Flowers Dreams

The dream interpretation of flowers

Flower Dream Meaning

Flowers appear in many artists work, showing colorful flowers, a bunch of flowers or a flower garden. Think about famous paintings of Hamlet’s Ophelia. She is always painted holding a bunch of colorful flowers to symbolize her peace and purity. Flowers are used to convey messages, and in the Victorian era, were used for secret communications between lovers.

A flower garden is often a sign of wealth and prosperity. Wealthy families have vast gardens and most people have flower pots or hanging baskets around to brighten up their life and homes. Dreams about flowers signify growth, a spiritual path beginning or hidden messages someone is trying to tell you.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Flowers

Are You… Dreaming About Flowers Growing?

Dreams about flowers growing, flower buds or flowers blooming suggest nurturing. Such a dream suggests that you are taking good care of your inner peace and you’re blossoming as a result. Flowers blooming is a positive sign and suggests an enhanced spiritual journey. Colorful flowers in dreams suggest that happiness, excitement and cheerfulness is growing in your life.

Are You… Dreaming About Giving Flowers?

To dream about giving flowers represents feelings of discovering how pleasant, or desirable someone or something is. Flowers represent love, so you may be giving flowers to someone you admire or want a romantic relationship with.

Are You… Dreaming About Giving Flowers

Are You… Dreaming About Cutting Flowers?

When you see cut flowers in a dream, it suggests that there is a false friend in your life that will hinder your growth. Cutting flowers in dreams suggests you are hindering your own growth.

Are You… Dreaming of Receiving Flowers?

If you have received flowers in a dream is a sign that someone respects or admires you. Flowers are a symbol of respect, friendship and love so there may be a relationship that’s going well in your life. This could be romantic or platonic.

Are You… Dreaming About Trouble Planting Bulbs?

If you dream about trouble planting flowers or bulbs, there could be an internal struggle in your waking life that’s stopping you from starting your journey.

Are You… Dreaming of Smelling Flowers?

Smelling flowers suggests that you’re appreciative of life’s gifts and you’re taking the time to ‘stop and smell the roses’. It also means that you struggle to recognise good fortune or opportunities when they come along.

Are You… Dreaming of Funeral Flowers?

Funeral flowers in a dream suggests that you’re feeling guilt about something. They can also mean that you need to get better vision on something in your waking life and something is clouding your perception.

Are You… Dreaming of Wedding Flowers?

Wedding flowers symbolyze charm and love. If you catch the flowers, it indicates that a new relationship will blossom.

Are You… Dreaming of Dead Flowers?

To dream about dead flowers suggests that you’re noticing something in your waking life that is wasting its beauty. Dead flowers are neglected, so to see them suggests that you are neglecting something beautiful in your life. Colorful flowers that have died in your flower dream suggests that happiness is being neglected and it’s time to find the joy in life again.

Are You… Dreaming of Painted Flowers?

Artists choose the type of flower they depict in their paintings to convey a message, as flowers have their own individual secret meanings, and have a language of their own. Pay attention to the type of flower shown, as it means there is a message for you that you need to look for.

Are You… Dreaming of Painted Flowers

Are You… Dreaming of Picking Flowers?

Dreaming about picking flowers in your flower dream suggests that you are reaping the rewards of something you have been working on. This can represent your own success in your waking life, perhaps in business or love.

Are You… Dreaming of a Flower Bouquet?

A flower dream that features a flower bouquet shows an abundance of this particular emotion. Take a look at the type of flower in this dream and compare them to the flowers featured below to show you what you are feeling an excess of.

The Different Types of Flowers You May Dream of

Did You… Dream About a Yellow Daisy?

Yellow daisies are small, delicate flowers that can reflect feelings of small and powerful growth. A cluster of yellow daisies suggest that you can grow under any circumstances.

Did You… Dream About Yellow Daffodils?

Yellow daffodils suggest the start of spring and is a very good sign that you’re coming into your bright future. This dream means a possible pleasant surprise, as daffodils usually sprout in the spring around mother’s day. Perhaps there is a child coming for you.

Did You… Dream About Cherry Blossom?

