Wolf Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Wolf.

The interpretation of dreams about wolves

Wolf Dreams Definition

Typically, if you’re having dreams about wolves then it might be symbolic of these things:

  • Survival.
  • Independence.
  • Teamwork (if there’s a pack of wolves).
  • A solo endeavour.

Of course, the meaning of a wolf in a dream can differ depending on whether you dream of a lone wolf, a pack of wolves, focus on the colour of the wolf, or the action of the wolf.

A Bit of Context into… Wolf Dreams


When you see a wolf in a dream, in a spiritual sense, it might be a reflection of the wisdom that you will learn on this earth. If you’re of the spiritual inclination then trust in this dream as there’s no harm to be done to you, it only proves that you’ll be protected and loved in this lifetime.


Carl Jung believed that if a person saw a wolf in a dream then it was symbolic of adventure.

Jung believed that wolves are connected to the wild side of life; he even theorised a connection between wolves and sexuality. Beyond that, Carl Jung only explored the concept of wolves being expressed as the animal part of our nature.

Most Frequent Examples of a Wolf in a Dream

What Does a… Dream about a Black Wolf Show?

Colours hold a meaning of their own and this reflects in your dreams. If you’re dreaming about a black wolf, it might show that:

  • You’re struggling to confront your negative thoughts and emotions.
  • You’re afraid of your animalistic side.
  • You’re looking to leave a social group or setting.
  • You’re afraid of being alone.

What Does a… Dream about a Black Wolf Show

What Does a… Gray Wolf Represent?

When you’re dreaming about this type of wolf, it may connote:

  • You’re on the search for a symbol or guide.
  • A new relationship will open itself up to you.
  • You’ll be torn between whether or not to pursue your freedom or stability.

What Does a… White Wolf Symbolize in Dreams?

In contrast to the black wolf, the white wolf connotes a sense of integrity and honour. It might also mean:

  • You need guidance for an upcoming journey or new experience.
  • You recently had success, victory, or took the moral high ground.
  • You may need (or are going through) a spiritual change or connection to a higher being.

What Does it… Mean When You’re Being Chased by a Wolf in Dreams?

Running with wolves is different to being chased, if you’re being chased it might mean:

  • You’re refusing to listen to what someone or something is trying to tell you – listen to them, they may open a new door.
  • You’re refusing to accept yourself for who you are.
  • You’re trying to escape from some form of trauma in your past. But remember, fear is the only thing that holds you back.

What Does it… Represent to Kill a Wolf in Your Dreams?

Fighting or killing a wolf in your dreams is rare, but it symbolizes deep and aggressive meanings. For example:

  • You may have been betrayed by a close friend or family member – watch out, this person may become your enemy.
  • You might be resisting an integral part of yourself.
  • You may feel angry, guilt, or shame with yourself – it’s time to set yourself free because you have the power to tackle anything.

What Does a Dream about… Riding a Wild Wolf or Running with Wolves Mean?

Wolves are social animals, even though they are often a symbol of freedom. If you’re running with a wolf pack or riding wolves, it might represent:

  • That you seek support in dealing with a difficult transition.
  • Something that threatens you also threatens everyone else around you.
  • There’s a trauma in your life that is too big for you to handle alone.
  • It highlights a sense of harmony in your personal and social bubble.

What Does a Dream about… Riding a Wild Wolf or Running with Wolves Mean

What Does… a Wolf Howling Mean?

This animal is seen as a symbol for howling the house down. When you see this in your dream, it suggests:

  • You or someone else is in pain.
  • Someone close to you is calling out for your help.
  • You’re torn between whether to speak out or stay silent – follow your instincts.

What Does it Mean… When You Become the Wolf in Your Dreams?

This dream is rare but holds a lot of power and positive energy, if you dream that you’re a wolf then it may be a comment on:

  • The challenges are up ahead, so find the resilience in yourself.
  • How you’re becoming your true self.
  • The discussion between your want for independence and to be part of a family.
  • The yearning you feel for the thing that you desire most.

What Does it Mean… When a Wolf is Watching You?

Wolves’ eyes hold deep meanings and represent a strong connection to nature. If you see a wolf watching you in your dream, it could present that:

  • Someone knows something personal about you.
  • Someone is carefully keeping an eye on you.
  • You are a symbol of nature – don’t be afraid.

What Does a Dream About… Feeding Wolves Show?

Wolves feeding their young or you being fed by wolves in your dream could be a symbol of:

  • You may soon have a ‘cub’ of your own.
  • A romantic endeavour may come your way.
  • A teacher or parental figure has a message for you.
  • If you’re dreaming about being fed by wolves, then you should embrace the way you currently feel.
pack of wolves

What Does it Mean… When You’re Surrounded by Wolves in Your Dreams?

Wolves are social animals. When you see a pack of wolves in your dream it suggests the following:

  • There’s fear about a new job, opportunity, or situation.
  • The pack could represent a vicious gang – tread carefully.
  • Your problems feel as though they’re getting worse – take a step back and work towards perspective.
  • There are people who deeply rely on you.

What Does… Wolves Teeth Symbolize in Dreams?

A wolf’s teeth may evoke fear in you, especially, if you’re being bitten. But this is what it symbolizes:

  • Some trauma that you thought you moved past, might still be a part of you.
  • It might surprise you, but a wolf tooth can represent a blessing.
  • If you’re dreaming of a wolf showing its teeth, be cautious but not fearful.

Other Examples of Wolves in a Dream

Dreaming About Wolves Attacking You

To have wolf dreams about the animal attacking may show that you’re overstepping your boundaries. For resolution, try stepping back and survey the situation from a new perspective.

Dream About a Wolf Running Away

If you have a wolf dream about it turning away from you, this may show how in your waking life you wished others to leave you alone.

Dream About Wolf Talking

The dream meanings of a wolf talking to you may be fairly wild in nature.

If you’re dreaming of this, it indicates that your pride may hold you back from taking certain actions. If it hasn’t already, this may hold you back and lead you to search for something you don’t truly need.

Dream About Being Friendly to a Wolf

If you’re being friendly to a wolf, it may be that you’ve managed to tame a wild animal. But be aware, the dream also represents that a door could open to new possibilities – even if the opportunity may come across as more hostile in spirit, don’t judge the situation prematurely.

Dream About Being Friendly to a Wolf

Dream About Eating Wolf

If you have dreams about eating wild wolves, dogs, or any other animal, it may suggest that you’re able to face situations head-on – even if it’s tough, your purpose is to survive no matter what.

Dream About Petting Wolf

Dreaming of petting a wolf may suggest that someone is protecting you; even if you don’t realise it. These dreams suggest that you may not realize that they want to help you.

If You’ve Had Dreams about Wolves, You May Feel…

Whether you’re dreaming about a wolf attack, living out your own personal Little Red Riding Hood, or you’re concerned about what lies in the night in your dreams, wolves evoke many concepts within us.

Good Feelings

If you have dreams about wolves, you may feel:

  • Liberated
  • Safe
  • Connected

Negative Feelings

If you dream of a wolf, pay attention as you may respond to it in a way that’s:

  • Trapped
  • Isolated
  • Misunderstood
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