Wedding Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Wedding.

Wedding Dreams Definition

Generally, to dream about getting married is often associated with creativity and the abundance of love.

Marriage is typically about creating a happy future and stable life with somebody. It’s a new chapter in life, one you get to experience with someone else.

If you have dreams about getting married, then it’s often a positive sign that there’s an abundance of love flowing through your life. Although it’s a positive dream, it’s always important to survey the finer details within the dream – the colour of the dress, the location, the people in attendance. All this will help you understand how to further progress in your waking life.

Most Frequent Examples of Weddings in Dreams

Did You Dream About… Getting Married?

To dream about your own marriage and wedding represents your unconscious mind.

You might be someone who loves love, and to dream of your own wedding suggests that you understand the importance of a personal relationship. You may cherish your present relationship.

If, in your dreams about weddings, you marry someone you don’t know then this means that you’re looking for a serious relationship where you can feel nurtured and loved. It might also suggest that you want to protect yourself from others, however, love is never easy. To be truly in love and to belong in a marriage, you need to be vulnerable in your current relationships.

That’s the only way you’ll find someone to pay attention to your needs.

Did You Dream About… Wedding Rings?

The dream meaning of wedding rings aren’t only linked to marriage, they are also associated with work.

Marriage is hard work, and although the rings represent the current status of strength you two are putting forward, that also requires work.

If you dream of rings and have gotten married, then this dream symbolizes that you’re feeling restless or uncomfortable in your life. The wedding ring dream symbols challenges and wedding nightmares that you must overcome – but there’s no reason as to why you wouldn’t.

Did You Dream About… Engagement Rings

Did You Dream About… Planning a Wedding?

If you dream of planning a wedding, then this is a negative sign that your carefree lifestyle is beginning to leave to an unproductive lifestyle.

To dream of a wedding planner is to consider your own goals, and is a reminder that in the near future you can achieve all that you want to; you just need focus. That’s the only way that you’ll find the success that you desire. Whether that’s in your own marriage, business, or another project, you deserve your best chances of success so pay attention to this message.

Did You Dream About… Engagement Rings?

Dreaming of wedding attire such as engagement rings means that you are in tune with your feelings.

However, these feelings may not be positive.

For example, these magical gifts could represent that you’re struggling with the people around you or that you’re struggling to confirm with ideas around you.

You need to understand how to deal with your internal emotions and how these dictate your waking life. Such dreams of an engagement ring could suggest that you’re not how you present yourself, but you can be whoever you want to be. Don’t mindlessly accept things for the sake of it.

Did You Dream About… Marrying an Ex?

The wedding dream meaning of marrying an ex can offer a multitude of options.

It might feel quite difficult to see your marriage to an ex partner, however, it is quite a common dream for some.

To dream of this wedding means that you may wish to rekindle a love with this person, you might deny this desire but look deep within yourself, is this something you’re denying?

It’s completely natural to grieve a person we love and take time with that grief – especially, if our ex-partner has found a new beginning.

It’s entirely normal to wonder what marriage to this person might have been like. But remember, there was likely a reason you broke up. All wounds heal with time.

Did You Dream About… Wedding Dresses?

The dream meaning of a wedding dress varies depending on the culture, colour, and other aspects of your dreams.

If the wedding dress is white then this suggests an aura of peace, harmony, and protection. If the dress is red then this is considered a lucky colour. Whereas a cream or ivory dress will suggest good intentions for your life.

The wedding dress is essential to a wedding so ensure that whatever happens, you’re happy within yourself.

Did You Dream About… Attending a Wedding?

Having dreams of attending a wedding indicates that there are barriers within your own life.

These hurdles might be in your current relationship or towards the married couple in the dream, but you might be finding it difficult to overcome this painful situation.

Consider your internal emotions and see how you feel about this person’s wedding.

Only when you confront your emotions can you move on to your new beginnings.

If you attend the wedding of those you do not know, then it may be that you have a cold perspective of marriage. At the same time, you may struggle to confront your feelings around it. But there’s no reason as to why you won’t eventually find happiness.

Did You Dream About… Wedding Cake?

To have dreams of food – and in particular, an impressive cake is to show how you might be struggling with the emotional aspects of your life.

Whether it’s an upcoming event or hurdles in your life that are making you exhausted, to dream of this is to understand that you need energy and fuel to stay consistent and positive. Once you find a way to achieve that, the hurdles in your life will diminish, you make new friends or fulfil your partner’s wishes with ease.

Did You Dream About… Wedding Cake

Did You Dream About… Leaving Someone at the Alter?

If you dream of getting married and leaving them at the altar, then this dream isn’t about the person you leave but about yourself.

You might be focused on your skills, trivial issues, or other unimportant issues. But you can power through, you won’t forever be stuck in a situation like this.

However, if you want to make real change in your life then you need to be willing to put the effort in. It’s doable, but not easy. On a positive note, you’ll become the person you need to be and all your dreams will come true with time.

Did You Dream About… Being Left at the Alter?

In the dream dictionary, to be left at the altar is symbolic of yourself.

You might have little self-esteem, a family member, current spouse, or other people may look down on you and this may lead you to not trusting your own mind.

But you need to remember, before you marry anyone, you need to be in a happy marriage with yourself. Stop seeking validation from others, you know what to do and what you’re capable of.

Listen to your subconscious and welcome in the emotions you’re struggling to overcome. It may be hard work but if you want your dreams to come true, then you need to stop leaving yourself (and your potential future) behind.

Did You Dream About… a Hen/Stag Do?

Before we have a dream wedding, many people celebrate with their dream hen or stag do.

