Teeth Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Teeth.

The dream interpretation of teeth

Teeth Dream Definition

Like many dreams, the meaning of teeth differs depending on the context the dreams are placed in.

However, if you’re curious about this dream meaning, you aren’t the only one. Teeth dreams are one of the most searched dreams in Google, so when you have dreams about your teeth take solace in that you’re not the only one.

Typically, dreams about your teeth represent insecurities, weaknesses, blind spots, or a loss of control over life.

It’s critical to analyse your teeth dreams as they may reflect inner feelings or events taking place in your current life.

Most Frequent Examples of Teeth Dreams

Did You Dream About… Losing Teeth?

What does it mean when you dream about losing teeth? Well, let’s answer that question.

The general interpretation of losing teeth is that you’re ridding yourself of previous fear and restrictions. Think of it as you stepping into a new self.

Did You Dream About… Someone Else Losing Their Teeth?

If your dreams focus on someone else losing their teeth, this could be a sign of your relationship with this person.

To dream of their tooth being lost connotes a separation or offers a sense of immobilised indifference. You may have once been connected to this person, but now that they’ve lost their dream tooth, the ties are cut.

Often, our dreams are entwined. This dream may mean they seek you out – however, if you’re ready to remove them from your life then be loyal to that emotion. You need to reflect and act on what feels right to you.

Did You Dream About… Teeth Falling Out?

For anyone, teeth falling out is an unpleasant dream to be plagued by.

However, it is one of the most popular.

Typically, if you have this dream then it may be a sign of your anxiety in real life and your need to rid of it. It may not be something you’re aware of, and it may require you to look deep into your subconscious, but once you do you’ll be able to recognise where the feeling stems from.

Remember that these events are not happening to you, but instead, for you. You’re in control, it’s up to you how you process these emotions.

Did You Dream About… Teeth Falling Out

Did You Dream of… A Bleeding Tooth?

Dreaming of bleeding teeth may startle you, however, it could lead to an important insight into your reality. In many interpretations, dreaming of bleeding teeth symbolizes that someone is trying to inflict damage on you.

This revenge may be in the form of something psychological, emotional, or physical, but either way, the attack will be personal to you; so be wary of any untrustworthy figures.

Did You Dream of… Rotting Teeth?

If one of the recurring dream themes is that of rotting teeth, then it’s critical you pay attention to your subconscious mind.

Rotting teeth are a direct reflection of your own image. It’s typical for teeth to rot when someone mistreats their health, eats sweet foods, and doesn’t clean their mouth. However, on a metaphorical level, it does symbolize the image of the dreamer.

For a promising future, you need to explore how to improve yourself, your health, and the way you view your image. Ignore everyone else and focus on yourself; the dreams may even subside when you do.

Other Examples of What Your Teeth Dream Means

Your Tooth Falling Out in a Fight

If you dream of teeth that fall out in a fight, then this could represent frequently broken behaviour you keep recycling.

Whether it’s falling out with friends, a recent fall from grace, falling out of love, or leaving broken relationships, to have teeth fall out is an aggressive signal from the universe to tell you that it’s not for you. And although it’s broken and crooked, some things can’t be fixed.

A Broken Tooth

In many interpretations, if you have dreams of your teeth breaking then this represents a literal breaking in your waking consciousness.

It may be the end of a relationship or that you need to focus on something before it breaks off, but a broken tooth is a huge symbol of endings. Take the time to look back on this dream to ensure there aren’t any other symbols that could point to another perspective.

Did You Dream About A Broken Tooth

A Crumbling Tooth

Crumbling teeth dreams are a huge symbol of health.

If this is what you visualize when you sleep, then it could represent that you want something removed from your life. However, also check that this crumbling tooth doesn’t symbolize a physical ailment in waking life.

The Dentist

If you dream of the dentist, then check in with how you feel about this topic before you assess this dream.

Having a fear of the dentist perhaps could cloud the way you truly feel or the meaning your dream may be trying to teach you.

If you’re dreaming of undergoing the dental procedure of pulling teeth, then maybe this represents the control (or lack of) in your life. Perhaps it feels as though you’re lacking support in your relationship, so you undergo the painful treatment of tooth pulling. Either way, we only experience pain when we need to be taught something.

If the dental procedure you dream of is getting a new filling or you dream of getting braces fitted, then this represents the weak parts of you being fixed. What felt like a loose part of your life may actually be salvaged. But sometimes these things take time, research, and communication before anything is truly healed.

Did You Dream About The Dentist

Dreams About Teeth Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Perhaps a tooth is falling or has been chipped in a dream – just because the dream is negative, doesn’t mean the interpretation needs to be.

  • If your teeth are falling out in a dream, it’s important to remember you’d only envision this dream if there was something to learn. It’s these lessons in our dreams that give us power.
  • Teeth falling out in dreams is normal, if you’ve witnessed your teeth falling or wobbling but you managed to ignore the emotions that come with it then be proud of yourself. To still love yourself when your physical appearance is comprised is always difficult. To have a confident dream psyche gives a positive insight into the stable self-esteem you must have.
  • A negative dream could be your teeth screwing up in some way, but ignoring it and focusing on the deeper meaning of the dream itself shows just how much power can be yield from a dream.

Negative Dreams

Negative dreams are a natural occurrence when we sleep, however, it doesn’t make the experience any less difficult. If you suffer from a bad tooth dream, then it may evoke the following:

  • If you struggle with dental dreams, then this may represent your struggle with communication and authority. Whether school or work, when people are in this position, they may be plagued with poor confidence and anxiety. This dream doesn’t mean you’re broken. But an easy fix is to focus on your words and communication skills, and soon, the dream will turn into one of positivity.
  • If you dream of teeth falling out, then it is likely related to your fear of personal articles leaving your possession. Loss manifests itself in many ways and often is a fear that takes over.
  • Is your dream about broken teeth? or the death of a tooth? Then this could represent how apart and separate you feel from your body. This distance may have broken your self-confidence, but it isn’t gone forever. Now you know, it’s time to turn it around.

A Bit of Context Into… Teeth Dreams


From a religious stance, teeth have a lot of power. In the bible, teeth falling out in your dream is linked to a loss of faith. Having teeth fall out in your dream can also bring up allusions to death and the loss of life’s essence.


From a spiritual standpoint, teeth are seen as an article of the throat chakra. Those following the Hindu Vedas religion believe that the throat chakra controls talking your inner truth, it represents communication and what you believe in.

If each night you’re hit with poor sleep and tooth dreams, then it may be worth unblocking the throat chakra. You can do this through meditation, crystal work, and locating a certified practitioner.

You never know how your dreams are related to the meaning until you look at what is falling around you, what feels like a loss, what feels wrong, what you feel is missing in reality. It is only once you assess these missing feelings that you can turn them into feelings of fulfilment.

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