Rape Dreams

The dream interpretation of rape

The Definition of Rape and Trauma

A rape dream can be incredibly triggering to those who have been raped in real life.

If you’ve had past experiences of rape or abuse, don’t view this dream as a predicted that it’s going to happen again. It’s definitely going to be difficult to remove those images from your mind, but you need to reassure yourself that it won’t happen to you just because you dreamt of it.

Instead, consider that your mind might be bringing up images from your past experience.

If you haven’t be raped or sexually assaulted (thank goodness), then take the dream rape meaning more general. From this perspective, the dream can suggest there’s a loss of control or that you’re struggling with uncontrollable thoughts.

You need to remember that your thoughts aren’t a bad thing. Sometimes our dreams just bring up uncontrollable thoughts that we find repulsive. Don’t assume that this dream is linked to sexual desire, and if it is for you, then consider roleplay to ensure any act is consensual.

Most Frequent Examples of Dreams about Rape

Did You Dream About… Gang Rape?

If you dreamed of gang rape, then this might suggest that being sexually attacked is a metaphor for the problems in life getting on top of you all at once.

In a dream, when gang rape featured, it typically means that sexual assault is multiplied. This is symbolic of the issues in your own life.

Did You Dream About… Being Raped?

A dream psychologist often suggests that being raped and sexual assault is linked to beginning to take control of your life.

Although a dream of rape – especially when a woman dreams of rape – is seen as horrendous (and it is), it’s just a stereotype that it’s seen as a terrible thing. Your dream of rape doesn’t suggest that you actually will be. Instead, being sexually assaulted is also associated with the mental act.

Consider being sexually attacked, and instead of it being physical, it’s more about the approach of control. Either way, you can rise above it.

Did You Dream About… Being Raped

Did You Dream About… Being Sexually Abused?

Being sexually assaulted is just as painful as being raped – whether that’s in a dream or in real life. But when you’re strictly dreaming about molestation, then this suggests there is a blockage in your life.

Try not to give up on your projects, you may feel like you’ve lost inspiration, but inspiration comes and goes. Instead, you need to endure the pain of stagnation.

If you recognise the person who sexually abused you in a dream, try not to let it impact your day. Instead, consider if you’ve been insulted by them in your waking life.

Did You Dream About… Attempted Rape?

Did you dream of attempted rape? If you did, this rape dream is linked to the power of your own control. You’re someone who can take back their power from negative situations.

You’re more powerful than you realise.

Did You Dream About… Attempted Rape

Did You Dream About… Seeing Someone Be Raped?

In your rape dreams, did you see someone be raped?

That can be incredibly difficult – especially if you felt like you should have intervened and didn’t. Make sure this doesn’t come across in your real life. Make sure you stay in control and are proud of yourself and the power of your own actions.

If the person who raped in a dream is your family member, then this could be a sign for you to reach out and improve your close connections.

Did You Dream About… Being Accused of Rape?

Were you accused of rape in a dream?

If you were falsely accused of this crime, then this can be a difficult one to stomach. This dream means that you might need help and advice in your life. There could be several problems, but you need to make sure that you approach them head-on.

If you were to be accused of rape in a dream and you did it, then this dream could suggest that you’re feeling guilt in your dream state. Did you do something in your life that provoked such a dream? Soul-search and consider what it is that you’ve done.

The Type of People You May Dream about in Association with Rape

Family Members

Of course, this dream varies depending on who commits the act of rape.

If you were raped by a parent, then this suggests you feel quite weak compared to your mother or father. Do you feel the need to be rescued by others? Consider what you can do to step into your power.

If it was a secondary relative that raped you (like a sibling, grandparent, or uncle), then this suggests that you need to be feel safe in relationships. Perhaps you seek intimacy from others? Consider this shocking dream and what it means in comparison to your waking life.

The Opposite Sex

When you dream of being raped by the opposite gender, then this suggests that you’re manifesting another part of your own personality that you missing from your life.

For example, if you’re a man dreaming about a woman raping you, then you may need to express a more gentle approach. Whereas if you’re a female, then you need to learn not to be afraid to show aggression.

Fight back in the way you might be missing in your waking life.

The Same Sex

To dream of this traumatic abuse from a person of the identical sex suggests that there’s a powerful will that you’re struggling with.