Cherry blossoms are small pink flowers that grow on trees, and are common in Japan. Perhaps there is travel in your future.

Did You… Dream About Pink Lilies?

These flowers indicate sadness and pain, but these feelings can be overcome.

Did You… Dream About Mixed Flowers?

Mixed flowers suggest innocence and wisdom and can symbolize harmony and excitement.

Did You… Dream About Yellow Roses?

To dream about these flowers suggest that a goal or target will be reached and you will experience some success.

Did You… Dream About Red Roses?

Red roses link the dreamer to passion. Red roses are the universal symbol of love, desire and passion. A red flower can denote some danger, so the thorns on the rose stems can suggest caution in this area.

Did You… Dream About Red Roses

Did You… Dream About White Roses?

White flowers represents feelings of peace, so white roses suggest there is peace and serenity about you. Roses are a love flower, so they can be a sign of purity. A white flower is normally a positive sign.

Did You… Dream About Green Chrysanthemums?

The colour green is associated with the heart chakra and also feelings of jealousy. These flowers can denote these connotations.

The Different Colours of Flowers You May Dream of

Did You… Dream of White Flowers?

White flowers are a symbol of purity, however, white flowers can also mean sadness. White flowers are also a representation of inner peace.

Did You… Dream of Purple Flowers?

Purple flowers may reflect enjoyment in witnessing enemies becoming powerless. They also represent enjoying feelings of power over people.

Did You… Dream of Red Flowers?

Red flowers (not roses) suggest danger and that you may enjoy bad things happening to people. Red flowers can also suggest passion, desire and love. Red flowers are the colour of blood and the heart, so there may be a sexual component here.

Did You… Dream of Green Flowers?

Green flowers are associated with jealousy. If you are seeing green flowers, you could be jealous of someone or they could be jealous of you.

Did You… Dream of Orange Flowers?

Orange flowers suggest that someone is in a state of enjoyment and cheerfulness. Orange flowers are a representation of pleasure and contentment.

Did You… Dream of Pink Flowers?

Pink flowers are a representation of universal self love. They also represent friendship and affection.

Did You… Dream of Yellow Flowers?

Yellow flowers may suggests feelings of importance to appreciate something special. Yellow flowers tell you that at some extra attention is needed towards something. A yellow flower, like yellow tulips, suggests a new job is coming.

Did You… Dream of Yellow Flowers

Did You… Dream of Blue Flowers?

Blue flowers suggest that someone is enjoying something bad happening to you. Blue flowers represent negative emotions, like jealousy and meaness. Seeing blue flowers in your dream suggests admiration of bad things.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Flowers, You May Feel…


Happiness: to dream about flowers can be a pleasant dream and this dream implies some inner love. A red rose is a symbol of love and to dream of one of those suggests that love is in your future. Flower dreams are a common sign of good things. Flower dreams can also mean that you’re having a burst of happiness, joy and enjoyment with your life.

Comfort: Dreams about flowers suggest comfort. Especially planting flowers and letting them grow. When they’re in full bloom, these dreams suggests that the planted flowers you put down are thriving and so are you. A flower garden suggests that you’re blossoming in life.


Caution: withered flowers or artificial flowers suggest neglect and artificial flowers suggest that something or someone is not what it seems. Gorgeous flowers can have the appearance of good things, however, this is not always the case.

A Bit of Context into… Flower Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

To see a beautiful flower is a positive dream. Flowers dreams, especially colorful flowers in bloom, show that your spiritual journey is on track. Dreams about flowers, planting flowers and fresh flowers show that you are beginning your spiritual path and it’s going well.

The Religious Meaning

Flowers dreams represent a religious side sometimes. Many Gods are often depicted with flowers around them, so flowers are usually a sign that they’re watching over you.

The Psychological Meaning

Planting flowers shows something is beginning and flower garden dreaming suggests that you’re taking care of yourself or something important to create something beautiful. Flower pots and hanging baskets suggest you’re the type of person who can blossom in any circumstance. Dreams about flowers suggest you have a nurturing side to you and a flowers dream is a way of telling you that.

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