Chased Dreams

The dream interpretation of being chased

The Chase Dream Definition

If you have a dream of being chased, this represents you are feeling heightened emotions of anxiety, worry, fear, and ongoing stress in real life.

Your own self and life experiences will shape the details of who or what your dream of being chased is about. For example, a person who is struggling with financial issues may have a different dream than a person suffering from an internal conflict in their own life.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Chases

Did You Dream About…Being Chased by an Animal?

If you dream of an animal chasing you, such a dream could mean various things, largely dependent on the type of animal chasing you. Common themes of dreaming about being chased by an animal mean you need to realize your real desires, your own personality, and passions in life.

You may wake up suddenly when the animal chasing you catches you. Yet, the dream means different things depending upon the type and size of the animal.

  • Dream Chased by Wild Animal: If you are being chased by a vicious animal in your dream, this means you are running from your emotions and anxiety in life.
  • Dream Chased by a Shark: Dreaming of a shark is sometimes unclear and you must look to the surroundings of the dream for further guidance. Was the water murky? Were there dark shadows that made you unable to see clearly in the water? If yes, your dream may suggest something is unclear in waking life.
  • Dream Chased by Bees: If you are chased by a swarm of bees or only one bee, regardless, this is a sign of financial issues.
  • Dream Chased by a Snake: Although fear of snakes is a common fear, the true meaning of snakes is they represent success and prosperity, even if you are being chased by a snake in your dreams.

Did You Dream About…Being Chased by an Animal

Did You Dream About…Being In Slow Motion?

Dreams about being chased slowly in your dreams suggest you should focus on your relationships and social pleasure when you wake up from your dream. Be more aware of positive relationships, such as your love life or family life. Also, if you cannot move and feel frozen in place, such as a feeling of sleep paralysis, this may be a sign of lucid dreaming.

Did You Dream About…Chasing Another Person?

People dream of chasing another person if they are going through financial issues. Dreaming of constantly chasing someone or something in your dream doesn’t always mean you don’t have money in life, but rather you’ll constantly feel you never have enough money (even if you do).

Did You Dream About…A Person You Know Chasing You?

If you are dreaming of a close friend or being chased by someone your know, this dream of being chased is a sign to take a close look at your relationship with that person in your life. You aren’t being chased by a particular person you know for no reason!

Did You Dream About…A Person You Know Chasing You

Did You Dream About…Being Chased By A Zombie?

Dreams about being chased by the dead, such as dreaming of a zombie chase dream, are signs you are running from stressors in your life. Dreaming of the dead, or a dream of an immortal half-living, half-dead creature haunting your dreams is again a sign of your life’s stressors invading your mind and private space in your dreams. The chase dream where dead beings are in your dreams is never a good sign.

Dreams About Chases Could Make You Feel…

Although dreams of being chased are often linked to bad luck and a sign you’re running from problems of the world, there are some positive chase dream feelings that may be a sign of change and growth in your waking life.

Positive Dreams

  • Ready for Change: A dream shows you areas of your life you can work on and improve. If you experience recurring dreams about being chased in a dream, this could be your sign that it’s time to make a change and stand up to the fear or conflict in your life that’s causing these chase dreams.
  • Time To Face Your Fears: Our waking lives may consist of many problems and fears we may try to avoid in life. However, if most dreams of yours involve you being chased, this may be your unconscious mind telling you to stop being chased and start facing your fears.
  • Ambitious: If you are chasing a person or thing while dreaming, this dream suggests you are chasing after your life goals and ambitions such as how you may develop physically and/or mentally to achieve your greatest potential.

Negative Dreams

For the most part, a common theme behind a dream about being chased is you are running from your fear or problems of the world, or you feel most people are ahead of you in life.

  • Anxious: Anxiety and feelings of fear are often associated with dreams about being chased. Chasing dreams can mimic the fight or flight response you can feel in your waking life, such as running from a dangerous animal or scary person in the real world.
  • Behind In Life: While a person chasing after another person or thing in their dreams could mean they are ambitious in life, it also could mean they feel behind in life. The person may feel like they are trying to “play catch up” and are behind relative to most people in their waking life.
  • Conflict Avoidant: Dreams of being chased are also common dreams associated with refusing to take responsibility or address conflict in your own life. Being chased in a dream represents your intense fear of the conflict, choosing to run instead of facing your fear/ conflict head-on.

Dreams About Chases Could Make You Feel…

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Chase Dreams

The Religious Meaning

The biblical meaning behind dreaming of being chased is that you must pray and have faith that God will protect you from those evil things of the world chasing you. Have faith that God will protect your life and well-being.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, a dream of being chased is a common dream associated with running away from the world and your life’s responsibilities, that ultimately show up in your dreams.

The Spiritual Meaning

Being chased means in a dream different things depending upon the person having the dream. From a spiritual development standpoint, a chase dream could be your subconscious mind becoming wiser and self-aware of your life’s problems. Dreams about being chased could be your sign that your life is going down the wrong path, and it’s your responsibility to stop running and fix it.

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