming in your dream, and in fact have such a dream you are struggling with swimming, this means you’re feeling worried and may face hardship in your waking life. If you are drowning, or someone’s rescue to save you doesn’t come in time, this is the wake up call you need to face the emotions you’ve kept hidden in your current life.

Dreams About Swimming Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Common dreams that dream about swimming positively occur often and such dreams are good signs of what’s to come in real life.

  • Successful: If you’re swimming in your dream effortlessly or dream from a positive perspective surrounding swimming, this means you’ll experience success in your own life. Furthermore, if you dream of swimming in cold water, this could be an opportunity to learn and grow to reach your goals.
  • Confident: It takes skill and trust in your abilities to be good at swimming and enjoy it. Therefore, whether you’re effortlessly swimming backstroke in your dream or have a strange dream of swimming naked, these dream variations point to your self-confidence and trust in your abilities.
  • A New Beginning In Life: Swimming in a dream could be a sign your life is starting a new chapter or new project that will benefit your life. If you’ve spent your waking hours feeling stuck, this is your subconscious mind saying you’re about to embark on a new life adventure.

Negative Dreams

Other dreams about swimming may take a different perspective. People dream of swimming from different perspectives. If your dreams about swimming involved struggle or stress, this points to a bad sign in your life.

  • Overwhelmed: Swimming can be exhausting and dangerous, especially if your swimming skills aren’t great. If you struggle with swimming in a dream, this points to feeling overwhelmed, either with life or your own feelings.
  • Lost In Life: If you dream about swimming in murky waters, this swimming dream meaning may point to your lack of clarity in your waking life. Dreaming about swimming and being unable to see clearly in general, whether in swimming pools or out at sea, all point to dreams of confusion or lack of certainty in your life.
  • Trapped: As mentioned previously, if you dream about swimming underwater and are swimming in an ocean or pool to reach the surface, this means you feel trapped in life. A dream about swimming without hope to reach the top is not a good sign!

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Swimming

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Swimming

The Religious Meaning

Biblically, swimming in your dreams points to having full faith and surrendering to God. Swimming can be dangerous. It takes great courage and skill swimming in life to swim well and not drown, whether in a swimming pool or ocean. Dreaming about swimming is God’s sign that you are being protected in waking life.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological level, Carl Jung found swimming is linked to the subconscious emotions and feelings that battle in our minds. Dreaming about swimming involves finding the courage in such dreams to face your problems in life, even if you are swimming in a pool, swimming in an ocean, swimming in a river, swimming in a lake, or wherever in your dream that involves swimming.

The Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual message behind a dream about swimming, whether in a swimming pool, swimming in a river, swimming in the sea, or wherever your swimming dream involves, is a sign of spiritual connection. Dreams about swimming show a connection to your life and emotions. Even if your life isn’t exactly how you’ve planned, swimming dreams are your sign you are on the right path in life.

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