School Dreams

The interpretation of a school dream

School Dream Definition

School tends to be the place we find our personalities grow the most. After all, children are incredibly pliable.

That’s why it’s so important we shape our future leaders in the right way.

At one point in time, this also was you. How did you find school? If you found yourself forgetting your locker combination or being late to class, then this may have a lot of meaning to who you are now. However, if you were an A+ student and contributed to many out-of-school activities then this may have led to your success – or led you to be burnt out.

Consider how you were as a student before you dissect your school dream.

Remember that school doesn’t just dictate our interests and beliefs, but also, our work ethic, moral values, and ambition. If you didn’t have a good time at school, then take this dream as a symbol of growth.

It’s time to change and put to bed the person you used to be.

Being the same person you were at school wouldn’t be right or natural for anyone, it’d mean that you were stagnant. It’s just up to you to figure out if it’s the right kind of change for your own life.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Schools

Did You Dream About… Your School Teacher?

To see your school teacher in a dream means two things.

One may be that in real life you struggle with people who are in a position of power, this may lead into your work life and appear as a message to offer professional advice: you can’t always question those who are in charge of you.

However, if you see a teacher from your past who you used to think highly of then this dream symbols the positive traits you need in your current life. It might be understanding or sound advice that you received from your teacher, but try to find this in your friends or people in your future.

Did You Dream About… Your School Teacher

Did You Dream About… Leaving School?

To dream about leaving school is associated with a health problem in your waking life – it may be in reference to you or someone else.

It might be that you’re feeling low with your mental health or that someone in your life may contract a sickness. Either way, this dream doesn’t mean that it’s a serious problem for you in the near future, just that you (and those around you) may be struggling with the mundanity of life.

You need to pursue the things you want in life – even if it requires a bit of bravery and determination on your side. Life is incredibly short so you need to live it in a way that feels right to you. Use this newfound excitement and share it with your friends and family too, if the people around you are just as excited to make their dreams come true then your real life will be easier to manage as you’ll be supported.

If you’re feeling ill and this sounds like hard work, then you can try and take some vitamins, get your full eight hours of sleep, go to the doctor, or go see a therapist. This can’t go on forever, it’s time for a change. So look around you and thing about the differences you can make in your life.

Did You Dream About… Your School Life?

It is a common dream to relive your old school past.

It might be that you’re indulging in the ways that you enjoyed school and your desire to improve your mind; this is typically linked to the knowledge you’re learning in your career. This dream is telling you to embrace your learning and mind.

If you felt anxiety in your dream then that’s completely normal. However, it may stem from the people you’re dreaming of. Perhaps it’s time to face your old demons head on? You are no longer the person you were, so do it for your inner child who struggled during school days.

Did You Dream About… the School Library?

Dreaming about the school library is often linked to dreams about books.

You may be someone who needs to start paying attention to your current goals in life. Where do you want to go in the future? What achievements do you want to complete? Dreams about books are typically a sign for you to settle down and focus on the one goal you want to achieve.

Did You Dream About… the School Library

Did You Dream About… Elementary School?

You could dream of either an elementary, junior or primary school and this could suggest your attitude in life can be somewhat immature at times. To dream of being back to this school indicates you need a mature outlook in life.

Did You Dream About… Boarding Schools?

Going to boarding school seems like a punishment to many children, but really it indicates completion and finality.

This dream is giving you the sign to think rationally – while creativity is always important, approach tasks, projects, and situations in your reality head on and with some logic behind your actions; it’s the only way you’ll find yourself getting anything done.

Although you may find this hard and unfair, you need to grin and bear the fact that it won’t get easier unless you approach the situation in the right way. Once you ace that then the issues will balance out in your reality and you’ll gain your power back.

This dream will also help you change in the right way. It may be that you’ve felt useless or like you’re not going anywhere in life, but that isn’t true, really you’ve just been focusing on the wrong things. You have everything you possibly need, now it’s just time that you apply it.

Did You Dream About… an Unfamiliar School?

If you look around the school, and it is not a school which you previously attended, then it is important to think carefully about what you wish to achieve in your life. It might be that there’s something you haven’t acknowledged that you truly want from reality or that you’re being led down a path that doesn’t feel right or natural to you.

To dream of going back to school after you have left, and when it’s not one you’ve seen before, is extremely common, so don’t let this frighten you. But it does mean you need to find the meaning behind the dream before you seek resolution.

Did You Dream About… University or Further Education?

If the dream is focused within a college or university, then you need to look at your past experiences in order to sort out your present situation, and this should be reviewed carefully before you set yourself on a course of action.

If your dream involves a university, then this simply signifies you are looking to increase your emotions in a love affair. This often indicates there is a relationship that needs special care and attention.

Did You Dream About… the School Library

Did You Dream About… Forgetting Something at School?

If you find it difficult to locate a classroom, found yourself sitting an exam that you are unprepared for, or unable to get into your locker, and then this type of dream indicates the worries that surround you. You must sort out ways to improve your life. The key meaning here is that you do not want to act like a fool in front of others

Dreams About Schools Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Content: to wake up from dreams about school feeling content will symbolize your general approach to school. It might be that you were fairly indifferent towards a school setting, and this is translated into your school dream meaning.

Discovery: school is often associated with education and knowledge, it might be that your dream meaning symbolizes all that you can learn. It may be that different meaning comes into your life and educate your mind, leaving to growth in your personal life.

Pride: to dream about school can leave people feeling negative, but if you’re proud of yourself in the dream then this means that you went to school to achieve success and gain new skills. It may be that your subconscious mind is celebrating how far you came in school.

Negative Dreams

Vulnerable: for some, the classroom or a particular teacher may have been quite cruel to you. It might be that your subconscious self is trying to encourage you to turn this trauma into life lessons. You still have healing to do from the past, but there’s no reason why you can’t have a healthy future.

Trapped: school isn’t a positive experience for everyone, for you, this dream means that you were trapped at school. You may struggle with authority in your current waking life, but you can feel free and still gain a deeper knowledge for life.

Pressure: studying signifies different meanings. But for many, studying and school is linked to pressure. This pressure may be felt in conjunction with your social status, your future, your knowledge, but ultimately, this pressure is linked to what you’re insecure about; there’s a valuable life lesson in this dream.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Schools

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, school dreams would be linked to the concept of growth.

At school, we seek knowledge, change, and connection. These are feelings that tend to be lost when we graduate to adulthood. However, perhaps it’s time for you to adapt that mindset once again?

Pick up a new sport, try a new hobby, seek a new social circle. Change and growth are the only way to move forward in your waking life. And this uncomfortable change – and it will be uncomfortable (which is good) – will give you the opportunity to show you how to behave in the face of opposition.

The Religious Meaning

From a religious perspective, school means that there are lessons that you need to learn.

Often, these will be lessons that your God will want to teach you. Perhaps seek out religious counsel from someone you trust to see which areas you aren’t as comfortable in, or if you’d prefer reach out to God and ask for a sign on what he wants to teach you. Trust your gut and his direction, and soon, you’ll find yourself being the person you always needed to be.

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