Dragon Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Dragon.

Dragon Dreams Definition

If you’re having dragon dreams, then in a general sense, this can represent the duality of life, the light and the dark sides.

Dragons are a spiritual symbol often associated with magic, danger, and beauty. They can come in many forms and may have many unique powers, depending on what kind of dragon you dream of will depend on the real meaning.

Make note of what type of dragon you see in your dream as it may fundamentally transform the true meaning.

Most Frequent Examples of Dragons in Dreams

Did You Dream About… a Dragon Attacking?

To dream of a dragon attacking you is often linked to the anxiety that you may feel in waking life.

While it is a brave feat to fight a dragon, to be losing the battle is often representative of your own mind and how you may feel that you’re losing control over it.

In many cases, when the dragon attacks it is mostly because they are protecting something. The dragon means they are not the bad guy, but the good. Is there a reason you aren’t able to win the battle against yourself? Are you avoiding something?

To see the dragon attacking other people this could represent the way in which you feel about them.

Waking life is never easy, but it can be when you face your fears and anxieties head on. Just know that yo can ask for help.

Did You Dream About… a Dragon Spreading Its Wings?

To see a dragon in dreams spreading its wings will often link to the anticipation surrounding your future.

There may be a lot of new plans in your waking life that you’re waiting to experience in the near future, and that will come soon, but savour the now too. Although flying dragon dreams are incredibly exciting, a dragon spreading its wings can also symbolize hidden anxieties and aggressions.

Make sure you’re not rushing through your life and then this dream will be a good omen of the things to come. Keep working hard and look forward to your new beginning.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Dragon?

To see a dragon in dreams is to see your waking life for the exciting world that it is.

You’re a creative soul that has the ability to create your own destiny, but you may get distracted by frivolous things such as rage or glamour. None of this matters. Seeing a dragon symbolism is a reminder to focus on the love for your family members and friends, you have all you need already.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Dragon

Did You Dream About… Being Killed by a Dragon?

In ancient times, being killed by a dragon may have been seen as an honourable way to die; especially, if fairy tales.

However, in reality, being killed by a dragon would be a fearful and gruelling way to die. You may be torn limb from limb or be set fire too (or any other way), ultimately, there’s nothing heoric from this death. In real life, you need to stop sacrificing yourself because of what others want.

Do what you want and if you failed, at least, you did so on your own terms.

Did You Dream About… the Dragon Killed?

If you killed a dragon in a dream, then you may be trying to regulate your own emotions.

This is a time for you to think more rationally, is there a way you can fight back in your life? Or did you say something to the wrong person? Are you angry in life?

Your death doesn’t need to be the end of something, take a deep breath and relax in knowing that there’s always something new to try. It’s never the ending as long as you keep moving.

Did You Dream About… a Dragon’s Cave?

The cave of the dragon represents rebirth.

To dream this dragon dream is to consider your mother and father. What is your relationship like with them? Do you take on the caring role in someone’s life? The cave is linked to the womb.

Often, dragons in caves are protecting something. What is the treasure inside your life? Once you find the answer to this question, your dragon dream will be clear.

Did You Dream About… Multiple Dragons?

To dream of many dragons represents a bad omen; there’s something you feel threatened over.

Let go of your anger and pent up emotions. Approach the people in your life with love and care then slowly you’ll find that negativity dissipates too.

Did You Dream About… a Dead Dragon?

If in your dragon dream, the dragon is dead then this is a sign that you’re not releasing your true self.

What do you truly want from life? Ignore what everyone around you is telling you. It’s time for you to take this dream interpretation and apply it to your life. It might feel like a lot but you’re avoiding your true path.

The dead dragon in dreams may be that you need to sacrifice something. Maybe it’s spending time with your friends or you need to part with your money to invest into something else, you need to mix up your life to avoid being stagnant.

Did You Dream About… a Dragon Guarding Treasure?

If your dragon dreams see the dragon guarding treasure, then this dream can be taken in a multitude of ways. In one sense, it’s a warning that you need to protect the things in your life.

In another, this dragon dream is challenging you. You’re going to face some challenges in your waking life and now it’s up to you whether you want the end result enough or not.

Did You Dream About… a Dragon Guarding Treasure

Did You Dream About… Becoming a Dragon?

To become the dragon in dreams is a good sign that you’re becoming more powerful in your waking life.

