Ice Cream Dreams

What is the real meaning when we are dreaming about Ice cream.

Ice Cream Dream Definition

If your dreams are full of ice cream imagery then this dream suggests that you prefer the sweeter things in life.

This doesn’t just mean your taste buds, but you may have more hedonistic tendencies. Perhaps you have an indulgent love life or a penchant for a romantic relationship, or you may just be more childlike in nature.

Keep in mind…

Remember that when you’re unpicking your ice cream dream, consider the subtle messages in your dream. What’s the flavour of the ice cream? Is it in a cone? Or a cup? Who are you with? Where are you eating the ice cream? Is it a warm day? Ask yourself these questions and what various meanings may come up and find a healthy way to link that back to real life.

There’s a lot of beautiful moments to be had in eating ice cream – whether you’re in a dream or not. And if you feel positive about this dream then run with that positivity. Ice cream is inherently a good sign, but with the sweet comes the sour.

Most Frequent Examples of Ice Cream Dreams

Did You Dream About… Eating Ice Cream?

Eating ice cream in a dream can be as pleasurable as it is in waking life. However, in a dream, eating ice cream means much more than it might in reality.

For many, this dream is closely linked to the joy one might find in a job promotion and in emotional success. It might be that a project or career events happens which sees you rewarded for your efforts and hard work.

Just make sure you keep an eye of anyone who might be spouting negativity around you. Not everyone has your best interests and even influential people may be jealous of your success and recent self-esteem boost.

Did You Dream About… Ice Cream Melting?

As ice creams are so closely linked with happiness to dream of melting ice cream does represent the loss of happiness.

This dream represents something in your life eating away at you, it might be causing anxiety or resentment but you need to find a way to put your own needs back in the focus of your life.

You are only one person and you deserve to do the things that make you happy and give you meaning.

Did You Dream About… Ice Cream Melting

Did You Dream About… Making Ice Cream?

To make ice cream in a dream suggests that you have an incredibly empowered and strong mind.

The dream symbolizes that you might have something upcoming in your life, and while you may feel anxious about it – it could be a sexual encounter or job interview – your cool and sharp nature will pull through the difficulties you’re feeling.

Making ice cream is hard work. You’re too hard on yourself, you need to give yourself a break. Although you know how to get out of a tricky situation with a cool head, doesn’t mean that you feel that way all the time and you deserve to. Give yourself a break before your burnout.

Did You Dream About… Sharing Ice Cream?

This dream has various meanings depending on who you are eating ice cream with.

If it is with someone who you have a love affair or deep connection with, then this shows how much love you have for them. Sharing ice cream is an intimate act – even more so when it’s your favorite ice cream.

However, if you were begrudgingly eating ice cream with someone you only tolerate or actively dislike then this might mean that you lack affection. Perhaps the people in your life aren’t giving you the attention you need or you actively turn away from it.

But once you’re able to share this delicious dessert, only then will you be able to let people in on an intimate level. You have a lot of unconditional love to give and happy moments to create, don’t push people away.

Did You Dream About… Dropping Ice Cream?

When you dream of dropping ice cream this usually has a negative dream interpretation.

For many, the symbolic act of dropping the ice cream indicates that you either have or are worried about letting people down in your life. The dream shows you at your worst: anxiety-driven, paranoid, and fretting about the near future.

However, all you can focus on are your own actions. Mistakes happen, they’re a part of life. Are you going to let them define the person you are or just let the meaning stay within your dream?

Did You Dream About… Dropping Ice Cream

Did You Dream About… Someone Else Eating Ice Cream?

The more interesting articles and features of this dream is less the fact that you dream of another person eating ice cream – and more the fact that someone else has something that you want.

This dream signifies how you’re chasing after success. It might be a success in your job, relationships, or love, but right now, instead of eating ice cream like you feel you should be doing, all you’re left with is a bitter taste.

Ask yourself, do you genuinely want this success to come true? Or are you chasing after an impractical goal that isn’t representative of the person you want to become?

Only once you answer that question can you move past your jealousy and focus on succeeding.

Did You Dream About… Eating Too Much Ice Cream?

Eating ice cream is always enjoyable – to most anyway. However, there’s always a point where it becomes too much. If you dream of eating ice cream to the point of overindulgence then this dream means that you’ve teetered onto the hedonistic side of life.

Remember anything of too much can be unhealthy.

For instance, a healthy and safe sex life is conducive to many people’s happy living, however, too much sex can lead to developing sexual anxiety or feeling sexually unattractive.

Keep in mind that eating too much ice cream can also indicate a sense of unfocus. Eating to that degree may mean that you miss the bigger picture and exciting opportunities in life.

Don’t get swept up by an excessive amount of sweetness, instead, enjoy living by also keep things in balance.

Other Examples of Ice Cream Dreams

Did You Dream About… Children Eating Ice Cream?

When you dream of children eating ice cream there’s a sense of innocence to the dream.

It might be that you’re a creative person, who just need a little encouragement sometimes. But there’s a sense of adoration to this dream, almost as though people want to help you succeed and find your happiness in the world.

To dream of children eating ice cream is to dream of hope and abundance. 

Did You Dream About… Buying Ice Cream?

To dream of buying ice cream shows that you have good things coming your way.

