Butterfly Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Butterfly.

Butterfly Dream Definition

When we have a butterfly dream it is often connected to a few main themes: rebirth, cycles, major change, good fortune, and renewals.

If you have a butterfly dream then say goodbye to your old self, this dream is all about change and finding out what the future holds. By taking apart this dream, examining the colour of the butterflies, how they present themselves, how you feel in the dream, and what is happening, then we’re one step closer to seeing what the dreams represent.

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Did You Dream About… a Stuffed Butterfly?

In life, many butterflies are stuffed by experts and professionals.

Butterflies may be stuffed to learn more about the genesis, to decorate the home with, and while it is not a pleasant practice, to dream of this has a lot of meaning related to your waking life.

If you have a stuffed butterfly dream then this suggests that you need to put all your energy into an important project in your life. You might have been feeling unsure about something, and it may be a work project or love relationship, but either way, this dream is a good sign that if you put the work in now you’ll receive a better future.

Did You Dream About… a Dead Butterfly?

To see a dead butterfly in your dream is to dream of something coming to an end in your waking life.

Butterfly symbolizes transformation, if you dream of a deadvbutterfly then this is a symbol of your personal transformation being interrupted or put on hold due to something. It might be a young woman in your waking life who is upset with your change or someone who doesn’t want you to reach the full potential in the adult stage of life. Either way, your new life is going to be harder to reach due to this interference.

Did You Dream About… a Butterfly Landing on You?

If the butterfly in your dream lands on you this can be a sign that you’re ready to express yourself.

At the same time, you might be afraid of the person you’re becoming or it’s not the person you thought you’d be, but either way, you can’t resist it. If you want the successful life you’re after, you need to embrace this colorful side to you.

The butterfly landing on you in a dream also symbolises you chasing your dreams and new waking life, also consider the things you may lose along the way. This personal transformation is necessary for you to go through, so there’s no avoiding it but you need to push yourself to gain success.

Try not to fear or worry about what might be lost. Like the butterfly landing on you in the dream, that which serves you will remain.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Butterfly Flying?

Dreaming of a butterfly flything through the air is to dream of yourself soaring in an authentic part of your life.

It may indicate a happy love life, if love and a new relationship feels authentic to you. Or it may also mean a spiritual transformation, if you’re someone who is spiritually inclined. On the other end, to dream this can also mean that things are coming to end; but that’s only if you dream of a butterfly flying through flowers.

Take in your surroundings of the dream, it may impact everything.

Did You Dream About… Seeing a Butterfly Flying

Did You Dream About… Seeing Butterfly Wings?

To dream of a butterfly, but to focus on their wings is to be open to rebirth and transformation.

A butterfly building its new body has to wait with its wings wrapped around itself for months, until the butterfly dreams of opening up – and does so. You’re protecting yourself from your dreams right now, from change. But there’s no reason for you to.

Everything will happen when you’re ready – and you’re nearly there.

The Different Types of Butterflies You May Dream of…

Green Butterfly

Green butterfly dreams are often a sign of emotional release.

You’re longing for something, whether that be your dreams coming true or a huge upheaval in your life. Something has happened that changed something in you.

But remember, nobody is perfect – not even the green butterfly landing in your dreams. Whatever happens or whatever you fear, don’t worry, it’s going to end well for you.

Yellow Butterfly

In dreams, yellow butterflies are associated with guidance and success.

Althought butterflies are seen to have short lives, their dreams and powers are just as vibrant as anything else. There are great things coming in your life. But you need to hold on like the yellow butterfly.

Happiness is fleeting and so is sadness. Nothing matters other than putting your dreams and goals first in life.

Brown Butterfly

Dreams of a brown butterfly can also be seen similarly to those as moths.

In both instances, it has grounding symbols – although brown butterflies are closely associated with growth. Embrace this side of yourself, especially, when things seem difficult.

Red Butterfly

In many colour instances, red represents danger, passion, and love.

When you have dreams of red butterflies, this will symbol the powerful life stage coming up.

A red butterfly is a rare sight, to see one is a mystical experience. However, if you see one, then you’ll understand many aspects of life. Use these dreams as reminders that you can push and grow in anyway you need to.

Red Butterfly

Orange Butterfly

To have dreams about orange butterflies is to be connected on a spiritual level to our sacral chakra – which is located by the naval.

In color theory, orange represents inner wisdom, joy, and love. To see orange butterflies in dreams there is a sense of happiness and peace as the butterfly exists. Try to replicate the same stillness and find a way to exist as the orange butterfly does – which although fleeting is content in its power of flight.

White Butterfly

A white butterfly dream is symbolic of peace and calm with you.

