Lizard Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Lizard.

Lizard in Dream Meanings

The lizard in your dream can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, it merely depends on which lens you wish to view it from.

Lizards are incredibly intelligent creatures, they have incredible hearing, the ability to move quickly, camouflage, and can regrow their own limbs.

To see a lizard dropping or a lizard crawling (or any one of its other abilities, skills, or survival tactics) often indicates that you’re someone who can mimic the lizard in many ways. There may be new things coming up in your life that your dreams are preparing you for, but it’s up to you to listen to them so that you can embrace your new potential.

Don’t accept any situation as concrete. Things change, people change, and you need to be open to the various possibilities that the world can offer you. Come with new approaches, consider different viewpoints, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to try things differently.

A lizard in a dream is in many times a gift to the dreamer. It should reassure you that everything will be okay, you’re capable and ready for whatever challenge will arise. Keep this in mind as you journey through the various possibilities and circumstances of your life.

Most Frequent Examples of Lizards in Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Dead Lizard?

If your lizard dream features a dead lizard then this is a sign that there’s something in your life that you need to rectify.

It may be a negative or toxic personality trait, but a dead lizard in your dream symbolises that it’s time to cut of the part of your that is no longer serving you. The dream definition of this particular dream can be positive, if you consider the way in which change can be helpful and conducive to transforming your life.

Did You Dream About… Lizards Crawling?

If you dream of a lizard crawling, then ensure you remember where or what the lizard was crawling on or towards.

For example, if you dream that a lizard is crawling on your body then there are people in your world who want to disrupt your peace. They may be trying to take aspects of your life from you, so keep your ideas and dreams close to you – and only tell people when they’re ready to launch.

If you see a lizard crawling in general, then this lizard dream meaning represents someone crawling after you in real life. Keep yourself open to love and new connections.

Whereas, if you see multiple lizards crawling in a dream then this can suggest that there will be an attack from your enemies. The attack will be vindictive in nature, so keep an eye on your love life and social life.

Did You Dream About… Lizards Crawling

Did You Dream About… a Lizard Attacking?

To have an aggressive lizard dream can be incredibly jarring for many people.

Although lizards scuttling towards you and attacking may be seen as inherently negative, the dream is merely a male symbol for the omen of wisdom. You have a lot of fight in you and you’re not afraid to turn cold blooded and fight back. Your enemies are watching you, so be careful with your next moves before you retaliate.

Did You Dream About… a Sleeping Lizard?

If you dream of a lizard sleeping then there maybe someone in your waking life who needs something from you; it could be your money, your time, or an attack on your love life.

Be wary of the people who pretend to be something that they’re not, the sleeping lizard may also be pretending to be asleep. It may be tough, but this is one of the psychic dreams you can have; you know the truth.

Did You Dream About… a Pet Lizard?

If you dream of having a lizard as a pet, then this dream signals that there is a caring and nurturing side to your nature. You may be someone who wants to live an easy life, away from any hardship or struggles.

The hidden dream meanings with this are that you’re also someone who wants to look after something and find a connection in life.

Other Examples of Lizard Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Lizard Hiding?

If there is a lizard in a dream and it runs away from you to hide, then consider how this could apply to your real life. Is there something you’re hiding from your friends and family? Perhaps it’s time to be honest? Or is there something that someone is hiding from you?

Did You Dream About… Lizards Chasing Something?

Is the lizard in a dream chasing after something? Can you see what that something is? Is it something that you want for yourself?

If this single lizard in your dream can chase after something and achieve it, just consider what you can do. There may be challenges, but everything in life comes with challenges – don’t let them hold you back.

Did You Dream About… Baby Lizards?

There is a contrast between a huge lizard in a dream and a baby lizard in a dream.

Do you feel that the baby lizard struggles to fit into their family life? Or in their work life? Do you feel as though everyone around you has found the trick to being an adult while you’re just wandering through life.

Don’t sell yourself short. The baby lizard in a dream is capable of much – as are you.

Did You Dream About… Baby Lizards

Did You Dream About… Catching a Lizard?

To catch a lizard in your dream is a representation of your love life.

If you caught a lizard with your bare hands, then this represents how you’re active in love and catching those that you find attractive and appealing to you. Of course, this is only really applicable to those who are already single.

Whether you’re with a partner or without, this dream is a positive omen. It often connotes long-term happiness either with the self or with someone else, as well as success in various of other relationships.

In the instance that you failed to catch the lizard, then this suggests that you may struggle with love and relationships. It might be that you find yourself pushing people away when you don’t intend to or that you’re hyper-critical of your relationships. You need to relax and let the lizard (and real people) come to you.

Only when you take the time to breathe and remember that you’re enough will you be able to comfortable attract the people you want in life.

Did You Dream About… Turning into a Lizard?

If you dream of someone turning into a lizard in your dream, then this dream suggests that there is someone in need.

The lizard falls and experiences hardships – although it is a spiritual animal, it need just as much help as anyone else. And if a person in your life is turning into one (in a dream, obviously) then it’s likely they are going through huge changes in their life.

Consider how you can help the lizard in your dream and the person in waking life. Is there a conversation you can mediate or can you offer a shoulder to cry on? You have more power than you think, you just have to offer yourself as a piece of support.

The Types of Lizards in Your Dream

Gecko Lizard

The lizard symbolism of geckos is that they are a positive omen.

The dream claims that you may be going through some hurdles in your life or some problems are rapidly approaching, however, you have all the tools you need to escape the situation mostly unharmed. While these challenges may seem daunting, they’ll work out well for you in the end, you just need to reach that point.

