Shark Dreams

The interpretation of a dream about sharks

Shark Dream Definition

When there’s a shark in your dream this represents power and masculine energy.

While this energy may be seen as aggressive or angry, that isn’t the case. Masculine energy can actually act as a great motivation for people to propel themselves to success, similar to how this energy is misinterpreted, sharks also face regular misunderstandings.

In real life, sharks aren’t angry creatures. They don’t signify imminent danger, but rather a steadfastness in their goals, achievements, and emotions.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Sharks

Did You Dream About… a Shark Attack?

If the shark in a dream is vying to attack you this will mean that there may be bad luck in your future.

A shark attack may also suggest that there are people in your life who are untrustworthy, and it may suggest a difficult situation that you did not expect to arise.

Dreaming of sharks attacking can make the dreamer feel unnerved in their waking life, and may impact the way you look at yourself. You may wonder, why would I be treated this way by someone? Or, does this mean I deserve the attack? There may be an element of karmic energy associated with being attacked by a shark.

Either way, this shark dream meaning is only there to right the wrongs. While inherently a shark attack comes across as mean, to dream of it is merely giving the dreamer a sign of what their waking life has in store. There’s no reason as to why you can’t right the wrongs.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Shark Teeth?

When you dream about a shark’s teeth, you should find cause to be happy as this does mean something good is coming your way.

For many people, shark teeth mean good luck, they’re even often worn by surfers as a form of protection. If you see shark teeth in your dream, whether you’re swimming or diving, then this may be telling you to relax as good tidings are on the way.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Shark Teeth

Did You Dream About… a Dead Shark?

Seeing dead sharks mean that something tough is coming to an end.

You may have been passive throughout the whole ordeal, but dreaming of a dead shark typically suggests that situations have been unusually difficult to stomach. However, these meanings come with respite as it indicates that now you can rest.

Did You Dream About… Killing a Shark?

Where seeing a dead shark in a dream may mean something is coming to an end, to have dreams of killing a shark will show the lively energy you’ve been using has worked.

If you were victim to shark attacks in your dream, but you killed the shark in response, this means you killed the situation that plagued you.

A shark attacking isn’t an easy challenge to face in your dream, but killing the sharks mean that you understood your opponent and were willing to do what it takes to survive; you may act in a similar way in the real world.

Did You Dream About… Catching a Shark?

If you dream that you see a shark and that you catch it, this means you’re overcoming problems in an analytical way.

In your dream, consider the response of the shark. If the shark responds in a hostile manner to being caught and escapes as a result, then means that you need to get rid of certain energies in your life before pursuing any opportunity or situation.

Remember, dreaming of a shark being caught is about the power you have when you approach a situation or opportunity. You have all the skills you need to capture the opportunity you want, you just need to be brave and mean to dream that you can do it in reality.

Did You Dream About… Sharks Eating You?

If the shark in a dream is eating you, then it’s perfectly natural to feel fear.

Dying in a dream is never easy to experience, let alone to visualise your own death. However, these dream meanings are particularly eye-opening.

Typically, to dream about sharks eating you means that you understand the potential dangers of your own personal circumstance. If you die in this dream, then it can symbolise a situation coming to an end, and perhaps in a way that leaves no chance of reconciliation.

However, if you survive this dream about sharks eating you then it could indicate something unexpected happening – think of a new job or an unexpected person appearing. You may understand the ins and outs of the situation, but it won’t be something that is typical to your everyday.

Essentially, when a shark is eating you in a dream, it means that you need to prepare for the unprepared and understand everything about your own situation.

Other Popular Shark Dreams

Did You Dream About… Fighting with a Shark?

To dream of a shark and battle with it does mean something fairly simple. Essentially, this dream acts as a warning: you are out of your depth.

This may mean that you’re in the wrong about a situation and need to apologise, or that you’re about to retaliate in a fight that is not yours.

Instead, take a breath. Enjoy your moment of peace, regulate your thoughts, and question: is this fight worth losing? Or are you fighting for the sake of it? The pride can get the better of all of us, so there’s no shame in struggling with those types of feelings – it’s just important that you use your feelings for good.

Did You Dream About… Fighting with a Shark

Did You Dream About… a Shark Bite?

If you have dreams of shark bites then you may feel wounded over something.

The dreamer who has been bitten by a shark could be unsure of where they’re going in life. In this case, the shark bite would mean that it’s time to move on with your life plan; of course, this is in the instance of a non-fatal bite.

In the case of a fatal bite, this dream is a warning to you that something in your life may be coming to an end. Consider the meanings wrapped up in the dream. Where were you bitten? With how much force? And what is going on in your life that a dream 0f a shark bite could offer some clarity?

