Tattoo Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Tattoo.

Tattoo Dreams Definition

In general, a tattoo dream is an indicator.

They are visible signs that show people the way in which you decorate your skin, how you want to stand out from people, which images you deem as beautiful, what you desire.

Tattoo dreams often represent a variety of things.

Ultimately, those who dream of a tattoo and decorate themselves with them are on some sort of spiritual journey. It might be that they are in touch with images around in their life or they were drawn to a particular tattoo, but either way, they dream and act the way they do for a reason.

Your personality isn’t dictated by the dream or tattoo, but it is an easy way to finally express yourself for the world’s eye.

Ultimately, what a tattoo means to you is personal – within or without of your dreams.

Survey what prevalent images show up in your dream and find meaning in these. It’ll be the small things in your tattooed dreams that dominate your future.

Most Frequent Examples of Tattoos in Dreams

Did You Dream About… Getting a Tattoo?

If you dream about getting a tattoo, then this is a symbol for a big decision coming up in real life.

Whether it’s in a dream or in waking life, getting a tattoo is a big deal. Not only do you need to decide where on your body are you going to get it, but you also need to decide what it is.

In a dream, getting a tattoo is symbolic of your identity and the way you position yourself through life. It also changes the way other people may view you in life. Tattoos are often symbolism for an art piece, whether you’re in a dream or in life, getting a tattoo is a major decision for most people.

Whether it’s a huge tattoo, small tattoo, across your whole body, legs, or arms, getting a tattoo will change the perception of your life and who you become.

Did You Dream About… Getting a Tattoo

Did You Dream About… Getting the Wrong Tattoo?

Did you dream about getting a tattoo, but it turns out the tattoo is the wrong one?

Unfortunately, the tattooed dream is indicating how you aren’t making progress towards your goals in real life. You may be doing the same thing over and over again, but not getting any results.

This might leave you feeling drained or tired, but you deserve the opportunity to keep fighting for the things that you want. And there’s no reason why you can’t achieve any dream, but you’re holding yourself back.

You might want to blame other people or another friend, but it’s more likely that you’ve been anxious, short-sighted, and insensitive.

Whether you dream of getting a tattoo and it being wrong, or you feel like a failure, it’s okay to be wrong. But it’s not okay to take it out on others.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Someone Else Get a Tattoo?

If you dream of a tattoo artist giving someone else some tattoos, then this could suggest that you’re trying to understand someone in life.

It might be a man you find unusual or a woman that you fancy, or even, somebody you find annoying. But either way, you want to decipher them and figure out why they are the way that they are.

If the person getting a tattoo in the dream is a friend, then this might suggest you have an interesting relationship with each other. You might struggle to figure them out. But that’s okay, you won’t always be able to understand other people in life; the best thing you can do is support them and help them understand who they are.

Did You Dream About… Covering Up a Tattoo?

If there are tattoos on your body that you dream of covering up, then this dream means that there are mistakes in your past that you want to change.

But you can’t go back into the past.

It might upset you to read that, but covering up a large tattoo, tattoos on your legs, arms, or anywhere else isn’t going to take away the mistake or regret. You have to let go.

Of course, you can dream about improving a tattoo or changing it to fit your current body. But you can’t dwell on it.

If you do, then this will only add to your workaholic nature, anxiety, and general mental health. You need to review what you did, see if you can make a change – and if you can, great. If you can’t, forgive yourself.

Your future depends on your own kindness to yourself.

Did You Dream About… Tattoo Removal?

To remove a tattoo from your body in a dream means that there are some bad situations in your life.

You need to find a healthy way out of them.

That might mean making some difficult decisions, but you need to look at the bigger picture. If you don’t, the dreams you want from life, the woman or man you are, your nature could all be tarnished.

This may be in reference to your love life, workaholic nature, or something else entirely. But tattoos should symbolise you and the person you want to be. If something in your life doesn’t, then it’s time to get rid of it.

Did You Dream About… Tattoo Removal

Did You Dream About… Regretting a Tattoo?

If you dream of regretting your tattoos then this dream is referring to your impulsive nature, you may also have a desire to rush into things.

It might be that you have an impulsive nature or that there are toxic people in your life who force you into situations, but either way, you’re still working on how to say no to people.

Did You Dream About… Tattooing Somebody?

If you dream about being a tattoo artist and tattooing someone, then this proves how you go after what you want in life.

