Crow Dreams

The Interpretation of Dreams About Crows

Crow Dream Meaning

When you’re dreaming of a crow, you may find that you align with people’s belief that it is a symbol for change – however, this change may not always be a good thing.

For many, seeing crows in their dream may represent bad news or bad luck. Typically, this bird is related to change, transformation, and the concept of dying. For many, this indicates a negative change that will be coming in life, but in some instances, this symbolism will manifest into good news.

While change can be scary, it isn’t always bad.

To see a crow in your dream represents that something will be coming to an end. Whether that’s a relationship, a situation with your family, or a health issue, crows symbolise transformation. However, it is up to you whether you allow this transformation to hold you back in fear or whether you allow it to push you towards success.

Either way, change is fundamental to the spirit of humans. A person can never stay stagnate, they can only grow – but it’s up to the dreamer to decide in which way.

Most Frequent Examples of a Crow in a Dream

Did You… Dream About a Flock of Crows?

If you were dreaming of a flock of crows, then this may indicate that you’re easily influenced in group settings.

Its cynical meaning may be that you seldom act like your true self, and instead, you’d soon rather become the person you think others want you to be. But if you aren’t loyal to yourself and the things you need, then the way you once were will become old news and, before you know it, you’ll lose yourself completely.

A crow is an incredibly smart animal and seeing a group of them only amplifies this. As a dreamer, you should be careful of your own intellect, you may find that it’s the first faucet of yourself you’re willing to give up.

Did You… Dream About a Flock of Crows

Did You… Dream About a Dead Crow?

To dream of a dead crow is representative of transformation.

While this dream may frighten you at first, this dream represents symbolic death and not the physical version. It may be that you’ve lost a part of who you are, it doesn’t mean that you’ll physically lose something. Transformation isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes the things we lose will lead to a positive change to our life.

A dead crow represents losing things like a relationship, a job, or a friendship. This crow dream is a reminder of the importance to let go of the past, just remember that it’s still important to feel what hurts us in life.

To lose something doesn’t mean not to grieve it, it just means that eventually, you’ll feel better without it. After all, grieving the dead isn’t easy, but over time, life heals all wounds.

Did You… Dream About a Crow Flying?

To have dreams of a crow flying will represent the power of intuition.

This dream may signify your power and connection to this bird. Perhaps it’s worth exploring the ways in which you may resonate with crows? To have these dreams means that you need this wisdom in the future, so explore and research what this bird may mean to you. You never know how it may prepare you for events that will happen in the near future.

Did You… Dream About Seeing a Crow?

Whether you see a group of crows or one solitary bird, seeing a crow in your dream can represent how you see yourself.

Examine what the bird (or birds) are doing, and whether or not it relates to your current situation. If the bird is merely existing then it is likely a talisman for yourself. Are you highly intelligent? Do you have a connection to spirituality? Consider the elements of yourself that are like a crow’s and then use this to your advantage.

Did You… Dream About a Crow Attacking You?

Crows are powerful creatures, if you dream of this bird attacking you then it represents how your own power and energy are being attacked.

Don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable in circumstances that aren’t built for you. You can’t fit into every situation and be friends with everyone, that’s okay. You have a strong spirit and the crow is trying to warn you to protect it.

Focus on the person you are and how you can protect yourself from energies that may drain you.

Other Examples of Crows in a Dream

Did You… Dream About a Crow Locked in a Cage?

To dream of a crow locked away in a cage could be a symbol of how you feel about yourself.

Perhaps you feel restricted in your everyday life and you want to search for freedom in the future? You’re a dreamer who may have a lot of wisdom, but you also carry a lot of fear. You need to rely on your intelligence a little more, you know what you need to do to have a successful future so trust in yourself.

Use your intelligence and do some research before you jump into your next endeavour.

If the crow is released from the cage in your dream, then trust the path you’re on. It’s a sign that everything is going as planned.

Did You… Dream About a Crow Locked in a Cage

Did You… Dream About a Crow’s Nest?

A nest is similar to a human house in the way that they both point to the relationships you have in your life.

If you’re dreaming of a crow and its nest, then it may signify that you’re having problems within your own family unit or that someone is abusing your kindness.

If you dream of destroying the crow’s nests then this may indicate the destruction of an aspect of your near future. It may be something small like a project you’ve been working on, or it could be a sign of something bigger.

Don’t let people destroy the metaphorical house and life you built for yourself, but consider your emotions before you commit to something. You’ll find with honesty and a bit of luck you’ll be able to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

Did You… Dream About Catching a Crow?

Were you dreaming of catching a crow? If you had this dream, then rejoice! It’s a sign of good news to come.

The meaning behind catching a crow is that it shows your skills of trusting yourself and your wisdom. If you catch a crow then you’re able to see the crow and make the snap judgment quickly. To use this intuition as a reflex indicates the power and connection you have to spiritual intelligence.

Did You… Dream About Catching a Crow

If You’ve Had Dreams about Crows, You May Feel…


You may have mixed feelings when your dream of a crow. But if you wake up feeling positive after the experience then on a subconscious level, this may be due to these feelings that dreaming of crows can evoke.

  • Intelligence: crows are intelligent birds, if this is what you focus on when you awake from a dream this may be due to a connection to crows on a soul level. Crows have been seen in many forms of books, film, and media, and they may resonate with you due to their intelligence. Like a crow, never hide your mind, the only person that it goes against is yourself.
  • Strength: if your first association with your crow dream is the idea of strength, then this could indicate that you need someone to protect you and perhaps the crow fulfils that duty. However, if you’re dreaming of this strength, then it’s time to remember that you’re all the strength you need.
  • Happy: you may feel relieved when you’re dreaming of a crow, this may be because you understand that your personal life is soon to be transformed, or that you have a special connection to the animal. Either way, relish in this initial feeling until you decide to search into the dream any further.


Traditionally, to see a crow in your dream is an indication of negative things to come. While this interpretation depends on many variables, for some people, it is an indication of deeper emotions and situations.

  • Death: death is a topic that evokes many fraught feelings on the subconscious level of the dreamer. It might be that this crow dream meaning has strong ties to the concept of the self – and is not representative of the total end of a person or project. Death isn’t always related to the spiritual or physical, sometimes it is symbolic of things coming to a natural end.
  • Bad Omen: not all birds are a bad omen, but to see a crow in your dream is often a sign of one. This is due to the negative connotations that a crow is famous for. For example, death, theft, ruthlessness. If you’re concerned about this sign, then it’s best to take the time to search within yourself. What is this dream crow indicating? What are you missing?
  • Change: as discussed, the dream meaning of a crow is wrapped around the symbolism of change. In many cases, change is not always good news. Remember, you have the power. If your intuition is telling you that this change isn’t positive for you, then you don’t have to follow said advice. Instead, consider the warning and stay true to yourself.

A Bit of Context into… Crow Dreams

The Spiritual Meaning

To find your inner peace, look to the crow.

Crows have many great tales connected to the spirit realm. But your reading of these stories may depend on your own experience with spirituality, keep this in mind as you interpret any spiritual messages.

Pay attention to any message that appears more than once in your life. It may be that you find these messages through a spiritual technique like meditation or that you find them through themes that pop up frequently.

The Religious Meaning

Crows appear in many iterations of religious texts.

From the Bible to the Quaran, a crow is laden with symbolic imagery that can link to a range of things.

For example, it may be that, for you, a crow is a messenger and it comes to reaffirm your faith. In another instance, the flying action of the crow may symbolize God’s promise that all is safe with your health and life.

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