If you’re dreaming of your stag night, then this may suggest there are some emotional issues in your life. Consider the people you’re around, do they support your emotional issues and needs? It’s critical that you embrace these people, it’s the only way you’re going to be able to find the support you want; it has to start with you.

To dream of a hen part is to acknowledge negativity in your waking life. Although there are also strong networks in your life, it might feel as though you’re creating success alone and not with others around you. Take a moment and acknowledge those who haven’t left your side, there’s more love than you realise.

Did You Dream About… Watching Your Partner Marry Someone Else?

If you’re in a happy marriage in real life, but you dream of watching your partner (unmarried or not) marry someone else, this can suggest there’s an insecurity within you.

You may have a perfect marriage and a bond that is unbreakable, but there may be an emotional bond that you want to strengthen. Consider seeing your partner get married to someone else as a way to remind you to appreciate them.

There are always ways to get closer to our current partner, but the easiest way to do that is to appreciate them for who they are.

You don’t need them to make your life happy, but they probably help. Remind them of the love you have and this will strengthen your marriage (or relationship) with your current partner.

The Types of Weddings You May Dream of

Did You Dream About… a Jewish Wedding?

To dream of a Jewish wedding is often a positive omen.

In real life, Jewish weddings include traditional white robes. This robe, typically worn by the groom, indicates that you are calm in the face of conflict with people.

This demeanour can be difficult to convey, especially, in a wedding dream when the situation is as stressful as it is. However, such a dream suggests that you’re a person capable of their own wedding and love.

Did You Dream About… a Hindu Wedding?

In Hinduism, a wedding day is full of color and lasts several days.

At a Hindu wedding, wedding preparations include the donning of henna which is often a sign of a positive relationship – however, you may have to follow a particular pattern and routine.

The wedding celebrations at this wedding also include a lot of food and socializing, this represents that although you’ve been busy recently – and tired as a result, you’re going to find success due to this hard work.

Did You Dream About… a Muslim Wedding?

To dream of a Muslim wedding is to dream of partnership ahead.

Such a dream often suggests that good news will be coming soon, and that there are happy time coming soon. You may need to be a little patient, but all will become clear soon.

Did You Dream About… a Chinese Wedding?

Wedding dreams of a Chinese wedding suggest that someone will give you a message in your own life soon.

Be aware of any unusual signs and symbols around you.

In Chinese culture, the Chinese wedding dress is all symbolic. People theorise that the more colorful the wedding dress is in the wedding dream, the more success they’re likely to have.

Did You Dream About… a Christian Wedding?

To have a wedding dream of a Christian wedding is quite interested.

This is one of the common wedding dreams, which may mean that you can see things such a church wedding, a vicar, and the concept of ‘holy matrimony’.

These things are often a good sign, but it also suggests that there is hurdles holding you back. For example, you may see the vicar as a father figure out.

Did You Dream About… a Christian Wedding

Did You Dream About… a Civil Ceremony?

To dream of a civil ceremony is a good sign as suggests light and new phase in a life.

It might be that you’re young and still struggling to accept the way it is. You don’t need to miss out to find happiness = however, you need to have a strong commitment to yourself. You

Work yourself and there’s no reason why you can’t find one of the new bginnings.

Did You Dream About… Eloping?

If eloping is your dream wedding, then this may not be a good sign.

It might suggest that you struggle to let go of your dreams, love life, and your friends. Intimate relationships may mean a lot to you, but this dream interpretation suggests that you have a secretative side.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Weddings, You May Feel…


Excited: if you feel excited when you wake up from a wedding dream, this is because you love marriage. You might be someone who has always envisioned their wedding day, love is a beautiful thing and you should be excited about it.

Blessed: waking up from a wedding dream and feeling blessed for the love you have in your life is fundamental. Don’t take anything in life for granted.

Loved: did you wake up from your dream feeling loved? That’s the perfect response to this dream, enjoy it and relish in it. You deserve to be reminded of your love.


Nervous: if a wedding makes you nervous or the idea of an organ playing as you walk down an aisle rattles you, that’s completely normal. Just breathe deep and remember it’s just a dream – unless it isn’t, and in that case, search deep and question whether you want this wedding.

Confused: you may be utterly repulsed by marriage, and as such, when you wake from a dream about weddings, you’ll become totally confused. Sometimes wedding dream meanings are less about the union and more about the love you feel for people.

Heartbroken: if you recently broke up from someone, this dream might remind you of everything you’ve lost. But remember, you haven’t lost yourself – and you are just as important as any other love.

A Bit of Context into… Vampire Dreams

The Psychological Meaning

In Carl Jung’s psychology, he dictates that getting married is one of the most daunting ways to balance the self and it is seen as the ‘union of opposities’. This essentially means that there are fractured parts within ourselves – within everyone.

However, for true success with your opposite partner, you need to find a way to integrate your own personality, your own shadow. Once these parts operate as a whole, you’ll begin to attract the true things you want and need in life.

The Religious Meaning

Each religion treats marriage differently.

Although most have many similarities. For example, nearly all require you to practice the faith if you wish to celebrate the marriage under that God’s house or system, and in that case, it often follows along that many religious traditions also must be carried out.

For example, in Christianity, you must read hymns and be married in a church under the eye of the Lord.

Each prerequisite is different from the other though.

The Spiritual Meaning

To see two people connect at the altar and get married is a celebration of love.

Spiritually, getting married is the connection of the two souls under the law. Although it offers many financial and tax benefits in our society, it is also the connection of the soul to another. Spiritually, many believe there is such a thing as a ‘twin flame’ or a soulmate, to find either one of these, there needs to be a spiritual connection to a person; the other self.

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