The dream interpretation of this is that you might sometimes doubt your abilities, but your good luck and workaholic nature means that you can make anything happen. It’s time to let go of your doubts, and instead, take a stand and focus on your dreams.

The Different Types of Tattoos You May Dream of…

Dragon Tattoo

To dream of a tattoo of a dragon will represent your inner power and strength.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, this dream tattoo will symbolise a desire to be noticed and seen in a particular way. You may have a dominant aura about you, and you shouldn’t feel bad for that. Embrace who you are, but try not to seclude yourself away from people.

Rose Tattoo

A rose tattoo is common among the tattoo community.

A rose does represent love, beauty, passion. But a rose will also represent how you protect those around you and how you protect yourself. You’re a fairly covered person, who may fear being vulnerable.

But be careful, the more you push people away, the more you miss out on being able to express yourself in life.

Flower Tattoo

Dreaming of a flower tattoo is often seen as a woman tattoo.

However, getting a tattoo isn’t male or female. But certain images do connect with masculine and feminine energy – a flower tattoo, while not just for a woman, is feminine.

In your dreams, explore which flower it was that you had as a tattoo to have a better understanding on what it’ll represent.

Wrist Tattoo

To be dreaming of a wrist tattoo is a symbol for how your life is panning out successfully.

Your finances will soon be in order, any miscommunications in a friendship or relationship will need to be ironed out, and any hope you have you need to express so that it can come true.

Dreaming of this is completely associated with dreaming of action. It’s time that you take it.

Wrist Tattoo

Chest Tattoo

Dreaming of a tattoo in that area symbols your strength to others.

You may come across as an intense or powerful person, but that isn’t your issue. That’s just an idea they have of you in their head, however, it is your job to show them that there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Your feelings matter, don’t seek isolation and a lack of friends in the name of power.

Face Tattoo

A face tattoo is a bold and unusual move that shows to people in life that you’re after a permanent change.

You’re a creative person who takes risks, dreaming of this proves that you are a symbol of individuality.

If you’re dreaming of the tattoo spreading past the neck, then this shows how you have an impulsive nature with the tendency to take things too far.

Covered in Tattoos

If you’re dreaming of seeing someone or yourself covered in tattoos, then this will represent the change of your body and spirit.

You’re growing and transforming yourself, although it might be scary, don’t try to explain it away. Embrace it, just be careful of those who belittle you for this change; that is the quickest way to remain stagnant.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Tattoos, You May Feel…


Creative: to have tattoo dreams is often a sign of a creative mind. Tattoos are filled with symbolism, sometimes color, and discuss a person’s individuality. To dream of them is to see the world in an unusual way.

Introspective: many people theorise that tattoos explore a person’s desire, fear, past, and what they’re interested in. A tattoo is an extension of the person, if you dream of them you may have a clear idea of who you are.

Brave: tattoos aren’t pain-free. Dreaming of them can explore one’s own desire, they also represent permeance. Getting a tattoo is a permanent change and connotes an air of freedom.


Pain: getting a tattoo is painful, whether you’re dreaming of it or not. If you wake up feeling or remember that past pain, then this represents your struggle to completely let negativity go from your life.

Impulsive: impulsiveness isn’t inherently negative, however, having an impulsive nature can lead to making bad choices in the future and completely forgetting to take the time to gain a better understanding of the world.

Repulsed: if someone (or you) is covered in various tattoos, you may find this off-putting. However, this repulsion may be a sign of certain aspects you’re trying to hide of yourself.

A Bit of Context into… Tattoo Dreams

The Psychological Meaning

The psychological meaning behind dreams of getting a tattoo somewhere is often linked to ideas from Carl Jung.

Jung believed in the concept of transition, this essentially summarised is what you experience or see in life replicated in a dream. Theoretically, if you dream of getting a tattoo then this can be linked back to something you’ve seen or what someone has said.

The Religious Meaning

While in some religions, tattoos are seen as discretion of the body.

In Ancient Egypt, that wasn’t the case. In fact, the concept of tattooing actually originated with them. Typically, tattoos would be decorated onto mummies as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. This would help them pass over in the afterlife with a tattooed skin to be admired.

The Spiritual Meaning

We touched on how to dream of a tattoo is spiritual in a sense.

But to really understand that concept, you need to keep in mind that tattoos are also seen as a spiritual transformation. Some spiritualists even argue that the tattoos that we choose in this life dictate which spiritual path we walk down.

As we walk down our spiritual path, it’s critical to remember that the way we treat our body in real life will filter into our feelings which will filter into our spirit.

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