You’re ready to hold control and be consistent in your life. To live as this powerful creature and fly through the sky represents the spiritual aspects of life you’re beginning to inhabit.

Whereas being one of three dragons may show that you need people in your life to feel most empowered.

Did You Dream About… Fighting a Dragon?

Fighting a dragon in dreams often shows that you have an incredibly passionate way of approaching life; although this passion may be mistaken for fury at times.

In our waking life, balance is crucial. Ensuring you’re embracing your divine feminity as much your masculine energy, this might feel like you’re becoming weaker but actually, it gives you the opportunity to be softer and build greater connections.

Life doesn’t need to be a battle all the time.

The Different Types of Dragons You May Dream of…

Red Dragon

Red dragons are often seen in dreams by those who are going through a phase of passion or romance.

Although the dragon is a creature to fear, the red dragon is only a threat when provoked or frightened. However, it’s also a powerful creature. You’re a person noticed for your passion in life.

Don’t let people encourage you not to show off. although it might be intimidating to some, that isn’t your problem; but perhaps be careful what you say to others. If the red dragon can also breathe fire then this relates to your deepest thoughts and how we communicate in the world.

Blue Dragon

Dreaming of a blue dragon is seen as storage of emotions.

In colour theory, blue is seen as natural but with a deep range of feelings. If you were to dream of a blue dragon, then it may be that you have a fickle relationship with it. Sometimes the dragon might be associated with calm and other times, moodiness.

This dream is a symbol of our collective emotions. Seeing a blue dragon represents more than one thing, it’s a symbol for the myriad of life: the sweet, the light, the sad, personal growth, and more. You can’t have one without the other, so why try to?

Black Dragon

In colour theory, dreams of black dragons connote an air of mystery.

There are many conflicting meanings of this dragon, so it’s best to clearly understand how you feel internally before trying to decode it.

For example, to dream of a black dragon is to offer you a sense of power and wisdom, especially, when applied to the astral plane. This connection to the inner self can come with a lot of good fortune and understanding on how to proceed with life.

Dreams of a black dragon also suggest that you may gain strength from being aware of the dark side of the self. This is not necessarily your ‘bad’ side, but the parts of you that you hide from others.

Only by addressing the things you’re avoiding can you embrace the whole. If the black dragon appears in your dream it suggests that you may be quite intimidating and powerful, you don’t have to use this power for evil – you can instead use it for good.

White Dragon

For many, white is a symbol of peace, holiness, and innocence.

When applied to a dragon, a white dragon could be a sign of someone coming to save you. Although you may fear the white dragon, don’t. It’s often someone who wants the best for you and will help you out of any situation you’re in.

White dragons will force you to face life head on. And although it may be daunting, once you clear the hurdle in your life this dream is positive symbolism that you’ll be able to find a fresh start where you can thrive and grow in. We can never escape life’s pain, only find a way through.

White Dragon

Yellow Dragon

In many cultures, dreaming of a yellow dragon is linked to communication.

That communication may be through writing, creativity, or speaking. To reap the full benefit of this dream, understand which way you best communicate and build upon your skills, this is how you’ll best connect with others.

Golden Dragon

To have golden dragon dreams is to see the desires of the true self.

It might be that the gold dragon is pointing to riches, your own hidden desires, or a sense of closeness to religion, but either way, you’re embracing that luxurious side to yourself.

Just remember not to overindulge in certain belief systems or luxuries, all good things should be enjoyed in measure.

Silver Dragon

Silver dragons or grey dragons often are associated with a journey to the underworld. It might also suggest there’s a dark side of yourself that you seldom reveal.

And these dragons also serve as a reminder that the world isn’t black and white, our perspective on things can always change and shift. You never truly know the full story.

Water Dragon

The dream interpretation of a water dragon is that they are linked to both male and female energy. This is due to the fact that a sea monster can take a lot of action and be motivated by the tide; which can be rough and forceful. Whereas, the female is represented through the nature and abundance side of the water.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

A fire-breathing dragon dream is common as this is one of the more popular dragons to dream of.

The dream interpretation of this is that you need to find a way to keep the fire under control. Keep the dragon’s mouth closed and you may find you’re made aware of a different perspective. This dragon is a lot of powerful energy, harness it well – and don’t let the fact you can breathe fire into life burn those close to you.

Flying Dragon

Flying dragon dreams are a good sign.

They often represent that you’re moving in the right direction of your life. You may have previously been in a period of depression and challenges, but this dragon dream is a sign that that’s over.

