Vomit Dreams

The interpretation of dreams about vomit

Dreams about Vomit Mean…

To dream of vomiting is extremely unpleasant and a common dream interpretation is that there is some negative energy and negative emotions that you need to get rid of in your own life. When you dream of vomiting, it’s a sign that you need to start anew. There may be some repressed childhood memories or feelings about a bad situation coming up and this dream signifies that you might need to look at or confront something unpleasant to move on. Vomit or vomiting dreaming can make you feel upset and perhaps a little ill when you wake up.

Vomiting dreams or dreams about when you throw up can make you feel queasy in your waking life once you’ve woken up. Dreaming about vomiting is very common as it’s a sign of worry, health anxiety or guilt. If you have a phobia of vomit, then vomiting dreams can make you nervous of sleep, especially if you’ve been having a lot of vomit dreams recently.

Most Frequent Examples of Vomit in a Dream

Did You… Dream About Vomiting Blood?

To dream of vomiting blood can mean that there is some kind of sickness going on. Vomiting blood in real life is a sign of a serious illness – perhaps there is something wrong with your spiritual journey, here. When you vomit blood, that something in your life, like a person or bad feelings, are extremely toxic to you and your dreams are meaning to tell you that you need to get rid of them in the future.

Did You… Dream About Baby Vomit?

Did you dream about baby vomit? If so, it’s likely that this is a sign of a new beginning. The birth of your relationship or business may be imminent!

If you were dreaming about the birth of your child and saw them vomiting, then this could mean that something needs to change in order for them to grow up strong and healthy.

Did You… Dream About Seeing a Person Vomiting?

If you see a person vomit in a dream, then there’s likely something wrong with them that needs attention. Maybe they’re a close friend that puts you in a toxic situation and your dream is telling you that you must do the difficult job of severing ties. People vomiting is a sign of their physical state, too, so you may be worried about their health in the future or perhaps the health of a friend or close relative.

Did You… Dream About Seeing a Person Vomiting

Did You… Dream About Vomiting Food?

Vomit dreams where you are vomiting food suggests that there is something you’ve been consuming recently, be it food, drink, alcohol or conversation and company that is causing you to purge it from your system. You could be getting rid of some negative feelings in your waking life.

Did You… Dream About Vomiting White Stuff?

If you dream about vomiting white stuff, this could be a sign that you are feeling stressed or nervous. White represents purity and cleanliness. It can also mean that you are guilty about something and need to look at your actions more closely.

Did You… Dream About Vomiting Bugs?

Such a dream can suggest news and something that is coming, and that you might be experiencing a lack of control.

Did You… Dream About Feeling Sick?

You’re not alone in having this dream. Feeling sick is a common dream, and it can represent a lot of things. It often means that you’re feeling anxious, stressed or even guilty about something (or maybe just worried). If you have recurring dreams where you vomit, these feelings may be connected with something specific in your life–like an exam coming up or an upcoming job interview.

Did You… Dream About Feeling Sick

Did You… Dream About Cleaning Vomit?

Cleaning up someone else’s vomit from a toilet is a sign that you need to take responsibility for your actions. Cleaning up someone else’s vomit from the floor is a sign that you need to be more considerate of others.

Cleaning up your own vomit (or just seeing it) can mean that there’s something in your life that needs to be changed, or at least evaluated more closely before making any decisions about it.

Did You… Dream About Stopping Vomiting?

To stop vomiting in your dream is a sign that the negative things are over and out of your real life. This dream means good things as your subconscious mind is telling you that the bad things are gone.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Vomit, You May Feel…


Happy: vomiting in a dream suggests that good fortune is on the way as bad luck is coming out of your life. Vomiting means purging and if you’re vomiting in your dreams then there is a person, situation or bad mindset that you’re throwing away. Sometimes, vomiting can make a person feel better, meaning they have got rid of what was making them sick, so vomiting in dreams suggests that there are new beginnings coming in life.


Uneasy: when you feel sick or are feeling nauseous, it’s usually a warning sign of something happening to your well-being and vomiting is a good indicator. You might be feeling guilty about something or the obvious interpretation is that you’re unwell in your waking life.

Sad: a child vomiting suggests that there might be something deep in your subconscious mind. This dream alludes to bad habits that have come from years of self-loathing and a child vomiting in a dream, which is a good sign that this is ending.

A Bit of Context into… Vomiting Dreams

A Bit of Context into… Vomiting Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of vomiting dreams suggest that something is coming out of you in your real life that is hindering your spiritual journey. Such dreams about vomiting are a good sign and that you’re on your way to good things.

The Religious Meaning

A religious interpretation of a vomiting dream is one of cleansing and being cathartic. Vomiting in a dream suggests that there is something in your personal lives that requires purging to become closer to god. Vomit dreaming means that you’re cleansing your body.

The Psychological Meaning

A vomiting dream in psychology is a sign of illness and can make you worry about your health. When you throw up, your body is trying to warn you about illness. Perhaps there is something coming up in the future that is making you nervous and the vomit in the dream is a sign that you are worried about something. Maybe it’s time to get rid of your negative thinking so there’s nothing left to worry about.

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