Bear Dreams

The interpretation of dreams about bears

Bear Dream Meaning

On the whole, bear dreams represents the dreamers own independence and inner strength. Even if you’re an unaffectionate person, the bear is a symbol of power and strength; regardless of whether you’re someone who remains independent or someone who is looking after their ‘cubs’.

If in your dream about bears, you picture a peaceful bear alone then this reflects your ability to be alone in real life.

But like anything, feelings change – and seeing a bear in your dream may change and transform too.

If the bear in your dream is aggressive in nature, then this may be a sign of your own aggression in life. But if you have other dreams about a resting bear, then this bear is a symbol of that initial anger dying. Be mindful of how you respond to this initial aggressive dream as it might be the type of anger that takes over your waking life.

And while some may dream of an aggressive bear and this may reflect their feelings, others may see a bear as a protective, nurturing figure. This nurturing is associated with maternal and familial love that could represent your own life. What a dream may symbolize can be associated with many different feelings and real-life symbols.

Remember, a bear is a personal symbol to individuals.

If you have a bear dream, don’t act instinctively. Take some time to consider what the dream suggests, what the dream meaning of a bear could be, and how you feel after your dreams in your waking life.

Most Frequent Examples of a Bear in a Dream

Did You… Dream About Hugging a Bear?

When you hug a bear in your dream this symbolizes the feminine side of yourself.

We all have an inner sense of the divine feminine, however, hugging a bear in a dream may be suggestive of how you’re struggling to embrace this side of yourself in life.

Look to a female figure that your respect in life, maybe this will shed some light on the way in which you can approach intimacy and emotional connection. If you don’t sort out the intimacy issues in your life, then you may find that this manifests itself into relationship issues in the near future.

We all need affection, however, we need it from people who won’t harm us. Don’t seek out that what will hurt you, you just need to be more aware of a good sign in relationships and the bad.

Did You… Dream About Hugging a Bear

Did You… Dream About Hunting a Bear?

To hunt and shoot a bear in a dream indicates that you need to review your goals in life. If you are hunting the bear then in the dream state this means that you find it hard to express yourself. The bear itself can tell us a lot about the influence and impact others have upon your life. A bear is associated with focusing on strength and the ability to overcome any obstacles.

If you shot the bear or hunted the bear down, then the bear in your dream is a positive omen. It indicates that the work that you have been putting into place will harvest. But there is a huge question of what’s next? A bear hunting you down or chasing you indicate that it’s time you figure out how you are going to succeed in life.

Did You… Dream About Killing a Bear Yourself?

If you dream of killing a bear, then this indicates your own inner strength.

Although the fight between yourself and the bear may have been unequal, it was a fight for survival. To have dreams of this kind means you have the power to do things not many other people would. You might be ruthless in business or cross the line in friendships.

Be careful of the way you act. This dream indicates that you may lose yourself along the way.

Did You… Dream About Someone Else Killing a Bear?

If you see someone else murdering a bear, then this could represent the influence that you have on other people.

Dreaming of this situation represents that you’re the one who holds all of the power. Which, in turn, may suggest that others act at your behest. Be careful of how much influence you have over people, it can do more harm than good.

Did You… Dream About Bear Traps?

If you set the bear trap:

To set a trap for the bear is associated with feeling extremely excited about a project that will soon take shape in the waking world.

Did You… Dream About Bear Traps

If you are the bear in the dream: 

To be caught in a bear trap is associated with failure. To ensure success in the dream and in your waking life, the best thing to do is to listen to what other’s have to say. Sometimes the opinion of others indicates the spots we are missing.

Did You… Dream About a Dead Bear?

If a bear in your dream dies or you see a dead bear, it may signify your own weakness or inability to take care of yourself as bears are often symbols of our inner strength.

On the other hand, this sort of dream could mean that the time has come to take your life into your own hands. A dead bear can represent a passing of an authority figure in your life. You are now on your own; the territory is yours to have. It can also suggest the loss of your ability to survive on your own as the bear can represent your own strength and power.

Other Examples of Bears in a Dream

Did You… Dream About a Dancing Bear?

Dreaming of a dancing bear indicates that you need to gain more confidence. Dancing is a fun activity, and you shouldn’t be afraid of dancing in your life, however, it can be intimidating when people judge you. Pinpoint the areas you feel most uncomfortable in your life and make a promise of yourself to do it!

Life is only worth living when we do the things we’re afraid of.

Did You… Dream About You Running Away from a Bear?

To see a bear in a dream and to respond by running away from it could be symbolic of the addictive patterns in your life.

To see the bear in a dream and to worry that it’s a hungry bear or that it’s going to hurt you in some way are symbols of the unknown fears in life. These fears will always be there, so you need to find a way to overcome them.

If you’re trapped or hunted by the bear in your dream, then this might mean that you’ve got challenges in your life coming up. The dream indicates that you have all the strength you need. The dream you is powerful and so is real you. Whichever way this dream ends – positively or negatively – it’s important that you know you’re the one in control

Did You… Dream About a Sleeping Bear?

If you dream of a sleeping bear, then this indicates that you need to rest yourself.

Are there upcoming events in your future? Or are you focused on big questions in your life? This dream might be the sign that you need to take the time to figure out what you want from life. Shut out everything and listen to your inner self (and your repeated dreams), these meanings will bring to light the truth and help you work through the outcome.

Did You… Dream About a Sleeping Bear

The Different Types of Bears You May Dream of…

Polar Bear

If you had a dream about a polar bear then this will symbolize success at work, peace in who you are, and acceptance in your life.

Dreaming of a polar bear represents people in your life who may be cold towards you – this could cause issues in your life, especially if you aren’t used to this behaviour. However, this dream is an opportunity to approach life in a different way.

