Snakes Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Snakes.

Snakes Dream Meaning

The dream interpretation of snakes

Snake Dream Definition

When you see snakes in dreams, it’s crucial that you take into consideration the state of the individual. For example, the dreamer may be religious and follow the path of Christianity, in this case, snakes, as depicted in the story of Adam and Eve, begin to connote a loss of innocence.

As such, it’s crucial to understand the spiritual or religious experiences of the dreamer. Another thing to take into consideration is what the snakes represent. A characteristic to observe may be the type of snake it is, the colour of the snake, whether it is multiple snakes or just one, and other identifying features. For example, is it a boa constrictor? A boa will represent that there is something in your life suffocating you. However, if it were a rattlesnake then there may be something (or someone) trying to rattle you. Dreams about a snake represent meaning and depth – whether there’s a spiritual meaning of snakes in your dreams, or perhaps you dream of snake bites in dreams. Either way, here’s what they have to say about you.

Most Frequent Examples of a Snake in a Dream

What Does… Being Bitten by a Snake Mean?

A snake bite could mean that you need to come to a realisation in your waking life. This dream also would serve as a wake-up call, with the bite representing a painful transformation that you may be about to experience.

What Does… Fighting a Snake Mean?

If you have dreams about snakes, then this could represent that you need to overcome your fears; those fears may be a person or situation, but it’s critical you pay attention to your fears.

What Does… Killing a Snake Mean? 

If you kill a snake in your dreams and see the dead snake as a result, this represents killing your fear. It may also mean you’re healing from a betrayal or temptation in real life. Dead snakes in your dream may also connote something sinister on the horizon.

What Does… Dreaming of Two-Headed Snakes Mean?

If a snake in the dream has multiple heads, then the meaning can vary depending on the number of appendages. For example, a two-headed snake may mean that you’re torn between a situation in your life. If there are more than two heads then this dream signifies the various fears you have that are stopping you from reaching your potential.

What Does… Dreaming of Two-Headed Snakes Mean

What Does… Dreaming of Venomous Snakes Mean?

If a venomous snake appears then it symbolizes that there is a threat to be afraid of in your life – this threat could be in the form of a person, house troubles, money worries, or an interruption to your healing.

What Does… Being Surrounded by Snakes Mean?

Being surrounded by snakes tends to be a sign of life dreaming; this is when elements of our life interrupt our dream state. Don’t be afraid of these dreams, although they may be disconcerting. Typically, this image foreshadows that there is an opportunity to change, even though you may have felt stress and anxiety before.

What Do… Different Coloured Snakes Mean?

Colours make a huge impact on the perspective of your snake dreams.

Seeing a green snake: could signify hope and connection to yourself. Green often has meanings of wealth and prosperity, so feel calm in that. Whereas green from a spiritual perspective is connected to grounding in life, so rely on yourself for your growth – you are capable.

Seeing a black snake: seeing black snakes in dreams could present mystery and power. Be wary of this image as it may show that power belongs to someone else and will be used against you.

Seeing a red snake: if you dream of a red snake, you may at first feel anxiety – however, these dreams mean that a hard situation is coming to an end. From a spiritual space, it could mean that prosperity is on its way.

Seeing a yellow snake: yellow snakes means many things. For this interpretation, it’s crucial the dreamer takes stock of their personal life to understand the true meaning. For many, yellow is a sign of hope, awareness, and optimism. However, it could also lead to contradiction and chaos; tread carefully when decoding this meaning.

Seeing a white snake: if you’ve recently envisioned this, then it symbolizes purity, innocence, and a connection to a higher power. If you’ve recently had someone pass away then you may connect with them through a white snake.

What Do… Different Coloured Snakes Mean

The Types of Snake in Your Dream

Garter snake

Dreaming of snakes like the garter could show that someone in your life is no longer a threat – it may even change your perspective on a person you initially thought was toxic, but they may turn out to be harmless after all.


If you dream of the poisonous snake, the viper, then this is proof that you’re going to be humiliated and betrayed by a spouse, a close friend, or business partner; be wary of the people in your real life.


Pythons represent sexual energy and desires. When you dream about Pythons, the meanings tend to be linked to the phallic and wild energies humans feel in their core. If you repress your sexual urges, it’s time to be careful as these may spring out of control.

King Cobra

This dream could show danger and fear in waking life. In some dreams, King Cobras represents that you are getting in the way of your fullest potential.

King Cobra

Dreaming About Snakes Could Make You Feel…

Positive Feelings

If you experience a good dream about snakes then that may evoke these feelings or foreshadow these positive events:

  • A surprise is on the way – perhaps a house or relationship.
  • Hope that things will improve.
  • Opportunities are on the horizon.
  • Healing.
  • Shedding a previous life and preparing for a new one.

Negative Feelings

Whereas if dreaming about a snake brings up negative feelings and events, you may experience these emotions and may want to explore:

  • Anxiety in general life.
  • Your friends and family as they may be toxic life influences.
  • A feeling of being trapped in work or romance.
  • Resistance, hesitancy, and an overall struggle to take risks.
  • Your feelings of self-worth. A snake symbolizes a hit to your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Unmet needs by friends or partners.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Snakes

To dream of a snake means something and requires some soul-searching into one’s own life.

Do you feel as though your life is running away from you?

Are you truly happy at work? Is your love life what you want it to be?

These dreams aren’t ones to ignore and often appears when the dreamer is struggling or holding onto something.

When seeing a snake in your dreams, it’s important to explore what is going on in your own life.

Perhaps you align with a particular religion?

Or does your country view snakes as a particular message for something?

An example of these considerations maybe if you’re someone who would keep a pet snake, versus someone struggling with ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). Dreams resonate differently depending on the perspective of the individual.

There is also the biblical meaning of snakes in dreams; for example, the mere presence of a snake may be an allusion to temptation and the Garden of Eden. Dreams are always individual, so keep this in mind when figuring out what your dream of snakes means.

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