UFO Dreams

The dream interpretation of UFO

UFO Dream Definition

To have dreams about a UFO (or, in some cases, an alien) is often a symbol of the universe.
The connection to space is a way that many try to reach the house of their higher self. With the UFO typically being bound to the sky, a dream about a UFO is often seen as the want for freedom.
It’s always important to survey how you feel before and after the dream to accurately understand why and how you’re feeling the way that you are. For example, fear is one of the popular emotions people feel with this dream, while others receive a wave of inspiration.
The feelings from your dreams are entirely based on the individual. Keep this in mind when analysing the meaning.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about UFO

Did You Dream About… Seeing a UFO?

Dreaming about a UFO is a vivid dream to experience.
However, when exploring it, it’s important that you notice the subtle details in your dream. Some of the things you’ll want to identify are the colours of the UFO or the shape.
For example, a gold UFO is a symbol of potential riches in your future whereas a silver spaceship is for those who seek communication with others, and a white UFO is significant of those needing protection.
If you highlight in your dreams that the UFO is in the shape of a triangle, then this means that there may be a conflict either with your friends or your other close relationships – remember, you can always in the peacekeeper.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a UFO

Did You Dream About… a UFO Crashing?

We don’t doubt that dreaming of a UFO crashing in your dream is an incredibly jarring experience.
However, view this dream as a celebration. It may be that things are radically changing in your life, and while the process may be difficult to understand and manage, the end result will be much sweeter.
Explore where the UFO crashed in your dream and whether or not aliens or people needed help from you.
If the UFO crash was in your hometown then this may suggest an air of comfort, while a UFO crashing into the water may symbolise a need for protection.
In the instance that you happen to spot aliens or people, observe your response to them. If you were to assist these aliens it may suggest your bravery in all situations, while if you were to reject them then the aliens portrays your dismissal of difference.

Did You Dream About… Being Abducted?

If you have dreams of aliens abducting you, then this may indicate that you have an internal fear that you’re not in your real nature.
You might be feeling alienated from your friends and family because you don’t feel like you fit in, but you’re becoming a stranger to yourself. Don’t worry who they want to be, what personality do you want to be?

Did You Dream About… Someone Else Being Abducted?

Do you have dreams about watching other people get abducted by aliens?
If you have dreamed this then it’s not necessarily a good sign and can instead indicate betrayal and deceit. Perhaps take some time and question what your intuition is telling you before you find difficult situations arise.

Did You Dream About… Being in a UFO?

Exploring aspects of space in a UFO can be incredibly appealing, especially if you have a want to escape earth and find a total sense of freedom and exhilaration.
When exploring this UFO dream meaning, it’s critical you look to yourself and examine what you find difficult with life. This dream indicates that it’s the routine of a humdrum life.
Perhaps it’s a sign to go out and try new things? Maybes it’s time to bring what you desire into the world?
If you’re not ready to explore the things that’ll bring you happiness, then perhaps you can also explore the way you approach things in your waking life? You can achieve anything as long as your put your mind to it.

Did You Dream About… Being in a UFO

Other Popular UFO Dreams

Did You Dream About… Visiting Another Planet in a UFO?

To visit other planets in your dream suggests that you’re preparing for a new life stage.
It may be that you’re heading off to college, moving cities, or making new friends, but either way, you’re beginning to make riskier and more adventurous decisions – just ensure they’re the ones you want to make.
Your real nature will come to light during this time. However, remember that change doesn’t have to mean leaving everyone else behind.

Did You Dream About… Flying a UFO?

To be entrusted with flying a UFO in your sleep connotes a sense of good luck and positivity. You are an incredibly capable person, you just need to apply yourself.
It’s these skills that’ll give you the future that you’re searching for. This dream is a sign to relax, stay true to yourself, and work hard.

Did You Dream About… Flying a UFO

Dreams About UFOs Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Blessed: some people view a visit from UFOs as a sign that goodness and miracles is coming into their reality, if you wake up with this emotion then relish in it.
Hopeful: if there is a sense of hope when you wake from a UFO dream, then this dream means that you find solace in the freedom of aliens and the unknown. This appreciation for the strange will help you stay open-minded as your journey through life.
Analytical: when exploring the idea of aliens and UFOs, most people associate it with science and the analytical. If you feel this way when you wake up, it’ll be worth you figuring out how to identify a practical way for you to begin exploring aspects like this in real life.

Negative Dreams

Scared: to dream of a flying saucer and to wake up afraid is a reasonable feeling to experience. An alien invasion is often depicted as a threat or to cause harm to the world, so your reaction isn’t unreasonable. But question what it is that you’re afraid of, from here you’ll find your clarity.
Nervous: if you’re nervous around aliens or unidentified flying objects in your dream, then that’s entirely valid. There’s a lack of control that comes from having this dream, however, you don’t need to control every situation. Sometimes it’s best to enjoy the unknown.
Ambiguous: having vivid dreams about UFOs and aliens portrays a sense of ambiguity. You may wonder why you’re dreaming of these creatures and contraptions, but instead of wondering about the intentions, consider what you need to be made aware of.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About UFOs

The Spiritual Meaning

Alien(s) would be considered natural creatures, as such, it’s worth exploring the impact they and UFOs have on our dreams.
Any alien has inherited self dynamics that can be replicated in humans – with an alien also including foreign flying objects. To many, an alien object or creature signified that it’s time to move on with your life and explore the earth in a new way.
While it may seem daunting at first or fill you with fear, these emotions are a natural part of the process. Through difficult times, humans shine the brightest and are capable of working through the hurdles that hold them back.
As such, dreams about aliens and UFOs often connect people to their higher and the person they are capable of being in the next stage of their life. This dream is a sign of good luck and a reminder that the human you are now is capable of growth, change, and a happy life.

The Psychological Meaning

In dream psychology, aliens portrays inherited self dynamics and are considered natural creatures of the universe.
While the UFO is seen as a common dream to experience, there are still many facets to understand – especially, when you consider the fact that for many years some didn’t believe they existed; and still hold this belief and fear to this day.
Carl Jung was one of these naysayers and, in 1959, wrote that he believed that UFOs were a myth. Jung argued that the traditional UFO circle merely was an indication of archetypes and religion dominating our unconscious mind.

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