Blood Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Blood.

Blood Dream Definition

To dream of blood is to see close associations of love and loyalty.

This is because blood dreams often link to the integral parts of our life. If something were to change, then the entire body folds along with it. We see this happen with blood disorders or on a more spiritual level when the blood moon is out; people are often impacted by the moon cycle, but this moon can represent a new life cycle.

Consider what else the dream is trying to tell you. These small images in your dream will let you know if there are positive changes or negative.

Also, consider whether you’re a male or female. As the dream meaning focuses more on masculinity in question when it’s a man, whereas, due to menstrual blood, when a woman sees blood in dreams it’s closely related to the internal emotions.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Blood

Did You Dream About… Drinking Blood?

If you’re drinking blood in dreams, then this has a close link to vampires – so pay attention to any media you may have consumed about them recently.

This dream means you have a natural inclination towards passion, love, and humans – however, you may struggle to be honest with your intentions or yourself. If you can uncover your internal issues, you’ll find peace.

Did You Dream About… Losing Blood?

The losing blood meaning in a dream may suggest that you’re not yourself.

You might feel weak or tired. For many people, to lose blood represent a loss of life energy, you might struggle with the typical tasks that you do each day.

Did You Dream About… Losing Blood

Did You Dream About… Giving a Blood Transfusion?

Dreaming of blood transfusions are suggest that you want to act as a personal sacrifice for the people in your life. This dream represents extreme change, a loss of love, or that you feel you need to give something up.

Although it’s kind that you dream of saving others and offering yourself away, you shouldn’t do so at the cost of your own spiritual well being.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Blood Stains?

Blood dreaming can often also mean that you find bloodstains on your clothes.

This dream may suggest that you’ve someone in some way and now you have to face the results of that pain. This might be in revenge or compensation.

If you try washing away the blood, then this is a sign that you want to make up for what you’ve done. However, in real life, it isn’t as easy as just washing it away, you need to put in the work.

Did You Dream About… Animal Blood?

Animals are pure beings, to see animal blood is akin to a miracle.

You might be a special person capable of incredible things, you just need to trust yourself and what this dream is trying to tell you.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Other People’s Blood?

To see another person’s blood shows that there is something someone wants to tell you.

This might end in a family argument or perhaps bring you closer to that person, but either way, your relationships may change from this.

Did You Dream About… Seeing Menstrual Blood?

To dream of a tampon covered in blood or the blood from your period represents your worries in life.

A tampon covered in blood or the menstrual cycle, in general, are very natural things, any pain you feel during this time will eventually pass. This dream means that things will be forgiven in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Giving Blood?

Giving blood is a symbol of a kind and genuine person who has so much to give in life, but may get overwhelmed quite easily. Ensure you take time for yourself in life and don’t let other people’s needs overshadow your own.

Did You Dream About… Bloody Clothes?

Dreaming of your clothes covered in blood is a symbol of a conflict in your life.

However, this will be resolved. It might be something you have to face alone, but bloodstains wash out. You have the power to do whatever you need to.

Did You Dream About… Bloody Clothes

Did You Dream About… Being Covered in Blood?

Covered in blood dreaming can be quite an intense dream to face.

It also is seen as what a man dreams of as it directly links to conflict. It might be that you became this way through fighting or attacks on yourself (or others). But either way, dreaming of blood covering you represents a sense of loss.

Did You Dream About… Trying to Stop Bleeding?

The blood dream meaning can change slightly when it’s associated with the act of trying to stop the bleeding.

This dream signified the grief you feel for someone you’re recently lost. That may be someone who died, a friend who walked away, or yourself from previous life cycles. Change is inevitable, you’ve got to learn how to embrace it.

Did You Dream About… Vomiting Blood?

The dream meaning of vomiting blood is often an unfortunate sign of the deterioration of your health. You might have struggled with health recently or be on the journey of recovery, but either way, it’s causing you to become a spiritual surrender; you’re giving up and losing motivation.

Did You Dream About… Blood on Your Hands?

Dreaming of blood on your hands in a dream is often a warning that you need to pay more attention to the things going on around you. It is also a metaphorical saying to mean a sense of feeling guilty or blaming someone, this may be a manifestation of how you feel about yourself.

Acknowledge your pain and then you can move on from it.

Did You Dream About… Spitting Blood?

The spitting blood dream meaning often relates to sickness in our waking life.

This may occur in the person who spat up the blood in a dream. The illness will be minor, but it’s best to ensure you stay in top health and look after your body and blood vessels for the next few months.

Did You Dream About… Spitting Blood

Dreams About Blood Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Ready: to dream of blood represents a sense of being prepared for whatever comes your way in life. You might be a positive omen in other people’s dreams, but you need to remember this is your life (and dream). Do what is good for you.

Helpful: it’s good luck to give back, so even though you may feel like you lose blood from this dream, you’re, in fact, saving people from emotional pain.

Intimate: in waking life, a blood transfusion or giving your own blood away suggests you’re close enough to the person to offer them that. The dream interpretation of this is that you feel close to this person on an intense level.

Negative Dreams

Tired: a blood transfusion or bloody words can leave you in physical and emotional distress. To lose a part of you that essential can leave many at a loss.

Terrified: in your waking life, many people are afraid of bleeding. If you wake up terrified from dreaming of blood, then it’s a rational feeling to experience.

Upset: to dream of blood may leave you feeling upset in your waking life, this is due to the fact that you’ll feel as though a life force has been drained from you.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Blood

The Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual world, blood is seen as an avenue to connect with the higher self.

Blood can be used in many spiritual offerings to deities or can be used in spellcraft. It might be used as a way to gain insight into something or to gain closeness to someone.

Due to it being a natural property to humans, blood can harness many powers and advantages to people.

The Religious Meaning

Religiously, blood dreaming has many links through a wave of religions.

In Christianity, for example, many people will drink red wine to represent the blood of Christ. This is a way to appreciate him and thank him for giving up his life for others’ sins.

The Psychological Meaning

In your waking life, you may have some strong feelings towards blood.

These feelings are likely to then manifest themselves in other ways. Many dream theorists believe that there is a connection between the real world and the dream world, anything you feel strongly about will carry over from the living world into the dream world.

If blood is one of these things, then it is perfectly normal to see it replicated.

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