Perhaps your subconscious mind is telling you to look into your waking life and embody the things that you’re missing from yourself. Further meaning of this suggests that such a dream is also linked to a desire for control.

To dream of this brings into question the things you feel are out of control. Especially if these are repetitive dreams. If, in your waking life, you keep having this dream, then you need to work out what the dream signifies. What are you missing out on? Can you fill your life with something else?


If you are raped by a demon in a dream then this suggests that you have an interesting connection to religion and sex.

Depending on whether you dream of an incubus or a succubus could suggest what you’re tempted by sexually. Sometimes rape from a demon can feel more seductive as they lure people in. This will also depend on the sexual orientation of the dreamer and whether it was a female sexual demon or male.

Ultimately, this psychic dream will link back to the concept of control someone’s inappropriate behavior. In this case, one may try magical psychic work to make themselves feel better.

A Past Partner

In dream psychology, if you were raped in a dream by a past partner then this may suggest that there’s a lack of control in your life. This might be a lack of control in your relationships, career, or in other meanings.

Someone You Know

If you’re raped in a dream by someone you know, then this suggests that you’re feeling out of control. It might be that your real life isn’t going the way that you want it to, but you still have the ultimate power in your life.

Someone You Know

An Unknown Person

The dream meaning of being sexually assaulted and raped by an unknown person is that there are areas of your life that are unknown.

Whether those be your sexual urges or something more traditional like your career. This dream means that there’s uncovering you need to do.

Dreams About Rape Could Make You Feel…

Positive Dreams

Powerful: If you have a rape dream and you wake up feeling powerful, this could mean two things. First, it could mean that you were the rapist and that the concept of forcible rape filled you with a sense of power. Secondly, if you were a rape victim, then this sense of power could also make you feel guilty. But remember, power is a fleeting feeling manifested from an active imagination. You can feel power without being hurt or hurting others.

Moving on: To dream of rape and to feel like it’s time to move on from the dream suggests that you have a strong character. You might be someone who tries to follow a more productive direction, or you believe in healing qualities. Either way, let yourself feel the hardship before you force yourself to regain control of your life.

New Beginnings: If you have a rape dream and it feels like a sense of movement or transformation, then this could be a sign from your inner voice. With a very strong character, this can be a powerful feeling. Especially if you have the self-awareness to realise that forcible rape (in a dream or not) has nothing to do with your own destiny, but really a rapist dreaming of criminally gaining more control; a twisted approach to inner desires.

Negative Dreams

Lack of Control: Any negative dream of rape is entirely rational. If you dream of rape, then you may wake up feeling a lack of control. This lack of control may be linked to your own fears in the waking world. You don’t need to give up your emotional well being to gain control or a feeling of self, you are all you need.

Scared: Having a rape dream and waking up scared is entirely normal. This is because rape connected to women is often seen as removing their agency. However, to experience proper rape in a dream suggests you aren’t losing control or scared but are instead nervous about your own self-esteem. Don’t let this rape dream deter you from loving yourself.

Uncomfortable: If you have such a dream as a rape victim dream, it’s normal to feel uncomfortable. However, in real life, you have more power than you realise. Whether you were attacked from marital rape or sexual abuse, your body is still your own. You don’t need to feel as though being raped in a dream (or in real life) takes your body away from yourself.

A Bit of Context Into… Dreams About Rape

The Spiritual Meaning

From a spiritual perspective, being a rape victim in a dream is often signified by losing control of your life. This loss of control could be linked to a legal battle or your sexual desires. Either way, this dream means that something is slipping away from you, and it’s now on you to get it back.

Whether that’s following a holistic approach like an open spiritual call or reading up on ancient dream dictionaries, either way, it’s time for you to reach into your true power.

The Psychological Meaning

According to the famed psychologist, Sigmund Freud, to dream of being raped is an expression of sex – however horrific it may seem.

Freud believed that this dream is linked to feeling out of control. Although it is a difficult dream to come to terms with, you need to remember that you have all the power. This dream is incredibly difficult, but you need to embrace it.

Consider the things you fear the most about this dream and then use that to tackle various parts of your life.

When we survey a more modern approach from another psychologist like Carl Jung, we can explore the dream in a new way. To Jung, the dream is more about control and energy. This dream will depend on whether it’s a homosexual dream or a heterosexual one. Although sex and connection don’t usually differ in that way, when it comes to rape dreams, then it changes the power balance.

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