Although you may have accepted who you are, having this dream suggests that you need to try being more adaptable in fraught situations; resist the temptation to be like the cold, standoffish polar bear. Instead, take this dream to mean that you’re halfway to becoming your future self.

Koala Bear

If you see a koala bear in your dream then this is a symbol of how you are in your waking life. For example, a dream of a koala bear represents someone who follows their logic as opposed to the way they feel.

You may be used to getting to the raw truth of a matter. You’re a very matter of fact person. However, sometimes this means that you protect yourself with facts, as opposed to opening yourself up to the comfort of emotions. Not everyone is out to hurt you, stop assuming they’re out to get you and in the near future you may find you attack an abundance of new connections.

Panda Bear

Do you dream of panda bears in dreams? Well, congratulations! This is a good sign and represents that you’re going to achieve great success in your waking life.

Regardless of what your goal is, you’re a well-liked person who tries to get results and find unique ideas.

Much like the panda bear, people might underestimate you but you use this to your advantage. If you see a panda bear in a dream and you resonate with it, this is because there is more to you than meets the eye. If you work hard and surprise people with your potential, you can reach any height.

Grizzly Bear

To see a grizzly bear in a dream may be a sign that someone you know in real life is trying to deceive you.

While a grizzly is seen as a kind, calm bear to children, in real life they can be quite aggressive. There are many sides to you. You have a lot of power so there are many ways you can defend yourself if you pay attention; you also have this skill against those trying to deceive you. All you need to do is face the parts you’re trying to avoid.

Black Bear

To see black bears in dreams will symbolize that you’re going to be able to see people in waking life for how they truly are.

A black bear represents power, independence, and strength. While this is not an extremely aggressive bear, they can be if they’re provoked by another. You may find that you’ve been provoked by others in your life recently and that you’re struggling to resist rising up to the taunting.

But you need to remember that your dreams are there to guide you. They’re telling you that you’re powerful, strong, and independent enough to walk away from those treating you poorly and that you have enough strength to stand up for yourself.

Brown Bear

The differences between a grizzly bear and a brown bear are minute, but still, subtle enough to make a difference.

For example, where a grizzly bear is about deception, a brown bear is a symbol of childhood.

Remember that passion you had as a child? This bear dream wants you to rekindle the things that brought you gleeful happiness in life. It’s never too late to pursue that lifelong dream.

Mother Bear

To dream of the mother bear is to dream of the feminine side in our lives – a side that all humans have. We all have a mother bear in us.

Mother bears are extremely protective of their cubs and family, and this may be a sign of how protective you are in your own relationships. Is there someone in your life you could be filling the mother figure for?

Try not to be too overbearing or smothering. You may find that this is the reason some of your relationships may suffer.

Baby Bear

To have a baby bear dream is quite genuine in nature.

Typically, to have dreams about bears can seem quite aggressive, but to dream of a baby bear is to dream about love and innocence.

You may feel as though you’re the cub in the dream who needs to feel loved and protected, or it might be that you have a lot of love to give to others who may be more vulnerable than you.

Either way, to have this dream of bears is to love someone unconditionally.

Teddy Bear

To dream of a teddy bear links intrinsically to your childhood.

Perhaps it’s time for you to be more childlike in your everyday life. Being an adult can strip you of the things you once found enjoyable, so go back and rediscover them. It’s time to be a kid again – enjoy your life.

It’s also important to note that dreaming of a teddy bear indicates that it’s time to involve your friends more. Perhaps you’re finding life to be boring. Turn to your friends, this dream indicates close connections and the power to turn your life around.

Embrace your friends, life, dreams. It’s time to enjoy the world again.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Bears, You May Feel…


There are many reasons to feel positive when you dream of a bear, but having that dream of seeing a bear may evoke feelings such as these:

  • Cosiness: to see a bear as a child would fill you with a lot of comfort and warmth. And while the real life version of a bear may not live up to your dream of a bear – or any media representation of one – it can still be warming and reassuring to wake up from a cosy dream symbol.
  • Control: If you dream of a bear standing or exerting its power and strength, then this can be a symbol of empowerment for the dreamer.
  • Comfort: much like the cosiness a dream about a bear can evoke, comfort is another feeling often felt while dreaming. However, relish in the feeling of comfort, it might be a sign that a familial situation will arise that brings you happiness.


What goes up, must come down. Negative dreams about a bear are just as common as positive – however, a positive dream won’t leave us in an uncomfortable state for the remainder of the day.

  • Scared: if you dream of a bear and wake up feeling scared (perhaps you had a dream about a dead bear?) then this could be a sign of the things you’re afraid to do or the possibilities of life. Either way, remember that you’re the one in control; in your dream and out of it.
  • Anxious: if you wake up feeling anxious after dreaming of a bear, then this could be a sign that there is something in your life you aren’t confronting. If you keep running away from the things in your life that make you feel fear then you’ll never truly be happy.
  • Pushy: bears are associated with aggression, to dream of these creatures may sometimes leave you waking up feeling cornered – especially, when you wake up from a dream of a bear running away, towards you, or a bear standing on its feet in an aggressive pose.

A Bit of Context into… Bear Dreams

The Religious Meaning

The symbol of the bear has popped up in many various religions and cultures.

In Native American cultures, bear totems were used as a symbol for manifesting similar traits like strength, power, and family. Whereas in Feng Shui, bear symbols were seen as masculine energy that could represent and protect the family home – they were seen as particularly powerful when placed in the main entrance of the home.

The Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual world, there are fairly similar crossover bear meanings.

For many, seeing a bear in your dream symbolizes your strength, power, and connection to the world. It was an affirmation to people of what can make you happy in life, the stamina you have, and how you approach life with a lot of mental and psychological strength.

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