Vampire Dreams

The interpretation of dreams about vampires

Vampire Dreams Definition

When having vampire dreams, it’s not shocking to wonder how this dream of mythical creatures is connected to your real life. However, you may be surprised by the multitude of meanings that this dream represents.

It’s critical you highlight the subtle elements of the vampire in your dream. If it is a more classic vampire, like the Nosferatu vampire then this may have a different meaning than the Twilight vampires, the popular Lestat from the Interview with the Vampire series, or what other popular culture vampires would have.

For example, a classic vampire may indicate someone in your life who leaves you feeling drained or acts in an abusive manner. Whereas a modern-day vampire may be symbolic of your sex life and the way in which you’re searching for something different.

Most Frequent Examples of Vampires in Dreams

Did You Dream About… Drinking Blood?

Dreaming of a vampire drinking your blood

If in your dream about vampires, you dreamt of a vampire drinking your blood, then this means that there is someone in your life who has innate control over you. It may be that you feel trapped by them, that you’re giving yourself up, or that you’re unsure how to change, but it’s only when you do change that you’ll be able to recover successfully from this abuse and coercion.

Dreaming of drinking blood

In the instance that you’re the vampire drinking someone else’s blood, then such a dream points to your raw sexual desire.

It may be that you’ve been flirting with someone for fun, just make sure that they don’t see you in a romantic light. It’s never nice to be strung along and it could permanently change them.

Did You Dream About… Being Bitten by a Vampire?

To be bitten by a vampire in a dream suggests that you might be opening yourself up to be taken advantage of.

You may be lured in by the promise of upcoming love pleasures or the idea of a spark, but really this is just a warning sign that you’re about to make some damaging choices in your personal life.

Don’t let anyone put you into a position that you feel uncomfortable with. No matter how good they may make you feel in the moment or what they promise you, if they have negative energies and motives then they’re only going to suck out your positive energy.

Pay attention to any new relationship that feels possessive or difficult to handle, after all, this dream symbolizes love difficulties.

Did You Dream About… Being Attacked by a Vampire?

To be attacked physically by a vampire is much more vicious than any of the other prior dreams and is a direct reflection of how people in your life may be treating you.

Such a dream means that you’re in a toxic work environment or indicates that there is a current relationship no longer serving you. Now is the time for you to fight back and make the positive changes needed for a happy life.

It’s easy to be frustrated, hurt, or in fear about your future. Especially, if you’ve never been without the person hurting you or without a job before, but to feel emotionally stunted in this way is not conducive to the growth of your life. And if you don’t start choosing what is right for you, then sooner or later you may find health issues develop – and this could leave you more paralysed than before.

Did You Dream About… Being Attac

Did You Dream About… Falling in Love With a Vampire?

If you fall in love with the sexy vampires from your dream then this romantic affair will typically indicate you’re sticking to your true nature. This dream also suggests upcoming love pleasures, and that you may be looking for a partner who is a good match for you – however, it may not be someone you usually go for.

This is good. You’re trying new things and trusting your gut. Keep this authenticity up and your real life and love life are sure to bloom.

Did You Dream About… Being Turned into a Vampire?

You being turned

This dream symbolizes that you will soon go through a big change in your life. It might be that you’re being put on a new life path or there will be challenges that make you change the person you are. Don’t resist this change, either way, they’re happening and it will change you for the better.

You might not feel ready for the change, but you are. Just make sure you turn into the person that you want to be and not someone who you think you should be. Find what makes you happy and work towards this fate.

Someone else

A dream where someone you know turns into a vampire has two meanings.

It might mean that someone from an existing relationship will soon be venturing on the journey of change, it might be a tricky change but their true nature is soon to be uncovered. However, it may also mean that they’re someone who wants to control you in your waking life.

These different meanings can cause a lot of internal pressure, so be sure to consider how you feel when you wake up from such a dream or when you consider your relationship with the person in question.

Other Examples of Vampire Dreams

Did You Dream About… Count Dracula?

To dream of Count Dracula (or a similar classic figure) shows that there is someone in your life who intimidates you. You may try hard to keep these people happy, but nothing works and instead, it feels as though they’ve emotionally fed from you.