Desert Lizards

To see a desert lizard in a dream indicates that you’re comfortable at blending into the background and conforming to those around, but this isn’t a motionless lizard and neither are you.

There’s so much you can achieve in your life, you just need to be brave and embrace the unique part of yourself. You can stand out as much as anyone else, you just need a safe space to do so.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are often seen as this huge lizard with a dominating presence, they’re often popular with many people and you may be able to resonate with this lizard symbolism.

However, there’s more to you than a base layer.

This dream represents betrayal of the self. There’s more to you than meets the eye, don’t hold back because you’re afraid of how people may view you.

Bearded Dragon

Green Iguana

To dream of a green lizard or iguana means that you’re determined to succeed and that you will.

You may have had a spiritual awakening or have always been aware of the life path that you need to be on, but either way, you know where you want to go in life and you’re willing to achieve it.

Don’t let anything or anyone – especially in your love life – hold you back from your full potential. The dreams of a green lizard or iguana mean something, you have a lot of untapped power.

Leopard Gecko

This is a particular single lizard to dream of, often, to dream of a lizard with these markings and of this breed is symbolic of your inner ego.

To have this lizard dream is symbolic of the new project you’re working on – it might be in the form of a relationship that is blossoming or a physical project at work, you’re struggling with it and need to ask for help. It may be a big issue for you to ask for help, whether it’s because of a physical issue that holds you back or a issue that you have with trust, but either way, your detached attitude and trust issues are holding you back. Although it may make you seem mysterious, the dream symbolizes your limitations.

Red Lizard

To see a red lizard in a dream often links to your solid foundation – you may have no issue taking risks and moving through your spiritual and professional life with a lot of determination.

You’re willing to face life with bravery and gumption, this dream meaning may indicate that there will be changes coming up in your life, but you’re more than capable of facing them. Just remember that because you can have anything, doesn’t mean that it is for you – only take the things you truly want in this world.

Orange and Black Lizard

If a lizard in your dream is covered in orange and black patterns, then this symbolizes the way in which this beautiful lizard is unique to your everyday life.

This dream suggests that a unique experience will be exposed to you soon. But you need to be sure that you’re open and say ‘yes to the opportunities being presented to you.

Black Lizard

The dream meaning of a black lizard is representative of the shadow part of your life. It might be that you’re hiding a secret or belief in your life, but remember, the truth always comes out – no matter how dark it may be.

Yellow Lizard

To dream about a yellow lizard often is a symbol of societal norms and rules, it might be that you’re ready to rebel and focus on fresh and new ideas or it might be that you have a relationship that holds you back in life.

You can make your hopes and dream come true while still having people in your life, you don’t need to do everything alone – in fact, you may enjoy the support that it brings.

Blue Lizard

For those dreaming about blue lizards, this dream symbolizes the calm and peace that is slowly approaching your life. It may be that you’re starting to look after yourself or that you’re regenerating, but the peace that you’ve been searching for is slowly arriving.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Lizards, You May Feel…


Amazed: to wake from a positive dream about a beautiful lizard and feel amazed is to understand that every creature on the planet – even the wonderful, colored lizards – can offer something in the world. You can offer something to the world.

Curious: if you wake from your dream feeling curious as to what the dream represents, then it is entirely normal to respond that way. Lizards often have various meanings,

Surprised: to wake from a dream feeling surprised, then the dream means that you’re receptive to the changes that may be coming up in your life. This dream is often a positive omen to many people as you approach life with interest and not fear.


Overwhelmed: real life can often be hard to settle with, but when this feeling of being overwhelmed follows us into our dream world then the feelings can magnify. If you felt overwhelmed when waking up from seeing a lizard in your dream, then this means that there are aspects of the dream getting to you in your life.

Terrified: to wake feeling terrified from a lizard dream means that there is something that the dream represents that you’re avoiding in waking life. Perhaps a lizard falling in your dream symbols you falling behind in your school life? Consider what the dream signifies.

Strange: if you awake from a dream feeling stranger, that’s entirely rational – especially, considering how to dream of a lizard can have quite jarring dream meanings and symbols. Typically this feeling of the strange and abject is linked to how you feel about yourself and the people around you.

A Bit of Context into… Lizard Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

When analyzing your dreams in a spiritual lens, it’s important to view lizards in the way that those connected to the earth do.

When a lizard is represented as a totem animal, it’s important to remember that this is an animal that many worships. To dream of this creature and feel the spiritual energy behind it often means that you have an emotional connection to it.

What skills and energies can you take away from this emblem. To many, a lizard is connected with speed, agility, spirit, and the flow of life – they’re also a cold blooded animals and can connote an air of detachment. Which elements do you want to represent?

The Religious Meaning

In ancient dream dictionaries, the lizard was seen as a transformative creature whose powers were close enough to be seen as a diety to some.

During the Pallava dynasty, the ancient dream dictionaries and reports in the temple of Kanchi suggest that there were spaces decorated with gold and silver lizards. The belief was that if you touch the lizards there, you become exempt from all that the lizard may fall to.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, a lizard dream is seen to represent the dreamers’ enemies.

For example, in the instance that you see a lizard crawling towards you in a dream then this could mean that your enemy has made it their mission to chase after you. Depending on how you respond to this chase will depend on how you feel when you wake up. Either way, you should be careful with this dream as it is clear that someone is out to get you.

According to Gustavus Hindman Miller, this association between lizards in dreams and enemies in life is even closer than first described. Combine this interpretation with the concept of a lizard in a dream is often associated with good fortune, then many people can find themselves reaping rewards when they interact with the dream lizard.

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