You have the power you need in life and as opportunities begin to present themselves, you just have to be sure to take it. Soar high and don’t let procrastination or fear hold you back.

Bearded Dragon

Of the dragons mentioned, the bearded dragon can be found in waking life.

But when seen in dragon dreams, they indicate a sense of dishonesty. Trusting people can be hard, but trusting the wrong person is natural, as well as allows room for growth and lets people step into their true nature.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons are also one of the few on this list that appears in real life.

Native to Indonesia, they can weigh up to 150 pounds. To see this dragon in dreams represents guilt you’ve been feeling. There may be some unresolved issues in your life or you may need closure, reach out and grab it.

The Komodo dragon has quite a fierce temperament, if you upset someone then you probably didn’t mean it. Work on your communication and relationships, this will allow you to welcome change.

Baby Dragon

A small dragon or baby dragon is connected to innocence and the inner child.

In your dragon dreams, this small dragon may actually be you at another stage in your life. Can you remember a time you needed strength? Or do you need strength now? You have all the skills you need, you only need to show up for yourself.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Dragons, You May Feel…


Brave: to feel brave after reaming of a dragon is a good sign that you’re going to be able to conquer many of the troubles you may face in life. You’re incredibly capable and believe in yourself.

Strong: to feel strong when you wake up from this dream has the same meaning as when you wake up feeling brave. However, this strength may be physical or emotional, by finding out then you’ll be able to figure whether you need to work on your divine masculinity or feminity.

Fortuitous: if a dragon dream wakes you up with a feeling of fortune, then many treasures will be coming your way – however, you’ll be expected to work extra hard for it.


Fearful: if a dragon attacked in a dream then it’s totally valid waking up feeling fearful. Dragons aren’t calm creatures, they evoke fear and worry in its victim but it’s about how you use this fear. Will you cower in the corner? Or go down with a fight?

Overpowered: multiple dragons dream or dragons alone dreams can leave you waking up feeling overpowered, and that’s normal. This lack of power can be difficult to stomach if you often take charge, but sometimes when we feel weak then we can locate where we’re most vulnerable.

Vengeful: to stare a dragon face down is a powerful thing, you may wake up feeling vengeful but this anger will allow you to tackle whatever part of life you’re struggling with. You have a raw energy that can’t be defeated, use it.

A Bit of Context into… Dragon Dreams

The Psychological Meaning

Famous dream psychologist, Sigmund Freud, suggested that to dream of a dragon is to link to the mother.

This isn’t in an incestuous way, but more in the sense of rebirth. Many bow to the dragon totem, and this is due to the face they have the chance to change their lives in a way that aligns with them. Rebirth isn’t something that comes around many times in life, so if you’re experiencing this dream, then seize the opportunity while you can.

You may no longer have a parent to look after you, but instead, you can reparent yourself until you are at the point of where you want to be in life.

The Spiritual Meaning

Dragons come up in all sorts of spiritual beliefs.

In Greek mythology, there are plenty of stories of dragons. For example, in a Greek myth, the Dragon Hydra guards spring water – seeing a dragon like this may make you wonder, what are you hiding? We all have a side to ourselves that is hidden.

In comparison, Chinese mythology explores many dragons in the way that they protect people. In Chinese mythology, this would be known as the Dragon which protects and looks for humans known as Mesoamerica or Quentzalcoatl.

The Religious Meaning

In the Christian faith and in the UK, the story of St George is told to teach others of the way in which St George took it upon himself to tame and kill a dragon.

The fire breathing dragons of the story would fly down on an English town and ask for one sacrifice each day, if not, the entire town would be slain. In this story, St George rebelled and instead, killed the dragon.

This story is an excellent example of the ways in which we can overcome that way fears us the most.

In the bible, Revelation 12:1-17, there is a war in heaven between Satan and demons. In this passage, a red dragon appears as a support of Satan there to kill others. This biblical meaning can seem daunting, but seeing a dragon is there to protect you – you can never truly know who is there, after all.

If you’re religious and dreamt of a dragon, this story may be relevant due to the fact that the attitude towards these creatures are theoretically evil – however, they have a goal in mind. While you’re checking the sin in your life, check for any other areas that may be severe.

Just remember, in both versions of the story, it tells you to be aware of your surroundings and that sometimes evil isn’t evil, sometimes the dragon means its time for growth in your life.

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