Church Dreams

The dream interpretations of churches

Church Dream Definition

To see a church in your dream means that you may need some kind of support in your life. These dreams are typically good signs that your need is about to be met. Whether this need is the want for a spiritual path, to remove the negative people in your life, or a special religious event going well – like a wedding day – this dream means that your want will be fulfilled.

However, consider your own relationship to the church and religion before you decipher the church in your dream. For example, you may feel ashamed over your blind faith or previous relationships with religion, and this may impact the meaning of such a dream.

In its most interpretation, dreaming of a church is linked to the concept of God and the spirit world. The church close to your real life could be a calling to your relationship with religion, whereas a church basement could link to those things that ou keep hidden. Ultimately, dreaming of a church is one of the more common dreams as such a dream is often a common motif in someone’s life.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Churches

Did You Dream About… a Church Choir?

Dreaming of a church choir is reflective of the things you want to come true in life.

Whether it is linked to particular goals, the dream suggests you have a particular value and desire system and that you’re confident enough in life to go after it. This dream may also be a sign that you need to associate with people who are similar to you; this may be the key to you succeeding in life.

Try not to be plagued by your own fears, you are capable of success.

Did You Dream About… a Church Choir

Did You Dream About… a Church Service?

If you dream of church service this is a very good sign as it is often linked to the respect and admiration people feel for those in a church.

You might be someone admirable because of the way you’ve approached things in your reality. Such a dream as this one is reminding you to believe in yourself, good things will come to you in the near future.

Did You Dream About… the Church Altar?

Another very good sign is to dream of the church altar. Seeing this in your dream signifies that although you may be the only person in your reality needing help right now, you will receive that help.

People praying may also feature in such a dream, but these are the people in your world who want to help and support you. These are the people you can rely on.

Did You Dream About… Hearing Church Bells?

Church dreams that focus on hearing church bells is often a good sign. This is because church bells are often linked to you proving your faith to a higher being – this is good because it reaffirms the truth that you already knew; such a dream proves that you are powerful and connected to a higher self.

Did You Dream About… a Church Collapsing?

To dream of a church collapsing could signfy a loss of faith.

This may be a bad sign or a good sign depending on your current stance on religion. Ultimately, this dream may lead to som interesting articles you find about yourself as you may question the true reason of this crisis of faith.

Whether you’re rejecting religious beliefs due to someone’s death or recent bad luck, search deep within yourself to find your true path.

Did You Dream About… Praying in a Church?

To dream of praying in a church is linked to your desires coming true.

If you’re praying in a church then this may show the conditions you’ve taken to achieving your goals, you’re incredibly capable but you need to believe in it. Trust yourself because regardless you’ll enjoy the outcome.

Did You Dream About… Praying in a Church

The Different Types of Churches You May Dream of…

Old Church

If you see an old church in your dream then this suggests that there is an older figure you need to listen to.

It might be that they’re able to steer you from many obstacles, but trust your gut and listen to what they have to tell you.

A Satanic Church

If you dream of a satanic church, don’t worry. This isn’t necessarily a bad sign.

It might mean that you have opposing ideas in your mind or in your reality right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong – instead, they’ll help you grow. Be careful about being too stubborn with your own beliefs, you may alienate people or make them turn against you.

An Abandoned Church

To see an abandoned church in a dream isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This church will highlight where you fail or struggle, it may be that you betray your faith, ethics, or everything you typically believe. But in the long-run, this will make you stronger.

A Burning Church

To dream of a church burning is to dream of your faith struggling.

This might be bad news to you as this laspse in faith could damage your confidence. But you have all the power in this situation. Even if something forces you to act against yourself, you’ll be the one to decide what is worth the sacrifice and what isn’t.

An Empty Church

If you dream of an empty church, this could signify detachment.

You are the centre of your own world, but you need to remember that church dreaming doesn’t always mean you have a good relationship with God or religion. Relationships evolve. Sometimes you may be disappointed with your faith, and that’s okay.

Open up to those who will understand.

A Big Church

To dream of a big church suggests respect and grandeur.

Try to stick to any recent rules that have been implemented, it may be tempting to rebel but this will cause you more obstacles in the long run. A large church can also suggest many blessings, so don’t ruin that potential for yourself.

A Big Church

A White Church

A white church is incredibly puritanical.

It signifies the rebirth of the self and reminds the believer that they are on the right path. It might be that you’re someone who is hunting for success, and in whatever regard this dream means that you will find love, money, or career success; whatever you need will come true.

Dreams About Churches Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Charity: if you’re dreaming of a church and feel as though it’s a good sign, then this may link to your altruistic nature. This dream has many different meanings, but for those who are religious, a person may see their dream as a sign to put others before themselves. Be charitable and you may have more happy moments.

Community: for many, a church dream meaning is linked to a religious person or religious group. Many of these groups and church members find a lot of love and divine guidance and often create a mini-community for themselves. A place where they can find spiritual direction and support each other into becoming successful people; lean into your community.

Development: many believe positive dreams about church link to someone’s development. This dream shows that you’re on the right track and the good habits you’ve created will lead to spiritual advancement in your real life.

Negative Dreams

Strange: if you’re uncertain of your own religious beliefs, then you may struggle with dreams about church. It may show you faith, different beliefs, or remind you of ruined hopes. Rememebr that the church in your dream is just an image from your subconscious. Perhaps the dream signifies something you’re burying? Or something that may be closer to you in the near future?

Vulnerable: to many people, the church symbolizes an intimate part of the self. Whether it reminds you of a dead person or the bad fortune that sometimes comes with religion, to see a church in your dream means that there’s a part of yourself that you’re hiding away. Be vulnerable, whether it is to achieve spiritual enlightenment or just simply to understand yourself better.

Indiscretion: you may be in a bad period of your life where you feel as though you’re not in the right direction or that you’re struggling with personal issues, however, the indiscretion of religion and church may be too much for you. This dream may remind you of all the things you’re trying to hide.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Churches

The Religious Meaning

From a religious perspective, dreaming of churches could have both a good and bad meaning.

For example, you may feel like someone who is currently hopeless and you may need guidance or support. This may be why you’re dreaming of churches, it might be a sign for you to return to your religious roots.

The Psychological Meaning

From a psychological perspective, theorist Carl Jung argued that having such a dream about churches is connected to the collective unconsciousness.

It might be that you’re seeking spiritual guidance in your waking life, and are readying yourself to take the next step into that. This will likely lead you to a lot of success and changes that may have been unavailable to you and your journey of inner peace.

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