Bird Dreams

The dream interpretation of bird

The Bird Dream Definition

Bird dreams represent the direction we’re heading in our waking life and have great spiritual meanings. Flying birds symbolize imagination, nature, inspiration and creativity and such a dream is a good omen. Baby bird dreams are a sign of new life, new inspiration and new beginnings in you waking life.

To dream about birds in a negative context, such as dead or dying birds or an injured bird, suggests difficulty is coming in the near future in your waking life. If we look at the type of bird in your dream it can have different meanings as we go through. For example, a white bird can mean something different to seeing a red bird. Different bird species also has an effect on the bird dream meaning.

Bird wings and their size suggest the amount of self-reliance you have and a wounded bird or dead birds in dreams suggest your waking life is a bit stagnant.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Birds

Did You Dream About… Feeding Birds Bread?

To dream about feeding birds bread suggests that you will encounter an attack from someone in your life but you will have the power to overcome this. Feeding birds is a good omen in dreams, as you are feeding your inspiration, freedom and creativity and are about to experience good things once they start flying free. To see birds eating is a sign you’re feeding your free spirit. Birds eating you suggests that you’ll soon encounter disappointment.

Did You Dream About… Birds Chirping?

To dream about birds chirping is a good dream and suggests that you’re going to have peace in your life. It also suggests a good chance of you succeeding at work or your personal goals.

Did You Dream About… Birds Chirping

Did You Dream About… Bird Poop?

To dream about bird poop means that there will be money on its way to you in your waking life. Strangely enough, bird poop is a good sign and is typically a symbol of good luck.

Did You Dream About… an Injured Bird?

An injured bird in your dream suggests vulnerability in your waking life. To have an injured bird dream means you’re scared to share parts of yourself for fear of coming across weak.

Did You Dream About… a Bird’s Nest?

To dream about a bird’s nest suggest that you have a lot of self-reliance. A bird nest with eggs in it is a good omen and suggests prosperity.

Did You Dream About… Birds Fighting?

Birds fighting suggests a warning of an impending fight between you and a loved one. They may be a romantic partner or a family member. Remember, it’s important to solve the matter.

Did You Dream About… a Bird Flying?

If you dream you are bird flying in the sky suggests freedom and strength. If you’re watching birds flying away from you it can suggest you’re feeling impatient about something. Stubborn people can dream about birds flying in tiny cages, showing they’re trapped by their ways.

Did You Dream About… a Bird Flying

Did You Dream About… Dead or Dying Birds?

A dead bird dream can suggest that something terrible is on its way to you. A dead bird can also suggest a loss of freedom or a worsening financial situation in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Catching Birds?

Catching birds in a dream suggests that you’re having good luck and it’s coming your way. You might be presented with a business opportunity or get a promotion or a raise at work.

The Different Types of Birds You May Dream About

Orange Birds

Orange birds are the colour of creativity and inspiration and a sign that you will be happy in your life.

Pink Birds

Pink birds are connected to the heart chakra and mean that you will have love in your life. They are also a sign that meditation might be for you.

Pink Birds

Blue Birds

To dream about blue birds is a sign that love and honesty is on its way to you. You will be committed to your relationship or situation. Blue birds are the colour of the Virgin Mary’s dress, therefore, blue birds symbolize a spiritual or religious connection with the holy spirit. A blue jay is slightly different. A blue jay suggests that you are cocky and boastful.

Green Birds

Green birds in dreams suggest that balance and communication will be yours. Green birds suggest a connection to nature and that you should go outside more. Green birds also suggest calmness in your life.

Red Birds

Red birds are associated with the root chakra, and to see a red bird suggests grounding and stability. A red bird also suggests that love is near you.

Gold Birds

A gold bird is a sign of marital wealth. A gold bird perched on your hand is a good sign for positive opportunities.

Yellow Birds

Yellow birds denote that there is fun ahead for you and that you will experience power and intellect.

Yellow Birds

White Birds

White birds are a symbol of purity. To see a white bird is a sign of peace and meditation. White birds also represent clear thinking, especially if you see white birds flying. A white flamingo represents peace, specifically.

Brown Birds

Brown birds symbolize grounding in your life. This kind of bird means that that you’re happy with where you are.

Black and White Birds

Black and white birds are associated with magpies. They represent the unknown in life. However, you can also take the rhyme about magpies to decode what the number of magpies mean e.g. one for sorrow, two for joy etc.

Black Birds

Black birds mean a deep focus on your life. The type of black birds that you see also can give you more of a clue, for example, ravens and crows are often associated with death which could mean a new beginning or an ending coming up.

Exotic Birds

This kind of bird in your dream can suggest travel in your future.

Caged Bird

To see a bird in a cage means that your sense of freedom has been taken away and you feel trapped.

Dreams About Birds Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Lucky: in the dream world, birds in dreams signify good luck. If you catch a bird, see bird eggs or bird poop, it can suggest that you’re moving up in the world.

Happiness: Singing birds, seeing a bird land near you or flying birds can make you feel happy as they symbolize freedom and that you’re in touch with your positive emotions. Blue bird dreams suggest a loving romantic life and you’re in a good place in your waking life.

Excited: Birds pecking is a good sign. If there are birds pecking at your hand it can suggest that someone you love will be visiting. If a bird landed near you, or you see a bird eating then good things are on this way. This can make you feel excited.

Negative Dreams

Scared: dead birds in a dream signifies dissatisfaction and a dead bird suggests bad luck. Birds attacking can be quite frightening – think of the Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’. Birds attacking can be overwhelming and make you feel scared and flustered.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Birds

The Religious Meaning

Blue bird dreams are representative of the holy spirit and a stronger religious connection coming in your waking life.

Bird The Religious Meaning

The Psychological Meaning

Bird dreams represent freedom and night birds, like owls, suggest wisdom and that you’re in a position to give people advice.

The Spiritual Meaning

Bird dreams suggest where you are spiritually in your waking life. Birds flying suggest you’re going towards a spiritual awakening. Singing birds suggest happiness and birds unable to sing or fly suggest dissatisfaction. Migrating birds suggest that you’re about to make new friends in your waking life.

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