Just be the person you authentically are and ignore anyone else who tries to tell you that you aren’t enough.

Did You Dream About… Count Dracula

Did You Dream About… a Vampire Bat?

A common interpretation of this dream is that vampire bats symbolise tough times coming up. This interpretation isn’t there to scare you, but instead, the dream shows you which areas in your life are vulnerable to ruin.

Protect what you can in your life as you never know who or what may get hurt.

Did You Dream About… Vampire Bites?

In the dream world, to dream of a vampire bite is symbolic of self-control and power.

Vampires are used to being the one in control, if you were able to witness a vampire bite or experience being bitten then that means you have an innate control over the world around you. You might not realise it, but it’s a composure that many others struggle with.

However, with the control comes the struggle to release it. Ensure you aren’t struggling to give up control in all areas of your life. Not every person will be able to just go along with what you say – especially when they’re a part of your love life.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Vampire?

In dreams, seeing a vampire means that there is something in your life that you’re still avoiding.

Examine what the vampires in your dreams are doing. This way you’ll be able to interpret dreams precisely and in a way that offers you life advice.

If you have dreams of seeing vampires from a distance, then this symbolizes sickness. There’s something in your life that is toxic and making you ill; this illness may be mental, emotional, or physical, but either way, the only way you’ll feel better is by removing it.

If the vampires in your dream look similar to a vampire movie, especially, ones that are romantic, then this could symbolic of love and seduction. Whereas, a horror movie vampire is more aligned to the old age meaning of fear and horror.

Either way, consider how the vampires make you feel, what they look like, and what they do before you work out the meaning.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Vampire

Did You Dream About… a Vampire Chasing You?

Mythological beings are often the most difficult to escape from alive.

If you’re able to run from vampires chasing you, then the dream suggests that you’re able to manage yourself in other areas of life with an irreplaceable calm. But just because you can manage many areas of life with ease, doesn’t mean that others can treat you with disrespect.

Just because you can handle something, doesn’t mean you should. Also, remember to take things slow from time to time, you deserve a break too.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Vampires, You May Feel…


Brave: to be brave in the face of vampires is a rare feeling to feel. If you’ve managed to control your fear around these creatures, then imagine what else you can do in your life? The future is yours for the taking.

Entranced: if you’re entranced by a vampire, this dream often means that you should take note of what it is that’s stunning you. Is it the way the vampire looks? Or how they’re acting? By using this, you’ll be able to pinpoint a future love match.

Strong: fighting vampires or holding your own ground is impressive considering how vampires recently were presented as ultra-human. If you’re able to beat the vampire, this dream implores you to ask what could you do next?


Disgusted: dreams about vampires can leave the dreamer disgusted. Especially, when so much vampirism is wrapped up in the death of humans or human blood. This horrific imagery can be tough to witness but these feelings are worth exploring.

Horror: if you’re dreaming of more classic vampires, then you may find the horror element of the dream quite applicable. Horror vampires are some of the oldest interpretations of the creatures, and this puritan view of the creature may be worth applying to the lens of your dream.

Quiet: vampires have the power to immobilise their prey. They’ll stun them into silence and this makes it easier to control them. If you’re dreaming of vampires and this is your response, then consider what quiets you – and if there is anything else in life that brings on this effect.

A Bit of Context into… Vampire Dreams

The Psychological Meaning

There are various psychological discussions around the meanings of vampires in dreams.

From a Freudian perspective, vampires were seen to represent the obsession humans have with the dead and the undead. This leads to Carl Jung’s interpretation of the shadow.

The shadow self is an internal part of the self that we hide from the masses. Like a vampire, the shadow self only comes out when we allow it. But it has an unmatched power that when released can destroy anything in its wake.

The Religious Meaning

In the Jewish faith, the word vampire is first seen in association with Adam’s first wife, Lilith.

Lilith was seen as a rebellious woman who left the Garden of Eden with the power to murder newborn babies, this power then manifested itself in legends as the ability of a succubus. A succubus would seduce men in their sleep and birth demonic offspring with them.

This is one of the earlier understandings of female vampires in dreams and the ways in which they can infect the human mind.

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