Monkey Dreams

The interpretation of dreams about monkeys

Monkey Dream Meaning

We’ve got good news! Dreaming of a monkey is a good sign.

Of course, it depends on the context of the dream and whether the monkey in your dream has true characteristics.

For example, how is the monkey dressed? The way the monkey is dressed could disclose whether it’s a humorous dream or whether it’s a monkey who is wilder in nature.

If you see a monkey sitting alone, then this suggests a sense of loneliness. Maybe some aspects of your life are failing?

Most Frequent Examples of a Monkey in a Dream

Did You… Dream About a Dead Monkey?

It can be said that dreaming about a dead monkey might be a fairly disturbing thing to see.

However, it typically symbolizes a win against your enemy or rival. Another interpretation of a deceased monkey in a dream is that you need to learn how to grow up. Maybe you’ve made some mistakes and now it’s time for a transformation.

Did You… Dream About a Monkey Jumping?

While a monkey sitting is quite a calm experience, a dream of a monkey jumping suggests you’re uneasy about something in your life.

This dream warns that you might struggle with an unsteady job or an unstable romantic partner, but there is something that you’re not feeling calm and are avoiding.

Ultimately, you’re all that you need. You can depend on yourself.

Did You… Dream About a Monkey Jumping

Did You… See a Monkey Eating?

To dream of a monkey eating suggests that life might be a little difficult.

Although eating is entirely natural, if the monkey is eating monkey meat, this may mean you’re on a self-destructive path. This may lead to you struggling to live the life you deserve.

Your dream is there to look out for you. We all have good days and bad days, so consider what it is you want from life. You’re incredibly capable. You just need to develop your self-control.

Did You… Dream About a Monkey Walking?

If you dream of a monkey walking, then this monkey means it’s protecting or guarding you.

This suggests that trouble might be brewing in your life. Try not to feel too worried, there are people and things in your life looking out for you. Just be aware of any troublesome situations. You have more power than you realise, you have no reason to be scared.

Did You… Dream of a Monkey Climbing?

Dreaming of monkeys climbing a tree can be interpreted as quite playful – especially if you’re joining in with them.

However, if you’re being left out in the dream then this suggests that they’re trying to frustrate you and potentially look down on you.

Consider how you feel about the monkey climbing in your dream and then conclude your dream meaning from there.

Did You… Dream of Monkeys Fighting?

To dream of monkeys fighting suggests that you might be entering a conflict with an aggressive person.

This might be a fight that you don’t win. And that’s okay, sometimes the most mature thing is to be able to walk away.

Did You… Dream of Monkeys Fighting

Did You… Dream of a Monkey Biting?

If you see a monkey chasing and biting you in a dream, then this suggests you might face minor health issues.

Sometimes a chase and a bite might suggest romance – but that’s only if the act is gentle in nature. If the stance of the dream was quite aggressive, then the dream symbolizes that someone has it out for you.

Did You… Dream About a Monkey Attacking?

Obviously, seeing a monkey attacking you or someone else in a dream is quite aggressive.

Consider whether you’ve had a fight with anyone recently, perhaps your dream state reminds you of that conflict. Or perhaps there’s someone who is getting under your skin? Either way, don’t give into the aggression – rise above it.

Did You… Dream About a Monkey Stealing?

If you see a monkey stealing or a monkey imitating theft in a dream, then this is a sign for you to take pride in your natural intuition.

You might be quite spiritual or in touch with the world around them, embrace this skill of yours and protect yourself from the people who may not have pure intentions.

The Different Types of Monkeys You May Dream of

Black Monkey

Did you dream of a black monkey?

In color theory, dreaming of this type of monkey will suggest that there are sneaky people in your life who want to take advantage of you.

Black is often synonymous with power and control, so observe who in your life might try and control you. Do you have something they want? Be wary of evil schemes that could come up in your life.

White Monkey

In many dream dictionaries, it is seen that a white monkey is a good symbol.

This is especially true of those who dream about your professional life. Typically, in color theory, white is symbolic of purity and innocence. But it also suggests good things are on the way. In that way, we can assume the dreamer may get a promotion.

Small Monkey

To see a small monkey in a dream is to dream of small events.

Little monkeys in dream theory are often seen as the scale of the event in your life. For example, the smaller the monkey, the smaller the event is. In this case, it might be that the event borders on ridiculous.

This should act as a relief for you as it means that the monkey in your dream won’t cause too much harm in your life.

Big Monkey

To dream about bigger monkeys is to dream about the concept of intellect and strength.

It might be that you outshine a lot of people, or you struggle to respect people’s boundaries. If you manage to work out a way to respect others, you’ll find your determination and strength will open many doors for you.

It’ll also strengthen your connections.

Big Monkey

Pet Monkey

To dream about a domestic monkey suggests that you may go against (and beat) an enemy.

It might be someone that you typically stayed away from, but this dream represents you stepping into your power. It won’t take you much to overtake this person.

It’ll also be an experience that changes you. Forevermore, you won’t let people meddle in your affairs. Keep your head down and do what you need to.

If You Have Dreams about Monkeys, You May Feel…


Shocked: If you wake up from a dream of a monkey feeling shocked, then the dream means that there is something in your waking life that hasn’t arrived yet. Monkey dreams tend to be positive things, so the dream suggests that the surprise will also be a good thing.

Confident: Do you feel confident when you wake up from your monkey dream? This dream interpretation is a good thing. In your own life, you might be a little shy, so try to embrace your inner monkey and recreate some of those wild feelings in your waking life.

Happy: To dream about monkeys and to wake up happy would suggest that there is something in your dream that you need to recreate in your real life. Survey the people and see in your life who are fake friends and who are real. This dream tells you how to be happy, and it’s up to you to pursue it.


Embarrassed: If you feel embarrassed dreaming of a monkey, then the dream tells us that there are things in your life that you’re holding back from. You need to embrace the embarrassing elements of your life, it’s only when you manage to do this that you’ll leave your comfort zone and head into a space of bravery that the dream meaning knows you’re capable of.

Bewildered: To dream of a monkey can be a fairly bewildering experience, especially if you have no idea why or what your dream means. However, typically waking up bewildered suggests there are things in your life concealed from you. If this dream encourages you to dig into any mystery or unknown areas in your life, you should. Clarity can be yours – you just need to find it.

Angry: Are there areas of your life being unfulfilled? Or did something happen in your monkey dreaming to make you wake up angry? It might be that the monkey denotes a time for a change in your life. Survey your love life, any false friends, and see which human beings bring out that same anger in you.

A Bit of Context into… Monkey Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, a monkey dream can be a spiritual symbol of betrayal and deceit. Many people argue that to dream of a monkey in your dream is a sign that you shouldn’t trust people with your secrets, goals, and plans.

Survey the people in your dream, and you’ll uncover who such a person is.

Just remember to not be consumed by revenge, instead, focus on the things you want most from life. A monkey dream is usually a positive thing, so then consider what the dream encourages you to do. Perhaps the monkey means you should be loyal and dependable to those that look up to you? Maybe you should be there for your family and friends when they need you?

Either way, to dream about a monkey is to be given a meaning.

The Psychological Meaning

We’ve spoken of what a monkey dream suggest. However, it’s also critical to consider the dream meaning from other perspectives.

For a psychological perspective, we turn to the dream theorist Sigmund Freud. Who’s work in dreams created many concepts and theories that we still lean on today. Concerning any monkey dream, Freud theorised that this dream shows the relationships you have with someone.

When looking back on your dream consider who was in it, what your relationship to such a person is, and what you were doing in the dream. If you understand these three things, you’ll be able to weed out the fake people.

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