You’re an honest person who will do things the tough way if it means your dreams coming true in a fair and equal way.

To take away from this ice cream dream meaning you need to remember to shower yourself in praise, not everyone will do it for you. But you deserve to be loved and do the things you dream of. Everyone wants you to succeed, so don’t hold yourself back by hiding away or not asking for help. You are your best when you work with others, so rely on people a little.

Did You Dream About… Completely Frozen Ice Cream?

To have a dream about frozen ice cream – and frozen to the point that the ice cream becomes inedible – shows that you’ve been frozen in your personal life.

The meaning of this dream is that you need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. The dream signifies that you’ve been scared in the past, but it’s time to step up and be the risk-taker you always knew you were. 

Did You Dream About… Ice Cream and Sex?

Ice cream is one of the popular desserts to play within the bedroom. And if you have a sex dream involving ice cream it might mean that you’re a very sensual person.

You care a lot about making people feel good, and while this dream may make you wake up flustered, there’s no reason as to why you can’t try this in the real world.

Pleasure is important to you and if you’re willing to try new things, then why not bring out your favorite ice cream and try something new? This risk-taking side to you also indicates that there are many good things coming your way.

The Different Types of Ice Cream You May Dream of…

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream means that you’re more steady in the real world. You’re used to traditions and, in your dreams, if you eat ice cream and you choose vanilla then this means that you’re able to see things from various angles.

Coffee Ice Cream

If you dream of coffee ice cream then this means that you associate with people who have a lot of power. You might be a very driven person, and while you may not indulge in pleasure often, when you do it’s strong activities that’ll bring your dream world to reality.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Dreams about your favorite ice cream flavor and its being chocolate symbolise how you’re still a little naive to the world.

Ice cream, children, and chocolate are three things that you may find you relate to. However, they’re all quite innocent and sensitive in nature. Check-in with yourself, enjoy your chocolate ice cream in moderation. But ensure you take a step back and push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Fruit Ice Cream

To dream of fruit ice cream means that you’re still like one of the kids eating ice cream. You’re childlike and fun, but also a little irresponsible. It might be that you’re behind on your payments and in a little debt, or perhaps you’re struggling to find your path at work.

Fruit ice cream is fun, but there needs to be a time for something a little more serious.

Popsicle Ice Cream

If instead of dreams about eating melted ice cream or regular ice cream, you have dreams about popsicles this could mean that your focus is on a busy schedule and work life.

You might be so tied into your career and pushing yourself, that you’ve forgotten to take a step back and pay attention to the people you love.

Sour Ice Cream

To eat ice cream in a dream and it tastes sour means that you’ve got some unexpected trouble coming up soon.

A sour ice cream dream meaning suggest an element of cynicism and adulthood. Make sure you haven’t hardened what this dream means, but perhaps you need to have more fun?

Ice Cream Cone

To dream of ice cream means happiness, but to dream of an ice cream cone then this dream represents happiness in a love-filled relationship.

It might be the love of a friend or a marriage, but make sure you savour the moments.

Ice Cream Cup

Having dreams of eating ice cream from a cup signifies a plan you’re going to succeed at setting in motion.

Dream of a cup of ice cream means that there may be things that distract you from your goal, but as long as you realign yourself to your true mission then there’s no reason as to why you’d be put off course again.

Ice Cream Cup

If You’ve Had Dreams about Ice Cream, You May Feel…



If you’re relaxed upon waking up from dreams about ice cream, then this means that your future is going how it should be. Stay relaxed and you may find that you get more done quicker.


To be content after waking up from your ice cream dreams is a promising feeling to feel as it may symbolise how you approach your reality. You may be happy with the lot you were given and you should be, you’ll succeed in every way you want to.


Ice cream leaves many people happy, and this feeling isn’t exempted from your dreams. Cling on to this feeling as there are many dreams that may lead you to feel worse.


Left Out:

If in your dreams, you didn’t receive any ice cream it’s no surprise that you might feel left out by those around you. In the instance that they did give you melted ice cream (or another form of disappointing ice cream), then take this as a sign to find happiness in every inch of negativity.


Sometimes we all have too much of a good thing. If you awake from a dream about ice cream and you’re feeling ill, then remember to pace yourself and that we all have our limits.


Nostalgia can leave anyone with a whimsical feeling. If ice cream was closely linked to your childhood and you’re plagued with memories of ice cream melting and the seaside when you wake up, hold onto those. They’re going to be what helps you through the dark times.

A Bit of Context into… Ice Cream Dreams

The Religious Meaning

In Hinduism, ice cream is represented by your comfort zone.

To achieve the great things that you want to, ensure that you step outside your comfort zone. It’s only when we take risks that we end up learning who we are. And if you want to grow in this lifetime, then it’s critical that you do the things that scare you.

The Psychological Meaning

When it comes to psychology, to dream of ice cream is tied to the state of your mind.

Depending on how you view the ice cream in your dream will depend on your mind stage. For example, if your ice cream melts then you may be going through a nihilistic phase where you believe nothing matters because it all ends anyway.

But remember, we can only have happiness if we also have sadness, anger, and other negative emotions. Find that joy in your life and instead of focusing on it, create a safe space in your mind with it.

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