For many, to see white butterflies in dreams it suggests that everyday is a gift and one that shouldn’t be tainted by the past. Everyday is a new day, this is what the white butterflies want you to know.

Embrace the change in life, don’t let it scare you – instead find peace in that everyday is a blank slate. Embrace it and make your dreams become a reality; that’s what this white butterfly dream meaning is.

Black Butterfly

Dreams of a black butterfly is rare and often associated with something in life coming to an end.

If the black butterfly in a dream is decorated with a pattern of some sort, then this can mean that there is something amazing coming up in life – something that’ll be a bright light and clear message to your future. It might be a person or opportunity, but you’ll know when you see it – it may even remind you of this butterfly dream meaning.

Black butterflies have the power to offer a new perspective on an issue, so take this dream of a butterfly seriously as there’s a reason you’re seeing the black butterflies in this dream.

Purple Butterfly

If you see a purple butterfly in a dream then this represents knowledge, and how you may overcome your fear of change.

Purple butterflies are rare and vibrant, this means it comes with a lot of bravery. There are many aspects to this dream, but essentially, if there is an issue you’re struggling with, this dream will mean that there is a solution found.

You’ll notice this through many day-to-day breakthroughs.

Blue Butterfly

In color theory, blue is often associated with purity and lightness.

When you see a blue butterfly in a dream, this translates to hopes and goals coming true – this may happen through an element of unusual fun, something out of the ordinary may be coming your way.

Ultimately, it end in your happiness and you dreams coming true.

The blue butterflies from your dreams want you to know that it’ll all be okay. The problems you’ve endured are tough, but now your new approach to life will help you through the hard parts.

Blue Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

Although there are thousands of species of butterfly, monarch butterflies are still one of the most recognised.

This is due to the iconic orange, white, and black wings. But on a symbolic level, the monarch butterfly is also a symbol for hope.

You may be in a situation where you feel as though no one is there to look out for you, this dream wants you to know that that isn’t true; you’re still there for yourself. You’re powerful and capable.

The monarch butterfly wants you to be aware of your power and to remind you to look after it. You can’t achieve all you’re going to if you aren’t looking after your own well being. Put yourself first, confront your fears, deal with any emotional problems, the monarch butterfly is telling you that you’re more than capable.

Dreams About Butterflies Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Happiness: seeing butterflies in dreams are always a positive sight, if this is what you feel when you wake from dreaming, this dream means that you should carry this feeling throughout your waking life.

Persistence: one main feature of a butterfly dream meaning is often change and transformation, however, change takes a while to come. You may feel persistence when you wake from your dream and that is what you should take as you grow from a young butterfly into an adult.

Assertiveness: butterflies in dreams are never seen as demanding or assertive, but in life, they are. They grow through their crysislis and come out the other side. It take bravery and an assertive nature to get through that.

Negative Dreams

Fear: if you’re afraid of the butterflies in dreams, then it’s always worth understanding where your fear comes from. Butterflies are seen as gentle creatures, so to dream of butterfly dreams when you dislike them will be rooted in your personal life.

Aggression: the transformation of butterflies is an aggressive process. While some may feel assertive and powerful from experience a butterfly landing in their dream or the crysislis experience, others may feel angered by it.

Change: if you have dreams about butterflies but you feel uncomfortable, then this may a signal that you’re not ready to change. That’s normal, but all things change eventually – even butterflies.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Butterflies

The Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually, butterflies indicate happiness, humanity, love, life energy, and rebirth.

They are a positive symbol and a focal point for transformation. And for many who practice spirituality, the concept of rebirth is incredibly appealing. Like how the butterfly has come from an egg, larva, and pauper to get to this point, the life cycle of a human will see it go from baby to adolescent, right the way to adulthood.

This isn’t an easy journey and will require a lot of change. But in the end, the new beginnings will be beautiful – and even then, we can still grow and transform.

The Psychology Meaning

In psychology, the butterfly is seen multiple times.

In references to dreams, butterflies are seen as a spiritual animal, something that people may connect to and a life force that can be celebrated. However, butterflies can also be credited as an influence between reality and the subconscious. If you watch media or see a butterfly, you will then dream of it, for example.

However, the reinforced weight of the butterfly comes in during the butterfly effect. This essentially argues if you change one small thing, like a step on a butterfly, it can alter life altogether. This links back to the sense of transformation that butterflies often represent.

The Religious Meaning

In Christianity, the butterfly is a Christian symbol for rebirth and transformation.

Much like how Jesus was reborn multiple times, butterflies transform from caterpillars into butterflies. They have the power not too dissimilar to that of a God.

In this way, butterflies are a romantic image for Christians to aspire to. It can be a symbol of hope, rebirth, and a reminder that like Jesus, the butterfly is also born – as can the human also grow and change their life.

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