Did You Dream About… a Shark Circling?

While dreaming of a shark circling may cause you to feel uncomfortable, keep in mind that sharks don’t circle to kill – they only circle to size up their opponent.

In your dream about sharks, remember that sharks have to size up fellow sea creatures due to the fact they have poor eyesight; hence why they go in all angles.

Take a shark’s skill of perspective and consider how to apply this concept to your own life.

The Different Types of Sharks You May Dream of…

Hammerhead Shark

To have a shark dream featuring the hammerhead shark is significant due to the distinctive nature of the shark.

The general interpretation of this shark is that it evokes sharp reactions from those who get too close to it. In real life, this is related to the way in which people may view you. You may worry that once people get to know you, they won’t like what they see.

But sharks are docile in nature, if you can remain calm and avoid confrontation then there’s no reason as to why you won’t be able to find the connection you’re craving.

A Great White Shark

Seeing a shark in your dream – especially a great white shark – suggests that trouble may be coming.

This dream can symbolize a fear you have over something. It might be a situation with a family member or the stress of an impending work decision. However, this dream meaning is closely related to the uncertainty over a situation. Just stay calm, the threat is often worse than the reality.

Tiger Shark

If in your shark dream, you specifically focus on a tiger shark then this will symbolize that you may have too many people involved in your life.

To have this dream means that your future may be filled with the opinion of others. This doesn’t need to be the case, but remember to keep swimming against that which drags you down.

Tiger Shark

Bull Shark

The dream meaning of a bull shark is that these sharks are representing someone cruel in your waking life.

To dream about sharks (and bull sharks particularly) is a warning of an upcoming bully or someone abusive. This person may be a close friend who wants to plan some sort of physical or emotional attack or a stranger who poses a danger to you.

Whale Shark

The whale shark isn’t as popular as its relatives, but it is still laden with meanings.

For some, it does mean there is a unique experience coming in the future. However, you’ll need to approach this situation in a way that is unfamiliar to you.

This dream suggests that you may be hiding a part of yourself. But if you want to succeed in this future endeavour, then it is advised that you incorporate a side of yourself you’ve previously hidden away.

Dreams About Sharks Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

You may feel conflicted in your emotions if the first emotion when you wake from seeing a shark in a dream is one of positivity. If it is, then embrace this feeling. Our rational brain may want to lull you into a sense of negativity as that’s the feeling most often associated with shark dreams.

  • Success may be imminent if you dream of a shark attack but you didn’t die from it. This is a sign that you’re a powerful person who can withstand any trouble. Don’t let real life try to make you doubt yourself, you know what you need to do.
  • You may feel brave or strong if you dreamt of escaping a shark. In your waking life, this interpretation may reflect situations such as taking risks you were before nervous of.
  • If in your dream, you saved someone or someone saved you then this may manifest a stroke of good fortune coming your way.

Negative Dreams

Dower feelings may feel more familiar if you see a shark in your dream.

Sharks have been a symbol of aggression and danger in popular media and in our society for many years now, as such, we’re used to associating them with unpleasant emotions. Some situations may be:

  • It is natural to feel fear when seeing sharks in dreams. Dreaming of sharks can be seen as a warning of a menacing presence soon arising in your life. It may be a person that has come out of nowhere or a situation that you’re unsure about; follow your gut, it will lead you to safety.
  • If you dream about sharks and feel anxiety when you wake, this dream suggests that there’s an unknown force that you don’t have full clarity on. This dream interpretation indicates that you need to understand situations clearly before you continue forward.
  • Dreaming about sharks may feel unusual and strange, this feeling of perplexity may relate to a person in your life or a new experience you’re not used to yet. This may leave you feeling vulnerable, but sometimes this is merely a symbol of the parts of your life you’re avoiding.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Sharks


When applying sharks to spirituality, they could represent the hidden emotions not brought to the surface.

Although in media sharks are seen as negative or dangerous – and to dream about being attacked by a shark would connote those things – sharks are misunderstood.

This does mean to dream about a shark could represent a misunderstood relationship or unjustified perception. However, ultimately, it’s time to move on.

So change your mindset and apply the energy that is already within you. You are all that you need.


Sharks are often associated with your emotional state.

They’ll help you uncover how you truly feel about something – but this depends on the action of the shark. While a shark in a swimming pool may represent power being restricted or smothered, catching a shark might foreshadow a successful new job or relationship, but a shark attack, it means that you’re being challenged in a unique way.

Sharks aren’t always a symbol of negativity. Consider how you feel about them prior to the dream, but exploring the meaning of your dreams may expose something you never considered about yourself.

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